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the word Islam is an arabic word that means submission , but the religious context it means submission to (Allah) GOD
The past tense of the word Islam is Aslam wich means surrendered
The word Islame and the word peace share three letters ( slam )
But to have a peace with moslims people when they are in power has to be by surrendering to the rlue of Islam
Muhammed The Founder of Islam
he was born in the city of Mecca in Arabioa A.D. 570
His Father Abdullah died before Muhamed was born
((( some say with 4 years I will cover this later )))
His mother Amina diead when he was about six years old and he was adopted by his uncle Abu-Talib ( Ironically - later adoption was forbidden in Islam through Muhamed when he want to marry Zaynab the wife of his adopted son Zayed)
At age of twenty five Muhamed married his employer a wealthy widow
named Khadija who about fifteen years old than him
During her life time muhamed had no other wife though after her death he had at least ten Another wife of his died before him and the other nine were forbidden to remarry after his death --
Mecca today,s capital of Islam was traing and piligramage centre with more than 360 idols worshiped there
The central shrine was known the Kaaba meaning ( cube) it is a Black stone said to have come from the heaven ( )
Built inot one corner of a stone structure Muhamed proclaim tha only Allah was to be worshiped and that the kaaba was first build by Adam the first prophet and rebuild by Abraham and Ishmael
Isams symbol is the crescent to be placed on the top of thier mosques and Islam uses the lunar calender
It is ironicthat the Moon God was the god wich the most worshiped there in Mecca the cradle area of Islam Muhamed decreed the continuation of the annual pilgrimage ( called Hajj) to mecca which is still observed
This consists of what Muhamed claimed to be the actuall words of Allah Muslems believe that the Quran was writtten in heaven before the creation of the world and revealed word by word to Muhamed
Muhamed,s followers memorized what he said and /or tattooed his words on thier bodies and on animal skins and wrote on clay bricks and palm branches
Othman who is third Muhamed,s third successor, realized that muhameds words were getting lost and eaten by animals so he made an efffort to collect everything (( Quranic)) attributed to muhamed
This came to nearly the size of oue new Testament -The Quran has a poetic rhythm . but the translation strikes the non- muslems reader as tedious repetitious and prosaic
The Quran is written in arabic wich muslems consider as the only authorized language to be used in thier religious services throughout the world regardless of what the local langauge may
They believe that it earns them merit to read the entire quran espacially during the month of Ramadan .Childeren often taught to ( read) the Quran in Arabic without knowing its meaning .The Quran is to be understood literally as it doesn,t contain allegory .but its hard for non- muslems who does not know the language to cope with its extreme wordiness
The Quarn doesnt mention the aspect of the 5 pillars in Islam nor five daily prayers, Against the plain teaching of the Quran muslems claim that muhamed thier prophet is sinless this is to counteract the Bible,s teaching about JESUS as the only sinless one ,as muslems could not tolerate JESUS superiority over Muhamed
but the Quran teaches and urges muslems to die inthe course of killing the infidels as it the only way they can qualify for an instant enjoyment in a paradise full of beautifull women castles anf fruits (( and thier lord hath them so those who fought and were slain verily I shall remit thier evil deeds from them and verily Ishall bring them into gardens underneath wich rivers flow- a reword from Allah And with Allah is tha fairest of rewords --sura 3--195
( warefare is ordained for you , though it is hateful unto you , but it may happen that ye hate a thing wich is good for you ) sura 2--216

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This is taken from both Quran and from Muhammed,s Sunna ( traditions)
wich muslems believe tp be perfect and ought to be followed ,
Muhammed,s traditions deal with every human activity even the most intimate For example there are details of when and how trim fingernails and toenails oe how to enter and leave room or mosque ,getting inot and out of bed , eating . sexual relations, the elimination of body waste< and so on
In every Muslem country there are an authorized interpreter of those laws,with the right to issue new decrees according to circumstances
Since september 11 Islam has recieved a lot media attention and portrayed as a peace- loving religion That may be true of many( some) muslems -but is it true of the idiology and doctorinesof Isalm itself??
