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13-11-2003, 05:03 PM
hey every body, my name is mariam, i am also Aerospace engineering student. I just want to introudce my self first then ask lol. well, yesterday we were talking a bout Columbia space shuttle, Do u think Jesus has to do with the Columiba accident because all of us know that the mistake was so small mistake even a big astrounat can realize it after a few of seconds, so is it because of Jesus does not want us to go into the space or what? and if u see in the old days, when Apollo failed also, so it is odd
allright my name is again mariam
i am a new memeber
i know it is not that big deal

13-11-2003, 05:29 PM
Hi Eng. Mariam NASA

Let me assure you that you are welcomed to your home family.

We will seek your participation from now on.

This world was inherited by human
to conclude the creation God rested - then - created man
Now his creation keeps going on through man/woman
His Greatness fulfilled us with creativity live - methods - minds - feelings - 000 etc.

You say the space shutller Colombia collapsed because of an error

Man learned the lesson

now we correct our means to fly on space

man creates a new methods to shuttle the near space

Man is still - a creator - as the creator have made him

Neil’s Boher; have claimed that " Faith; I append at the door of this/my lab."
He was a real Christian
Do not leave your scientific attitude be driven by your spiritual feelings.

Mirage Guardian
13-11-2003, 05:37 PM
Sorry mariam but i can't get your point

what is the relation between Columbia space shuttle & Jesus

13-11-2003, 05:41 PM
sarab ana kont ba2sod, rban mish 3ozna netla3 el fada2 3alshan keda every space shuttle fail from time to time, if u still remember apollo. so is it religious thing? ana kaman a3raf min 5elal my studying that all the mistakes in this space shuttles were so easy and not that hard to understand from expert scientist.
did u get it now?
so what is the relationship? and can u get me versus from the bible that says that Jesus does not want us in the space?

Mirage Guardian
13-11-2003, 05:51 PM
rofl, No dear.. there is nothing prevent christian people from doing any kinda researchs

I think some moslemen "khelwateia" prevent that and call this thing "Ghabar ya3lo 3n el-ard" according to some Quraan ******s

وبعدين لحظة.. ما انتى بتتكلمى عربى لبلب اهه

13-11-2003, 06:02 PM
ayoha, ana batkalm 3arbia, asl ana hena fe Americya min 2 years bas. well shoukran for answering but i am asking a bout law fe el mosta2bal, e7na 7awlna neta5alat ma3a (ma5lo2at el fada2) or the alience, is any thing prevent us of doing that?
like marriage, eating, drinking, working with,
sorry i believe in that stuff so much lol
yala ba2a
rbna ma3ak

Mirage Guardian
13-11-2003, 06:48 PM
الأخت مريم..

ألا تتفقين معى فى أنه قبل البحث فى أمور العلاقة مع الكائنات الفضائية من زواج وعمل وأكل إلخ إلخ
نحتاج أولاً أن نفهم طبيعة هذه الكائنات هل تتزاوج بطريقتنا أو تأكل وتشرب ولها جهاز هضمى مثلنا أم لا؟
الأمر يحتاج لدراسة علمية اولا..
وبالطبع لا نستطيع إجراء مثل هذه الدراسة بدون عينة من الكائنات الفضائية نفسها..
قبل أن نشغل بالنا بأمور المستقبل.. لابد أن نهتم كيف نصل إليه..

"فلا تهتموا للغد لان الغد يهتم بما لنفسه يكفي اليوم شره" (متى 6 : 34)

تحياتى وتقديرى

13-11-2003, 07:00 PM
well, Thank u again
i am just 18so lol that o7't thing make me so old, even my sunday school kids call me marmar or mariam. ana 3arfa en el ma5lo2at el 3'areba de we do not know any thing a bout it. but if between youm we lela you have them infront of u talking to u asking u for food or teaching them ur habites and traditions. i think it is a common thing to prepare ur brian in the future. well i do not have my bible now in my work but i will try to find parts. i think that the bible must got some stuff in that topic, the bible never left something alone,
rbna ma3ak

14-11-2003, 12:23 PM
In my life I was attracted to 3 cases of UFOs.
1* USSR . people use to claim of a strange flight; never indicated on RADAR.

