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We Do Not Need Him
Fr. Tudors Jacob

James Smith son was born in 1765 in France. He was the illegitimate son of a famous

British duke who was a descendant of King Henry VII's mother. As an illegitimate son, he was denied British citizenship and the opportunity to enjoy the inheritance of his real father. When James found himself rejected, he did his best to succeed in his life. At the age of 22, he became a leading scientist and a member of the British royal league (He later became president of this eague).

In 1829, James died without marrying. He left a great fortune to his nephew. James wrote his will after the death of his nephew. The royal British league thought that James left most of his inheritance to them. However, everyone was shocked when James' will was published. James wrote, "As England refused me, I refuse her." At that time, England was fighting very dangerous

battles with its rebellious colonies in America. James wanted to make light of those who
mistreated him. Therefore, he offered everything he owned to the American government to establish a scientific institution in this growing country. This institution became famous throughout the world.

England made a severe mistake when it made light of this person because he was an illegitimate son. England thought that it did not need him, but it lost a lot. Let us not make light of any person, no matter what his resources and position are. One of the most wonderful statements made by that late Fr. Bishoy Kamel was, "The Church needs the hands of each child." Father
Bishoy appreciated each soul and did not despise any of the youngsters.

As St. John Chrysostom says, "The eyelashes and the eyebrows are worth nothing. However, if pulled out and thrown away, the whole body in general and the eyes in particular will be in great need of hair. The body loses its beauty and the eye is endangered without the eyelashes and eyebrows. If you are an eye, do not despise the eyelid that protects you or the eyebrow that gives you beauty."

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great words..
God Bless U Father Tadros

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great words..
God Bless U Father Tadros

god bless you too