Thus every thing in the life is dominated by this religion As such , Islam is a system .it is a sociopolitical ., socio-religion -socio-economical , educational , legislative, judicial and militaristic system grabed in religious terminology
The two phases of Muhammed,s approach
Muhammed the founder of Islam gave instructions to kill those who don,t
believe in Allah .This was in the second phase of his religious life when he became militant ,whereas his words in the first phase of his religious life were full of tolerance as he was helpless and in the minority
Muslems call these two phases after the two cities in today,s Saudi Arabia They call the first phase after Mecca, and the second phase after Madina where Muhamed triumphed in military power .
the Appeasing Instruction
surah 73--10
(( Allah tells Muhamed to be patient with his opponents (( Be patient with with they say and depart from them with courteously))
surah2--256 Allah tell Muhamed not to impose Islam by force
(( there is no compulsion in religion)
sura 29 --46 Allah tell Muhamed to speak nicely to the people of the book ((Christians and Jews ))
Reason with the people of the book (Christians and Jews) .... and say
we believe in what has been sent dowen to us and sent dowen to you Our Allah is the same as youe GOD and we are surrendered to him
The Aggressive Instructions
Surah 2-191 Allah orders him to kill his opponents (( kill them wherever you find them --))
surah 2-193 Allah tells him to kill whoever rejects Islam ( - kill them untill there is no persrcution and the religion is Allah,s
sarah 9-29 Allah tells him to fight the people of the book (( Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the last day and fight the people of the book who do not accept the religion of truth -Islam -untill they pay tribute by hand being inferior

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Religion was the centre of enterest and buisness, wich caused fighting between the Arabian tribes it need a powerfull religious leader to put them under one banner,When Muhammed was about forty years old ,he reported that the angel Gabriel gave him a revelation from Allah-From that time until his death he claimed many more such revelation
In Mecca, where Muhammed preached tolerance ha faced opposition ,so he sent some of his followers to the Christians Ethiopia-then he nearby city of Yathrib wich was later called Madina , Finally he went to Yathrib himself , appearing to his followers as the great militant leader , on the historic day called the Hijra wich is celebrated all over the Muslim world as the birth of Islam and the bigining of the Muslim lunar year
During the following years Muhammed worked himself into a position of power by attacking and plundering rich caravans
He grew in political and military power and the nearby tribes began to follow his teaching and accept his his leadership with a force of ten thousand men he was able to conquer Mecca
He died after a violent fever( from posinig food)
Muhamed,s messages dealt primarily with civil and religious rules for living .The religious ones include the rituals of repeating the creed (Shahadah) Prayers ( slalt) in Arabic 5 times a daily , giving alms to the needy brothers within thier faith ( Zakat) , fasting (Saum) during the entire lunar month of Ramadan , and the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)
at least once in a lifetime
Muhamed also granted axclusive right of divorce to the husband ,and permitted polygamy.the taking of concubines and imposed the veil for hie women
He placed Muslims women in position of in inferiority
After Muhamed died the Arab tribes broke away until Muhameds successor fought them and united them again .The united muslem missionary soldiers marched out of the Arabian peninsula and defeated the declining empires of Persia ,Byzantium and Rome making a great ampire from Afganistan and Irane inthe east to Morocco and Spain in the west
The population of the area which had been nearly 90% Christians became more than 90% muslm,
and more than 4000 Churches were either deastroid or converted to mosques
Another Islamic leader also called Othman ( A.D.1300), estabished the Ottoman Empire in Turkey This empire grew steadly until it controlled the Near East , most of North Africa and the Balkan states
conquering and forcing the religion of Islam upon peoples who had previously been subjucated by it, About the same time the great muslem Moghul Empire overran the northern part part of India . During this period Islam penetrated into the East India and as far as the southern part of Philippines

