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29-10-2003, 11:46 AM
The reports about Christian girls being kidnaped or tricked into running away to convert to Islam are very disturbing indeed. We must take them very seriously. The same applies to young men who again are the targets for conversion using pressure or temptations. These young people are our hope for the future. We MUST act and act quickly and with courage to stop these most evil plans. I urge every Christian inside and outside Egypt to consider this matter urgent and do something about it.

What can be done? some may ask. In my opinion, the first and most important thing is to make Copts and non Copts fully aware of such extreme dangers facing our young people. We must condemn these acts very strongly by all possible means. We can use word of mouth, write to the media, inform our representatives, write letters to newspapers, email protests to Egyptian embassies..etc. Everyone of us should do at least one act of protest. If we do not act, we deserve what we get.

I can already hear some Copts inside Egypt saying " you can talk. Your hands are in cold water!" and to those I say...true, Copts outside Egypt are more able to express their views freely, but there is still a role to play, and an important one, for Copts inside Egypt. They can still voice their objection and support the brave people who say loudly that what happens to the Copts is not fair or just. We know that you may not be able to do much, but you must try to do something. In this respect. I salute the family of Heba Samir Wahba for their bravery and determination. Their hunger strike is a strong measure to save their daughter and shows just how much they are willing to fight to get her back. I urge the Coptic community in Samalout to completely support this great family and help them by all means.

Parents, please talk to your sons and daughters about the dangers that they may face and advise them about what to do. Be loving and helpful and listen to what they say. Your strongest weapon is a kind and caring relation with your children.

Coptic students in Egyptian universities, make it your duty to be a friend with every other Copt in your class and university. If you see someone in a dangerous situation, do not be afraid to advise them, or their family, or their priest. As brothers and sisters, you must look after each other in every possible way.

To all Copts, give every support to those who speak and act on our behalf, inside and outside Egypt. Let us all unite, and show the world that we are willing to fight to save our children, and save our future.

19-11-2003, 05:37 PM
well, yesterday i was reading some articles at www.amcoptic.com and i found that article about the kidnapping the girls back in Egypt. well i really was nervous to what i saw. what is the relationship between a 19 years old chrstian girl and muslimes or with a religions issues. and it was written under the article the email address of Mr. President George W. Bush and i actually took the email address and i wrote to him an email and i got a reply from his secratery today in my email. it says that that issue is an international issue. and the U.S have no control over Egypt, to make that girl back to her family or stop that accidents. So the president of Egypt has to reply him self. So i send a nother email and i told her that if she only can put the name of that girl on the bottom of the C.N.N page for two hours at least. and i am waiting for the reply. it is really frightened. when i was in Egypt two years ago, we have the muslimes girls and boys as our brothers and sisiters and we used to hang out with them and all that things. because of that i cancled my trip to Egypt that summer. really that is not fear, even after they said that the Egypt Airlines are with the girls's kidnapping issues so..............