Later it was known as USA black Bird.

2* UK farmers discovered circular prints on maze fields.

Later they discovered it was a trick played by twin farmers – just for fun.

3* Ostrich ( Nimsa ) – They photographed a UFO film.
This move still on net – They explain in details how the photographer invented it with a can.

These tricks was played too in Ghost mares.
Sorry, you better be a rational scientist – Believe what you can test.

14-11-2003, 04:06 PM
wow, that is really so great, but u know most of the U.F.O's i studied was faked lol. I mean some ppl would fly a plat in the dark and take a picutre of it and say here we go we have a U.F.O but after like 3 or 4 years they discover it is just a plate lol. so all of it is just faked. i am trying to read more i am just still a beginner but in God's well i will be in my way. as the First Egyptian woman astrounat. i know it is kinda of hard but Jesus and me are trying. So what do u think a bout i said a bout that faked U.F.O's.

pray for me

14-11-2003, 04:16 PM
أرجو أن يتسع صدركم لمداخلتي لأدلي بدلوي بين الدلاء

للرب الأرض و ملؤها المسكونة وجميع الساكنين فيها

Remember that God created the man upon his own image - and crowned Adam to be the king above all the creation
and therefore there is nothing in this Universe that God created would be forbidden for man to access or reach.

Early 20th Century, Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean before reaching its final destination - and that was its first and last sailing trip - They called it the UNSINKABLE TITANIC - but it did, that was because of the engineer who designed it had said while building the ship: " Even God Can not make this ship go down"...

In about 1986 you probably heard about "Challenger" the Space Shuttle that exploded just after few min after taking off Whom was it challenging -

Probably those who are responsible of these programs learned the lesson and when the sent a vehicle to discover Planet Mars - they called "Path Finder" so the humbled themselves before the Lord.

Sometimes the Pride of man would prevent him to see God's among events, and he feels that he is powerful enough to achieve his own prosperity without permission or the Grace of God

What I want to say here, is God gave us mind to think invent and prosper but we should always remeber that He is the PANTOKRATOR - (All Mighty) or Dabet El Kol

And he would allow such accidents for a certain purpose, but not to stop the whole process

I hope you got my point

Sorry, for writing in English as it's easier for me - I use the arabic keyboard site sometimes - but this message was long

God Bless

Mirage Guardian
14-11-2003, 05:02 PM
مداخلة رائعة يا كوكوتونى 10)10

تحياتى لتأملاتك

14-11-2003, 05:27 PM
Thanks Mirage Guardian

ربنا يقويك & Congrats

14-11-2003, 05:39 PM
well, it is great to have that kind of mind, who is thinking a bout the outer limit. i mean do not every body have that kind of questions what is after the space and what is up there? and every body need to reach that outerlimit with alot of enthusiuthim. I am that kind of person but in the space time i do not want to make god sad from me. sometimes thinking a bout the outer space make u reach God's limits. and creations. and when u look at the scientists in my college u will find them crazy a bout that stuff. i mean Titanic, the mistake was natural, the Appollo space shuttle, the mistake was natural. but in Columiba the world kindda waked up to say hey what is going on Jesus? u do not want us to reach the outer limits wala eyeh? that kinda of questions. what if u waked up one day to find that the atoms talk?? did u think of that before lol or the atoms have a real mind to move from place to other?? did u think of that before? and all enstien theories failed in one day and all bohar's models fail in one day?? what will u do?
will u live with it?

just pray that is that not true

14-11-2003, 06:04 PM
God; Do we have a spacewoman and a golden KOKOTONI in this life?
What we have to complain of then !