In the twentieth century Islam is proselytizing more people than other religion in Africa ,America and Europe
M osques have been established in the most large cities of Europe and Norht America not to intention the black muslim movement there
Now isalm is seeing strong growth stimulated by a vigorous Islamic literature programme wich includes criticism of the Christian believe
---------------------------------- -----------------
Community pressure
Islam drive the community to keep an eye on its individuals,allowing no way of quitting
There is a real threat of being excommunicated ,tortured or even killed

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Muhamed declared that ( the religion before Allah is islam-- surah 3-19)
His mission was to change the existing society into an Islamic society governed by the revealed laws of Allah ( the Shari,ah) and also by his personal example ,known in Islam as (Sunna)
Islam grants radical muslims a mandate to enforce his change on societies this is,nt about building a few mosques for the needs of Muslms congregation, or schools or few cultural cnetres
and thus dominate every aspect of the society ,This is not only the desire of fundamentalists like Usama bin Laden but for thier teaching ,preaching and publications it would seem to the desire of large number of Muslims all over the world
The Muslims Manifesto , dated --june 15-1990 was published by the late Dr.Kalim Siddiqui , then the head of the muslim Inistitute,now the muslim Parliament of Great Britan -
It states --
Of course this include Britain
According to Ommar Ahmed Chairman of the bourd of CAIR ( Council of American Islamic Relations)
((Islam isn,t in America to be equal to any other faith , but to become dominant ,The Quran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on the earth ))
The issue of the supremacy of Islam leads us back to the basic of the Islamic worldview ,that is by seeing the world either as
--Dar al-Islam the abode of Islam
--Dar al- Harb the abode of war
All those countries and societies not dominated by Islamic supremacy are the ABODE OF WAR and thus Jihad is justified
There is a saying of the prophet of Islam that (( to lie is one of the major sins and Allah will hold you accountable))
Islam does not tolerate lying against Allah or against Muhammed However there are some exceptions where lies are permitted Thus the end justifies the means Two of these exceptions are
1- IN JIHAD and when you are a MINORITY Muhammed treated truth and deception according to his own style of situational ethics Muhammed condoned and actually permitted lying to further his goals
According to Jaber bin (Abdullah)--Allah,s Apostle said (( Who is willing to kill Ka,b bin Al-Ashraf who was hurt Allah and His Apostle?? Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saing (O Allah,s Apostle would like that Ikill him ??) The profit said "yes"
Muhamed ben Masalma said (( Then allowed me to say a false thnigs (ie .to deceive Kab)
The profit said The profit said (((( YOU MAY SAY IT ))
ref. ( Sahih al-Bukhari 5.369)
2-WITH YOUR WOMEN -for example Muhammed did not think it wrong to make false promises to his wifes in the matter of Mary his Egyptian maid
Intersetingly enough ,ther are sorts of FATWAS issued by the Isalmic hierarchy .They have condemned people to death for the most trivial
some even just expressing thier personal opinion ,such as Dr Abu Zaid and Dr Nawal A,Sadawii the famous Egyptian author and Champion of women,s rights inthe Islamic world
Yet it seems there has not been aingle muslim authority anywhere
issuing a fatwa declaring the the--19 TERRORISTS OF SEPTEMBER 11 TO BE KAFIRS OR OPOSTATES --

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Allah( the God) of islam just , and order the muslims to TERRORIZE on his behalf , when possible, those who don,t submit to his rule.The sacred book of Islam says" Fight ( kill) them (non- muslims)and Allah will punish them (torment ) them by your hands, cover them with shame "
" Iwill instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them ....it is not you who slew them it was Allah "
Muhammed said " I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say none has the right to be worshipped but Allah" Al Bukhari vol 4-196
It is worth noting here that the word FIGHT and KILL appear in the Quran
more frquently than the word PRAY
