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26-05-2006, 08:23 AM
Is the Quran Really Inimitable?


It is important to note that no where in the Quran itself is there a claim for it, to be a unique example of Arabic literature.

Generally, it is believed that the Quran is the example of all linguistic structure of Arabic. If you carefully read the passages of the Quran you will find inconsistencies and will note it is not in compliance with the Arabic grammar

For example in Sura.2:177.wa assabireena should be assabiruna. In Sura,5:69,sabiuna should be sabiina.Other examples occur in Sura,7:160-20:63- 3:39 -4:162- 7:16 -21:3- 22:19 -49:9 and 63:10.The Quran also has incomplete sentences and phrases that have been omitted. This obscures the meaning. Ali Dashti a Muslim scholar writes that the Quran contains sentences that are incomplete and not fully intelligible without the aid of the commentaries.

The Quran also contain foreign words, unfamiliar Arabic words, and words used with other than the normal meaning, adjectives and verbs inflected without observance of the concords of gender and number. Imam Suyuti in his Itqan discusses this matter.

If the text of the Quran had been so unique, obviously there would have been no need for witnesses, and the text would have been self authenticating. In fact we learn that there was quite a big disagreement between the companions of Mohd about several parts of the Quran.

Ibn Masood, a prominent companion of the prophet did not accept the first and the last two Suras as being the part of the Quran.So if the Quran had been unique in terms of its inimitability, Ibn Masood would not have had such reservations. On the other hand, Ubay b Kab included two extra Suras namly, Al-Hafd and Al-Khal.A version of these Suras though not part of the present Quran is still recited in the late evening prayer, ISHA.

If the Quran is unique then why do some sects of the Islam have doubts about part of the Quran? Islamists often rant about the uniqueness and inimitability of the Quran.

The Quran is the only book on the face of the Earth that you cannot understand without the help of the Tafsir (Commentary). The Tafsir is the opinion of the Muffasir (The Commentator). A Muffasir cannot claim that only his Taffsir is authentic.

Often Muslims claims that the best of Arab poets, rhetoricians, linguists of the time failed in reproducing an equivalent Quran. These are deliberate attempts to undermine the famous Arab poets. There were so many Arab poets who rejected the Quran on the base of linguistic features. One of them was Abdulah-bin-Zubery. He was one of the best poets in Mohds time.

This man was qualified critic of the Quran that the Ordinary Arabs were thinking that he had made Mohd speechless .His poetry was more realistic in Arabic grammar. People clapped their hands on his poetry. We find the reference in the Quran and the full detail in the commentary. For example in (Sura Ornaments of gold V: 57, to 58,) states and when the son of Mary is quoted as an example, Behold! the folk laugh out, and say, are our Gods better, or is he? They raise not the objection save for argument. Nay! But they are contentious folk.

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In the history of Ibn Hasham, the reason of revelation of the above verse has given this that in the Sura (the prophets,) verse 98, stated, Lo! Ye (Idolaters) and that which ye worship beside Allah are fuel of hell. There unto ye will come. When Mohd recited this verse in the presence of idolaters, among them Walied ibn Mugharah was present there.

When Zubary came to this Majjles - gathering, Mugharah mentioned to him that Mohd had said such thing about our Idols .Zubary said, I swear to Allah, if he had said such thing in front of me, I would have shut his mouth. But you go and ask Mohd Is it true that every thing which has been worshiped apart from Allah will be the fuel of hell? We worship the Angels and Jews worship Ezra (Isaiah) and Christians worship Jesus the son of Mary.

All the people that were sitting in the meeting were very pleased and clapped their hands on his answer and said (subhan Allah) praise Allah, Zubry has defeated Mohd in his logic. When people took this message to Mohd, the prophet of Islam, he was completely stunned and puzzled and starts waiting for the new revelation but the revelation did not come until he died. Mohd and his Allah didnt and couldnt provide answers to Zubry. Im sure the Mullahs of this age could give answer to this question, because they are stupid enough!

From the above incident we can imagine that the Arab poets were very intelligent and they were able to reproduce a lot better linguistic literature then the Quran and they did. As Mohd gained the political and military power in the Arab world, the Muslims started destroying the Pre-Islamic linguistic literature. Arabs were well advanced in every aspect of life before the advent of Islam. Muslims intentionally have given the name JHILIYYAH (Ignorance) to pre-Islamic period.

The blind faith and love of Quran forced the Muslims not to leave behind the Pre-Islamic linguistic literature. The fear was prevailing over the minds of the Muslims that if the Pre-Islamic literature appeared and then people would compare this with the Quran and truth would come out. It would have disgraced the Quran. The Quran is not compatible to Pre-Islamic literature. Pieces of materials that escaped from the hands of Muslims are not the only treasures of Pre-Islamic literature.

Muslims often deny that they destroyed the Pre-Islamic literature. What Muslims can tell us about the Christian scholar Warqa Ibn Nufals book, 1.Al Katab Al Arby) 2.Hakmit-e-Luqman- The ******ure. 3. The ******ure of Nazar Ibn Harat. 4. Book of Musalma and 5. The Book of Mutnbey- the King of Arab poets, which was containing 114(Abrah) Sura and many other poets.

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We know from the distorted history of Islam that those people did not give any importance to the Quran in their lives in Mohds time, but as soon the verse of sword was revealed, everything changed.

Those people were very qualified in Arabic language and were intelligent but they were Kafirs.This is understandable why Muslims have destroyed the literature of those Arabs. Even Muslims did not forgive and spare the Mushaafs (Manu******s) of the Quran, which were different copies of the Quran and they belong to many Suhabas, the companions of Mohd. Muslims had burned them all, e.g. Ibn Masood,-Ibn Kaab, and some Kafir intellectuals- Masalama Hanfi,-Aswad-e-Aansi. Muslims believe that the Quran is inimitable and eloquence and they cannot see the absurdities and rudeness in Suras like this.

(Sura the Cow)Verse, 166:167.These verses are meaningless but Muslims find great wisdom in them .The love for the Quran has made them brainless zombies! The Quran is a curse upon mankind and is an abomination that will destroy every decent western achievement of human civilization. And in this destruction, the western gullible politically correct persons will help them.

Muslims praise democracy and interfaith multiculturalism in the west, because it suits them for the time being, but they deny and do not want to put into practice the same system in their Muslim lands. Muslims are playing TAQIYYAH (meaning you can lie to non-Muslims for the benefit of Islam) with Kafirs according to their belief, and they do not feel any guilt or shame in it. Is this not the hypocrisy and deception?

Muslims have learnt about the human rights in the west, the truth is this that pure Islam does not recognize any sort of human rights. In fact, human rights do not exist in Islam. This is the reason why the religious communities in the Muslim countries are suffering serious religious discrimination. When ever religious communities demand of human rights, the Muslim Governments offer them Islamic rights that are inhuman.

Sooner or later the Americans and the Europeans will become dhimmies (second class citizens) in their own countries unless a large number of Muslim immigrants are not expelled or deported from America and Europe . People of America and Europe should note that their coming generations would become Dhimmies and history will hold them responsible for this destruction and would eventually lead to killing of their own generations.

Everywhere Muslims went, they committed horrendous acts of barbarity. They raped and slaughtered innocent people according to sunah (tradition) of their unholy prophet, this evil (Islam) must be destroyed in all of its manifestations throughout the world, including mosques and Islamic centres in America and Europe . This is only the solution to save the future generations