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25-12-2006, 04:19 AM
Intro clip for the must see documentary on global terrorism, and the groups hijacking Islam with the aim to kill non-Muslims and Muslims who don't agree with them. Deals with Saudi, Syrian, Egyptian, and Iranian roles within radical Islamism, and groups like Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda, Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Interviews with former PLO terrorist, Palestinian journalists, and the threatened liberal minority and moderate majority within Muslim culture worldwide. Includes events like September 11th, Beslan, London and Madrid bombings, suicide bombings in Israel, Iraq, as well as the historical link between Nazism and the emerging militant Islamism. Ahmadinejad. Khomeini. Hizbullah. Hizballah. Hezballah. Hizballah. Hezbullah. Hizbollah. Hizb'Allah.

The Culture of Jihad

How Jihad is taught and praised in Arab classrooms.

Hitler & The Mufti (Geft for KK)

The historic links between the Nazi leader and radical Islamic ideology.

The Media Of Terrorism

How a pervasive, propaganda-based Arab media teaches hatred to adults and children alike.

The War Against The West

Radical Islam is waging a war against western culture and Judeo-Christian values.

25-12-2006, 08:19 PM
Abu Hamza explains why Kaafir(infidels) should be killed!