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16-02-2006, 12:28 AM
Islam Empire of faith

Islam Empire of faith.A 3 hour documentary about Islam Narrated by Ben Kingsley (Ghandi).A must see.
Shows the History of Islam from East Asia to Africa and from Spain to India. It also shows the how islam delivered Medical, Archtecture, Arts and Economical Science to those areas.Made by non muslims and even non muslim scholars and professors are interviewed and they tell the truth about Islam.


After Download it will ask for a password to open the file , it is melonSOD
To view in Media player Best. Also use a download manager to download since each is one hour long.

I recommend this.It even tells the truth about the crusades and how Good muslim rule was and how beneficial it was for all.
Pass this to non muslims show the the real picture of Islam from the mouths of non muslims