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11-07-2006, 09:38 PM

From the Family and Supporters of Prisoner of Conscience Dr. Ayman Nour to All Those Who Have A Free Conscience A few days ago over 110 parliament members representing the will of Egypt and all political trends, including the ruling party itself, submitted a signed memorandum requesting President Mubarak to use his constitutional right as stated in Article 149 to release Dr. Ayman Nour after having spent a year in prison and before the first year anniversary of the presidential election which took place in September 2005 where Nour came in second in terms of votes after which he was imprisoned in a case the meaning and naïveté of which were clear

After the door to litigation and appeals was shut in the manner we do not wish to discuss now, only remains this right granted by the Constitution to the President. It can not be considered as interference in the affairs of the Judiciary as it is stated in the Constitution. We can not ignore the fact that Egypt's Constitution states that the people are the source of all authorities and share in establishing justice. Nobody represents the will of the people more than the people's representatives who have signed the document and sent it to the President to take the decision and enforce the Constitutional text in implementation of the wish of the people who have gave Nour votes that rendered him second among 10 presidential candidates, as well as in implementation of the historical, unprecedented documents as parliament representatives have not submitted a similar documents since the start of parliament life in 1886. It is no longer a valid argument or justification to say that the issue is in the hands or involves the independence of the Judiciary. It is no longer acceptable to leave Nour prey to the security authorities who exercise the worst kind of intentional exemplary punishment, torture and brutality and an intentional passive stance on part of the prosecution and the prosecutor general who refused to refer Nour to forensic doctors three months ago to prove Nour's injuries which resulted from torture and brutal treatment. The same refusal was repeated last week when the Interior Ministry celebrated the International Anti-Torture Day by placing iron cuffs on Nour's hands and feet which injured his limbs. Prosecution to date refuses to investigate these incidents. Prosecution also refuses to refer Nour to forensic doctors. Ayman Nour suffers from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic and serious diseases which endanger his life every day because they are accompanied by the psychological stress he is subjected to on part of his jailers. He was deprived of all his rights as a prisoner. He was deprived of writing in violation of the Constitution and the Prisons' Law. He was also deprived of the right to send and receive correspondence in violation of the Prisons' Law. He was even prevented from contacting other prisoners. He is under siege and surveillance 24 hours per day. Nour was also deprived of his rights as a human being when he was denied proper treatment and referral to civilian physicians or transfer to a public hospital which obliged him during the past two weeks to write more than one request to the prosecutor general informing him that he suffers from an injury that puts him in danger of having his toes amputates. However, the prosecutor general ignored Nour's request. Nour found himself thus obliged to perform an operation himself in his prison cell to pull out his own toenail out without anesthesia to avoid amputation. Ayman Nour's family and supporters call upon you to support the legitimate constitutional request submitted by the people's representatives to stop the torture and abuse campaign against Ayman Nour, leader of the Ghad party. We also call upon you to submit requests to visit him to witness what he is subjected to firsthand and take the measure you deem suitable and satisfactory to your free conscience towards a citizen and a human being who has not committed any crime other than exercising his right to nomination and competition, the price of which he is paying, as well as the price of the Western support his fair case received and the price of being abandoned by all to protect their interests.