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01-08-2006, 12:11 AM
The idea that there are normal and abnormal ways for people to be and to behave is a very familiar one. So also is the idea that abnormality--or deviance--is something regrettable, deplorable, and even, in some cases, punishable. Here, however, my main concern will be to consider what might be meant by the claim that a person is, in some respect, normal. There is, no doubt, an unsophisticated usage according to which what is normal is what is familiar, and the unfamiliar is feared or condemned as abnormal. But since we are all sophisticated this need not detain us. Sophisticated philosophers, though, have often proposed conceptions of human nature, conceptions that presumably have implications for human normality. Currently, I am more concerned with scientific claims to provide universal accounts of human nature. Recently, I have been especially concerned with the claims of neoclassical economists and sociobiologists (or, as they now prefer to be called, evolutionary psychologists).

01-08-2006, 12:18 AM
i do not know
it is like the idea of smart people and dumb people
i told a psycho professor before
we were all created equal
god gave us the gift of brain when we were born
it is the matter of how we were train to use it or how we use it
for example
a kid is born and when he compelete two years they parents decide he is gifted and send him to charted school (smart and private school)
anyhow another kid is born and the parents decide he is normal so wait till he is 5 and start to teach him reading or writing
have ever watched the movie forest gump
i do not know
what you think?

01-08-2006, 12:29 AM
Thank Mariam for your super fast reply. I believe God created us with brain yes, but for sure there are different. I heard that the IQ test for anyone doesn't change with time and I am sure that everyone's IQ test is different. To a high degree yes, it depend on how we get trained and the Environment around us, etc but I think God create people different and give different gifts. Maybe I am wrong!! But I’ll look more for this.

04-08-2006, 11:54 PM
dear brother logic
it seems we agree on one point
you know when you enter class and the teacher says you guys have 100 percent in the class starting with now you guys all have A's
but the trick is to keep that A
to keep the 100 percent clean
i remember when i was young my dad used to show me numbers and do calculations with loud voice without calculator
i raised up with numbers in my head
so i got A's in all math
so the main gift develop in small gifts
like apoet that writes perfect poems he thinks outside the box of regular words and imagaination
he developed that skill by communicating with people and being in experience
apainter has developed his skill (i know that painter) by when he was young his mom used to give him pencils and show him doted pictures to draw
a singer has developed by being in a team since he was young
none of kids you could say if they have good or bad voices but with time they develope and practice to get great voices

God bless you great topic logic

i actually like to answer english more than arabic it is easier for me to type