أنا لازم أتابع مشــــاركتكم – يمكن تخفف الأكتئاب اللى عندنا – مش بس متمسكين بالأيمان و الرجاء و المحبه – لأ 00 كمان عندكم عقل مرتب و منتج -
مـــــيودان أمـــاشـــــــو ( حسنا جدا – برافوا

14-11-2003, 06:12 PM
So probably you still remember some psalms in Arabic

السموات تحدث بمجد الله والفلك يخبر بعمل يديه

Here you find that all the Universe is preaching and glorifying the
Lord, even those planets or stars that we don't know about

أعلمك و أرشدك الطريق التى تسلكها، أنصحك ،عيني عليك

The knowledge is from Him, the way is "Him" in this verse the word أنصحك
is not give you advice but make you wise or
أجعلك ناصح

I still remember Billy Graham's daughter, they asked her after 9/11 -
why would God allow such Horrible disaster? is He a good God ?

She answered back: Why are we hanging the responsibility of what happened upon God, we removed Him from our lives willingly
and now we are asking where was He in time of disasters

He is always there

In good time and in bad time He is there, but it depends upon us do we realy need Him & to rely on Him

It's the same Mariam -

Hope you got my point

God Bless

14-11-2003, 06:51 PM
Wow, I like that response by the way, especailly after September 11. Well, i am going to China next summer for Community Service and studying. u know, how God have a sense in every thing. i guess it is not only accident. and a bout the atoms have a brain. it is really great idea for me. instead of talking to my self, i will just talk to the Air. My mind is trying to reach the outer limits but God always comes in my mind. I really love Jesus, but i n the same time i love scinece and math and above all the outerlimits?
Well i am doing a preview in A scientist lecture in Novmber 18. i will post my review over here in the site too so u guys and girls can read it. it is a bout colonial Age ( el estansa5) by the way
what our Coptic believe will say if we discovered that we can have Enstien brain or Bill Gates brain as colonial. like ur kids brain can have enstien brain?? or what our religion believe if they created a gene which makes soilders a wake all the time, (do not sleep)??
well, we will just wait for the preview then lol

14-11-2003, 07:01 PM
Mariam you said:

I really love Jesus, but i n the same time i love scinece and math and above all the outerlimits

That's great - but you have to remember something St John Chrysostome القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم said " Inside each one of us there is a free space having the Shape of God" no body else can fill except God" -

No Science - No Money - No earthly Glory -

Just God -

15-11-2003, 12:31 AM
Mariam you said:

I really love Jesus, but i n the same time i love scinece and math and above all the outerlimits

That's great - but you have to remember something
St John Chrysostome القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم

said " Inside each one of us there is a free space having the Shape of God" no body else can fill except God" -

No Science - No Money - No earthly Glory - No human relation

Just God

God Bless

Please admin remove the previous message, it looks like a puzzle
Probably this is the problem of writing in English & Arabic together

15-11-2003, 12:53 AM
Guys why don't you move this IMPORTANT & Interesting topic either to religious or english section?!


15-11-2003, 09:04 AM
الاخت مريم بتاعة ناسا تمثل الانسان و غروره و شعور الزهو لما وصل اليه بتفكيره و تجاربه و راى كوكوتونى يمثل النوع المتدين الى مابيحبش يفكر فى الحاجات دى و يكتفى بما يذكره الدين و الانجيل

ايهما الاصح ؟؟ ماحدش عارف

بالنسبة لموضوع اليوفو ده كنت فتحت انا مضوع قبل كده و قلت ياترى مين ربنا ده و فيلم مثلا زى ستارجيت ورانا ازاى ان اله يعبده شعب بسيط لكن لما الاله ده واجه من هم اكثر تطورا و ذكاء ماقدرش يقف قدامهم هل النظرية دى صحيحة بالنسبة لنا مثلا و ربنا؟؟ هل ربنا نوع من انواع المخلوقت الفضائية؟؟ او super alien?

