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21-04-2006, 05:31 AM

Copts-United UK

19th April 2005

St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church
Allen Street
London W8

Our beloved Fathers of St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church

We are a group of the sons and daughters of the Coptic Church in UK, aggrieved by the injustice befallen on our Coptic people in our Motherland Egypt, out of our concern and love gathered today to decide for ourselves of the ways help our Copts in Egypt.

We as a group would like to convey to your eminence the degree of anger and indignation we have at the Egyptian government failure to treat its citizens equally and allow the injustice, discrimination and persecution of Copts to continue and even intensify over the past three decades or so.

The last events in Alexandria show the culmination of the three decades of Radicalization of the majority population against the Coptic minority, the government “Crisis Management” gave Christians all reasons to be concerned and to doubt the Egyptian government intentions to tackle the issue in a serious manner which has polarized very large number of the usually quiet Copts.

Copts-United UK strongly feels that during the upcoming Easter celebrations there should be no customary public exchange of congratulations with representatives of the Egyptian government which usually take place following the sermon of Easter Mass celebration, nor photo taking Media etc which is usually get abused by the Egyptian Media to show “all is well”.

Thank you and wishing you all a blessed Easter.

Copts-United UK