Mrtyrdom is also encouraged and the incentive is an instant ,luxurious heaven " And If you are slain or die in the way of Allah forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all they could amass"
surah 9-14
surah 8-12-17
surah 3-157
The only ASSURANCE a muslims has of going to heaven is thruogh fighting for the cause of spreading Islam (Jihad) and being martyred in the process
Heaven in Isalm is the place where a muslim man will be reclining , eating meat and delicious fruits drinking exquisite wines,and engaging in sex with beautiful, heavenly women and there are also eternally-young . beautiful males . there is no mention of women,s rewardes
and surah 4--57
surah 76-12--22-surah 55-54-56-
surah 47--15
1- Earthly women are inferior to the beautiful, heavenly virgin women.Allah has peomised to give 40 and more of those heavenly women to those who submit to him and are willing to die for his cause
of gaining more physical territory for Islam (surah-55-54-56--:37-48-49)
2-Allah encourages polygamy .saying " Marry women of your choice two,or three,or four or a ( captive ) that your right hands possess that will be more suitable " surah 4--3-
3-women,s mind are deficient ( hadith - vol-3:826)
4-The women,s share of the inheritance is half of the man (surah-4:11)
5-Wifes are subject to punishment and beating by the husband (surah-4:34)
6- In the court, the testimonyof one man is equivalent to the testimony
of two women ( surah -2-282)
According to the Quran itself Allah sometimes substitutes a "better" verse or passage for one previously given, thus superceding the first one ...
" None of our revelations (verses) do we abrogate or cause to be
forgotten but we substitute somethnig better or similar . knowest thou not that Allah hath power over all things: surah 2-106
"Allah doth blot out or confirm what he pleaseth with Him is the mother of the book" surah 13--39
most muslim scholar are agreed that surah 9-5-( called the verses of sward ) supercedes most of the previous verses regarding jihad.
In spite of this general agreement many modern libral muslim leaders especially in the west ,quote the earlier (( peaceful)) verses in order to validate Islam being peaceful religion
Some of the Quranic verses wifh have abrogated others include (even if they are) of the people of the book (Jews and Christians) untill they pay the Jizya (poll tax)with willing submission and feel themselves subdued
( surah 9-29-31-)

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To understand Jihad in its simplest form one must go back to the issue of obligation-or "fard"in Islamic teaching -
There are two kinds of obligations
Fard al-Ayn and Fard al-Kifa
Fard Al-Ayn is obligatory on all(with some exceptions),such prayer,fasting,zakat(or almsgiving)
However ,Fard.al-kyfaya is an obligation by consensus to those who volunteer and join a particular mission force to carry out their Islamic duties
e.g mambers of ((El-Quaida
The Muslim scholar Ben Hisham mention that Yeman is the origin of the Arabs .The big city in Yemen called Hadoramot was named after their forefather hadrom son of Jakton , the fifth from Noah ( also in Gen 10-21-26)
The Muslim holy book (surah 11-82) mentions flamed hail which fell on Yemen from heaven which indicate a natural disaster such as a volcanic eruptian Another disaster happened to the people of Hadoram when a flood engulfed their high dam . these disasters made them flee to the desert peninsula of Saudi Arabia in the north
There they were called Arabs, which means the people of the desert
While the empires of Persia ,Byzantium and Rome were declining in power ,the Arabs were united under the banner of Islam the new religion
founded by Muhammad
The Muslim missionary soldiers marched out of the desert of the Arabian Peninsula ,armed to conquer the Middle East and beyond
They invited people to adopt the religion of Islam ,to pay monetary tribute with submission or to be tortured to death
They forced their Arabic language on the people living there and succeeded in arabizing all the schools and the official departments
wiping out all non-Arabic influence .
The exceptions to this to this were countries like Iran and Turkey wich maintained their original languages
Now the Muslim countries in the area are generally called Arab countries ,even though they were not originally Arabs However ,the Arab world with all associated countries as we know them today did not exist before Islam before Islam occupied the region in the 7th century
But Isn,t Ishmael the father of the Arabs??