15-11-2003, 08:10 PM
Believe me Unbreakable - it's not a matter of religious way of thinking , we watch these movies as well, but the difference here is you watch such movies for entertainment not to learn from; it's not the same when you watch a movie about a Saint life for example. What I want to say is the goal behind the way you think or act - what's your motive behind watching Science Fiction (and I say FICTION since Science didn't proove yet) and it's not mention in the Bible either

Did you get my point

God Bless

16-11-2003, 12:10 PM
ايوة فهمتك ياكوكوتونى بس الافلام و بالذات الافلام الاميركية مش مجرد اداة تسلية و انما حاجة الواحد يتعلم منها حاجات كتير ثم بغض النظر عن هدف الفلم اللى انا ذكرته انا عاوز اقول انه لفت نظرى لحاجة مهمة فى التفكير فى ماهية ربنا ...... بس

16-11-2003, 01:48 PM
حبيبى الغير قابل للكســـر - محدش عارف الحقيقه فين
نعمل أيه ؟
نقعد نصدق مخرجين الكارتون فى أى كوكتيل دراما يقدموه - يمكن يكون فيه شئ من الحقيقه؟
و لا نلتزم بالعلم المعملى المطلق - و لا نعطى فرصه للروح تخرج فى سياحه خارج النطاق المادى
و لا نصدق كل كلمه فى كتاب الدين و نقول آمــــــين؟
أذا آمنا بكتاب الدين - كويس نبقى مؤمنين
أذا أختبرنا الكلام ده - كويس نبقى علماء دين
لكن أذا رأينا هذا الكلام بعيوننا - نبقى أيه ؟
نبقى موقنين بالرجاء

أنا عشت كتير أسـأل بعقليه منفتحه - فين حقيقة الوجود
و بعدين أسترحت أخلاقيا للحياه مع المسيح
ثم أستغليت كل المعرفه الموجوده لبحث الكلمات الموجوده بالكتاب المقدس
و ظننت أنى وصلت خلاص - لما بدءت أختبر فى حياتى هذه الكلمه و أطلب هذه الوعود
لكن يسوع كان بينظر الى بتحنن -
عاوز تلاقينى بعقلك - صعب
عاوز تستحقنى بالسيره الطيبه - آه من الرياء
عاوز توصل لى بدراعك - شوف أهل بابل برجهم طلعهم لفين

لكن تحنن على برؤيه سماويه صغيره - فرح بها الصغار و تعزوا
بينما صارت فانوس فى ليل حياتى يعلن أنى لم أعد من المؤمنين - أنا موقن

أطلب منه يا ممنوع من الكســـر أنه يعزيك فى حياتك و يلمسك بدفئه
أطلب منه أن تراه

فقال لهم : أن لم تسقط حبة الحنطه 0000

17-11-2003, 11:25 AM
Dear Unbreakable

I should not give any comment after what Sce37 said ...
but you said:
انا عاوز اقول انه لفت نظرى لحاجة مهمة فى التفكير فى ماهية ربنا ...... بس

If you are really seeking God ; search in the right place
ماينفعش أروح لدكتور أطلب منه يرفعلي قضية ـ ولا أروح لمهندس يعملى الزايدة ـ

We are smart enough to pick the right source of information, it needs only to be honest with yourself...

17-11-2003, 12:15 PM
hey every body
u know u got out of the topic. but it is so cool i like that. i do not remember, some body from that group said a bout me that i am not religious girl, that is not an issue. I just throw a topic, and i just expected an answers. Space is just a place, like earth, i believe that there is people there living in their, yesterday, i was watching a T.V show a bout alience activities here in Earth. but u know, it showed a horrible things a bout the Alience, not the real things, it shows u a woman that the Alience wanted to take her un born sun from her in a dream and every time she has the dream, she scream with different voices, the other case is a bout 4 guitar players who started to feel that they are watched from some strange people and some times they wake up with some very high voltage lights, not usuall (not visible light). couple of days later, they started to have the same dream a bout strange people, put them in a tables, and take a skin sample from them as well as blood sample, in addition explore their bodies, like sextual changes. i saw this people in the TV. I think alience is a different things other than that. they are just a people like me and u. they are not harmful though, they just want to explore. lol
yala kefaya keda
do not forget to read my preview a bout colonial age ( el estansa5) in Novermber, 18

25-11-2003, 08:43 PM
Hi every body
i have some notes i want to share about this topic and this is just my humble openion as i'm not wise person at all :)
when i was reading what u said kokotoni
" Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean before reaching its final destination - and that was its first and last sailing trip -

They called it the UNSINKABLE TITANIC - but it did, that was because of the engineer who designed it had said while

building the ship: " Even God Can not make this ship go down"...

