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18-11-2003, 05:15 PM
Hey every body it is me again mariam. i just want to discuss new thing our society is going throw in this Century, Which is called colonial age or 3asr el estansa5 with Arabic. Well, i attened a scientist lecture a bout clonial age, he was talking a bout cancer and how in the future they will be able to heal it before it even occure. it depends on the Geans and hermons of the bodies. They are trying to make a human Gene Map with all the Genes in them. They are 99% finished of that map and they only have %1 percent remaining. he was talking a bout a person with a very starnge kind of Cancer who went to the doctor when he felt sick like any of us would do if she or he felt sick. But the doctor realized that it is kinda of unusuall cancer. so he told the Cancer research Center, and the doctor never told the patient a bout his illness. But it said that this research Center and the doctor made a million of dollars (min ta7t el research) but the patient did knew until he saw his pic in the Newspaper, he filled a court case against the research Center and the court did not stand in his side. So What do u think in that? Do u think that money is the proprity of that sick man who is healed right now? and how is the Colonial Age responsible of that? and because of that man we are able to get to our future very brightly? how a bout that poor man rights? lots of questions What would u do if u r that man?

18-11-2003, 08:35 PM
Science in itself is not bad, on the other hand the abuse of science could be dangerous
Cloning is not bad in itself, yet providing such technology to irresponsible individuals, and/ or countries could lead to a disaterous fate
cloning should not be left unrestricted, but guidlines have to be adopted by all governments around the globe
otherwise human race would be in a scientific dilemma pretty soon

On the other hand, cloning -for example- could end the suffering of a barren lady or an unfertile couple

the other point you are discussing here is a typical case of medical malpractice
the patent has the right to to know what he is suffering from and he had the right to be consulted and provide consent before publishing his case
If I was that man I would have done the same thing and took the doctor to court for taking advantage of the illness to his own benifit

19-11-2003, 04:14 PM
What if the spreme court standed in the doctor side? what would u do then?