--------------------------------------------------------------- Wew learnt that Hadoram is the fathers of the Yemenites from whom
originate the Arabs while Hadoram son of Jakton is the fifth from Noah
we find that Ishamel is the tenth from Noah
That means that Ishmael can,t be the father of the Arabs for the following reasons
1-The Arabs existed before Ishmael .They are from different lineage.
from Jakton whereas Ishmael Peleg(Gen-10-25)(Gen-11)or(Chron1-8-26)
2-Ishmael was not an Arab,as his father( Abram ) was from Chaldea and his mother Hagar was Egyptians
3- we find no mention in the memory of the Arabs, history of Ishmael marrying an Arab woman which would have been too significant an event not to be remembered amongst their wellborn history In fact we read(Gen-21-21-)that Ishmael married an Egptian woman
Muhammed ,the Arab founder of Islam was able to create a powerful patriotism by linking himself and his followers (with no proof)to Abraham through Ishmael
This is in spite of the fact that there is no recorde of Muhammed,s lineage beyond his his seventh forefather Adnan
He also propagated the idea that Abraham and Ishmael were the first to dedicate the black stone in Mecca as the central place for worshiping his god "Allah "
Muhammed hoped for the support of both Jews and Christians ,who appreciate Abraham as the father of their faith and of the prophets
When Jews and Christians didn,t support Muhammed,s views ,he declared in his holly book (surah 3-67) that Abraham was neither a Jews nor a Christian, but a good Muslim
Muhammed also in ( surah4- 46) covered his conflict with the bible by claiming that Jews and Christianss have corrupted the Bible

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The Crusades
Many people in the west struggle with feeling of guilt because the terrible
way their ((Christian)) forefathers treated the muslims during the Crusades around the 12 th Century .The crusades were prompted by earlier Muslims conquest throughout the Middle East towards Europea as far as Spain
Now many Christians feel this guilt lessened as they " turn the other cheek" towards muslims who are making Christians pay the price every day for maintaining their faith
Is it our right to turn the other cheek and abandon our Christians brothers and sisters to suffer under the rule of Islam ??
Fundamentalist muslims are those who are willing to go to any length of aggression to grant Islam a better chance in the world following the footsteps and the instructions of Muhammed ,the founder of Islam But the muslimare who prefer to make their approach according to what is acceptable by the strong and the civilized world
Muslim groups might argue ,and even fight and kill each other,but they still have on spirit and loyalty to the same Allah (god)
We,d like the (( Moderate)) muslims to answer for us these questions
--Are the muslim extremists really misinterpreting parts of Quran ?
--What these parts?
--And What are the correct interpretation of them ?
The fact that Islam succeeded in the occupied countries to turn hundreds of churches into mosques and to manipulate the inhabitans to become more than 90% Muslims after being neerly 90% Christians made the remaining Christians content to be treated as second-class citizens
They lives as exiles in their countries ,restricted and humiliated dailly ,
Such as in work, worship and in law courts and cannot be protected against the Muslim major
Many are being killed and massacred
Others convert to Islam in order to secure their families
In Egypt alone (75 millions population---15%Christians) more than 15,000 Christians convert to Islam annually
However the converts to Chrisatianity are likely to be persecuted- (many tortured to death) some in jail
Our persecuted Christians brothers and sisters are often discouraged when the rest of the Christian throughout the worlod ignore them it is not fair to keep silent and shut our eyes to what happening to them doing nothing about their increasing suffering
The Jews , Hindus, and others(-non Muslims-) have the same suffering

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Wew read in the New Teastament (Romans 13-1-6-) that GOD has established the governing authorities and that we should submit to them and pay taxes
They GOD,s servants and bear the sward against wrong-doers
In old Teastament God said to Moses his his authorized leader of Israel :
(( Eye for eye and tooth for tooth)) Deut. 19-21-
Was given also to protect the vulnerable families of Israel againest people
who might take advantage of them
