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Emad S Mikhail
10-05-2006, 08:17 AM
[today is my first move in this forum , so I'll start with a very simple problem that I do face on daily base , although it is simple but also crucial and reflects how our life is becoming hard in Egypt as Copts

well yesterday I tried to take a nap around 7 PM , I was exhausted & so tired so I simply went to bed to have a nap , after few minutes I waked up panicking &petrified on a terrible voice screaming " Alaaaah Akbaaaaaar Alaaah AKbaaaar" , after few seconds I recognized it was time for the Moslems prayer in the mosque in front of my building , but hey they got a new microphone with a Louder voice ……and the guy who is performing the prayer on the microphone with all my respect to him and to his religion , he had the voice of a hard rock band vocal performer ...

the problem is that few building away there is another mosque and now both of the two mosques are competing which one is having a louder voice and the victim is me and all other Christian residents

though I still had hope to have my nap , I know that their prayer takes only around 10 minutes , that's a time I can wait , finally the prayer is finished, I closed my eyes for less than a minute and than a Quraen prayer record tap is played loudly on the mic again

if I do dare to complain about such a thing it will be looked to this complain from the perspective of Christians that don’t stand our holy prayers

but It was clear for me that due to the absence of religious tolerance …I don’t have the right to take a nap )msk:) [/LEFT][/LEFT]):)

13-05-2006, 10:06 PM
You may now take a nap