In about 1986 you probably heard about "Challenger" the Space Shuttle that exploded just after few min after taking

off Whom was it challenging - "

it remind me with a story in THE HOLY BIBLE.
it is the story of the Bablyon tour.
تكوين أصحاح 11 عدد 4
"و قالوا هلم نبن لأنفسنا و برجا رأسة بالسماء , و نصنع لأنفسنا أسما لئلا نتبدد علي وجة كل الأرض "

Genesis 11:4
"4 And they said " Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name

of our selves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth."

How GOD punished them.
was that Tour higher than any skyscrabber that was built in the present ages ??
no ofcourse but that Tour wsa built so people can quench their arrogance.
but the sky scrabbers was built to other things like helpping people to effecientley use the land avillable.
so that is a lesson that GOD wont stop the scince but will punnish any errgont idiot who think he know and just what

he discovered is the results of his knowldge. he discovered what he had just because GOD let him do.
GOD gave us the mind so we can discover his power,
hope it is helpful 2 any 1
and sorry for my poor language

25-11-2003, 11:17 PM
Shady, welcome dear Brother - Hala beek

I agree with you and thank you for the Biblical reference that support and backup the topic

God Bless -

26-11-2003, 12:13 PM
hey shady do not say that, all our English is horrible lol do not worry, you are saying because the scientists or the engineers said that god can not sank the ship himself, god showed them that he can. For example like Borg Babl I do not know how to say it in English lol. when they decided to build borg that can reach God then it destroyed, and the people spoke with different languages and that was the punishment to reach God. is that what r u talking a bout? what i learned that God is mercful but in the same time a very hard Judge. why God instead of punishing them show them a miracle or something that can tell them it is wrong u will never reach it. to me science is a way different path than religion, as some brother before said leave ur faith outside the lab. but in the same time, take jesus with u

God bless u

27-11-2003, 07:31 AM
Hi every body
thx 4 ur welcoming

let us countaine :D
GOD dont punish us for tring to reach him
god punish our errogance, punish us for challinging his powers.
and in the same time god still mecfull to all of us, to the ones who want him to light thier hearts

miracles !!!
is all the miracles in our life not enough for mankind to be preaached ??
4 example,the very accurate orbit system that stars and the planets takes dont say that there is no 1 but god can regulate it.
the water cycle dont say the same ?
the life cycle and from ashes to ashes ??
or even the complication of any form of life.
the DNA that is the best of the best of scientists tring to decipher it ??
isnt making something like that enough ??
there is nothing in our lives that is not a miracle.
and still we (mankind) filled with errogance !!!
on the contrary people dont belive in god,or some say that our existence is done by fault.
and even some is modern paganisms that belive in nature.

i think some times clurety must be used to teach the mankind the lesson.

about different paths
every thing that science discovered prove that the bible is right.
the bible said that the earth shaped like oval, science discovered that after the bible said about 400 years.
and didnt the bible was the first who said that the sun is the center of the solar system ?
science discoverd so after.
wasnt the bible who said that the earth is hanged in the empty spaces,
while on those ages (the ages of the bible) the ppl was thinking that the earth is hanged on a horn of legendary animal ??
and the gensis in the bible is the gensis wich science proved but in a very simple way that the ppl in all ages understand.
i think u should belive that all the science has discovered and will discover will prove the bible.
dont ever leave ur faith.
it is so unseparatable. like the soul it shouldnt be separated until death.

so long post thx for ur patience .

01-12-2003, 03:37 PM
yes i agree, but now we do not have any proves from the bible no more, we went far enough from the bible, so how could we prove it is right or wrong ?? do we have to wait for miracle to tell uswhat u do is right or wrong?? or just go a head and do it any ways??

Thanks my brother for joining

05-12-2003, 02:31 PM
at first i want to tell u that u r not doing any thing wrong.
it is ur job u have 2 do it. and it is using ur mind which god gave to u for the benefit of ur self, ur country,and the humanity benefit.
u just have to control ur errogance. and belive me whatever u discover u wont get far away from the bible.
we still in the radiance of the bible.

hope i've added something usefull
god blessis