God instructed them to kill those who attack their families during their journey towards the land of their forefathers Abraham,Isaacand Jcob
The Amalekites were the first to attack the Israelites consistently after their axodus from Egypt (EX. 17-
The( eye for eye)was God,s second instruction as a "Civil -law"given to moses to govern the Israelites
The first instruction is "The moral law" call the ten commandments
The third instruction is "The Ceremonial law" of the holidays ,celebrations,offerings and sacrifices
JESUS emphasized : Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets .....but to fulfill them (Mat.5-17)
JESUS never opposed the rulers Instead He opposed the religious hypocrites for taking the ******ure to the letter rather than by the spirit of its words
He spoke on the personl relationship level
Sying " I tell you do not resist on evel person .If someone strikes you on thye right cheek , turn to him the other also"Mat 5-39"
JESUS was not correcting what is ((written)) but correcting what the people have" heard "
In other words JESUS spoke against manipulating the ******ure ,as the Israelites took it on themselves to apply the Civil Law ,judjing and sntencing each others and people to GOD
JESUS come to reconcile people to each other , and people to GOD
He also tought us to take care of those whom GOD has entrusted us with
We should take responsilbiltyfor defending them not to forgive on behalf of them thus following the example of the Good Shepherd Romans12-18-19 says "If it is possible , as far as it depends on you , live at peace with everyone Do not take revenge
1-Islam is the final revelation that came seven centuries after Christ ,the god of Islam is sovereign
2-There is no original sin to be inherited ( surah -20--121--122)(--2--37)
3-The good deed concels 10 dad deeds ,along with giving alms to the needy brothers within thier faith (surah-4-46)
4- The word of GOD in the BIBLE had been corrupted and was superceded by Allah,s revelation to Muhammed
5- The Trinity of GOD is false and so the Christians is no better than
pagans (surah -4-171-)
6-Another name for Gabriel the Angel is the Holly Spirit ( surah 2-87,253 )( 16-102-)
7-Christians worship Jesus,s Mother ,Mary ( surah 5-116)
8-Christ is only a man -not -Allah -He was not crucified ,but instead Allah rescued and lifted hem from earth ( surah -3--59-)(4-157)
9-Jesus will come before the end days to proclaim that Islam is his religion,to break the cross, to kil the pigs. to marry and have children
10- Jesus come only for the Childeren of Israel and to prophesy about the comming of Muhammed ,who come for the whole world
(surah -61-13-)
11- Christians rejected Muhammed out of stubbornness just as the jews reject Jesus ( surah -5-95-) ---------------------------------------------
12-Islam will eventually CONQUER and rule the world ( surah 61-13-)
13- There is no difference between religion and state ( surah -33-38-62)
14- Muslims should live at peace with non- muslims when they have to , but in general a muslim should not be loyal to a non- muslim
The basic rule is that non- muslim should surrender to Islam
or to be fought against or tortured ( surah -.The Spoils. 6--12--`17)(9--14--3--118)
Ministring to Muslims
In this task
we have one and only one helper who is GOD the Holly Spirit By his power we are to countract the age-old continual work of the devil
So what should we consider and how can we share GOD,s good news with Muslims ?
1- Wew need to have a reasonable idea about the Muslim,s belief
2-Asking them with sincere interest would help us to learn more about their belief -they are more than happy to teach us .hoping to gain points towards reachig heaven . Doing that will help them to be more open
While we can comment from the Bible on what we find similar or different
That will give them interest , curiosity and understanding of the Gospel without us preaching to them
3-We need to know what we are not building on or filling the gap in the Muslim,s information about GOD Rather we are teaching about different GOD from their god
4- Muslim were tought that their god is strong ,mighty and fearsome along with other wrong things This make our GOD seem weak .fake and unworthy of worship when we emphasise from the start GOD,s love shown in Christ that should prompt us to teach first about God,s judgment and anger against our sinfulness because His Holiness
5- Exchanging ideas using the first 3 of the booklet series ((GOD,s prophets )) wich suits their mind and taste
Dear Brothers in Christ if you print this article wnd send it randamly to any address it may be usefull to throw the light on this evel cult