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25-11-2003, 03:21 PM
(noo:)) hi, I attended a lecture by Laurie Garrett who is a science journalist. U can read her books by going to google and write her name down. really it was my honor to attend her lecture for honors students in my college. After September 11, the tempreture was high and it was continous anxious in NYC. the reason for that was because the Human parts and the COmputer parts that was in the Air and the pollution that happened in that day. It became a very big public health issue. The first concern was whether or not there was a chemical weapons in this Airplanes. On october 3th, they found it is real, that there was a chemical weapons. here is the history of the chemical weapons, which is called super killers viruses. there was two places in the world which is manfactured these virsus ( Atlanta, U.S and the soviet Union, Mosco), after the revoultion began in the Soviety union and they became a part. England and the U.S discovered that the soviet union has send them all to all over the world. No body knows where. It turns out that there is some in Iraq, but no body saw them yet it is just assumption. The Bush adminstarations spent 2 billion dollars on the public issues since September 11. Most Americans %75 to %80 of people believe that there will be another attack
There are a lot of books you can buy from Amazon.com that can teach u to make ur own chemical weapons in ur backyard or ur own home
these books are silent death, poor man's
On june the same year, the house selected homland security which costed (6 million dollars) to invest in intlegence or health care

It is really confusing to me how all this info occured and we do not even know a bout it, or how is the technology became so dangerous that u can buy books from online to make chemical weapons. Would u trust ur self safety after that??

if u guys found this topic interesting i have a nother topic a bout the H.I.V which is a very dangerous disease and how is the reaction in Egypt or in the African country?
if u have any questions email me
God bless

26-11-2003, 05:58 AM
مافهمتش النقطة بتاعة انهم وجدوا اسلحة كيميائية على متن طائرات 11 سبتمبر الكلام ده حقيقى؟؟؟؟؟

ياريت حد يحطلنا كتب تصنيع الاسلحة الكيميائية دى اهى تنفع فى يوم اسود برضو

الHIV اللى هو فقدان المناعة او الaids صح؟

ظريفة مواضيع يامرمر بتعلمنا حاجات جديدة و ظريفة (bay:))

26-11-2003, 12:20 PM
well it is true, they found actually a chemical reactions, may be because of the chemical weapons and there is another reason it because ( dead bodies for a long time, or Computer parts) but the bigger issue is the chemical weapons. oh yah if u did not find this books in amazon, try ebay ( or the junk website) but i advise u not to buy them, they are really dangerous. especailly if u have kids who are learning to read or teens who likes to explode every thing lol ( feelings for their parents lol). Not even ur wife lol.

yala rbna ma3ak

26-11-2003, 02:21 PM
شفت انا موقع الست اللى حاضرتكم دى دى واخدة حاجة اسمها البييز تلات جوايز بتبتدى بحرف البى اولها و اهمها البوليتزر و عاملة كتب بتتنبأ فيها بمستقبل مهبب للبشرية انشاءالله

ياريت تبقى تحكيلنا عن المحاضرات اللى بتاخدوها دى عشان العلم نور (bay:))

26-11-2003, 03:29 PM
sorry i did not get u believe me!!!
what did u meant??

26-11-2003, 03:47 PM
sorry but i got u finally after reading the message lol. Laurie Garrett has a long and distinguished career as a leading science journalist. She has been awarded all three of the major prizes in journalism: the peabody, the polk, and the pulitzer. her books are the Coming Plague addresses the emergence of global disease epidemics, while betrayal of trust chronicles the collapse of the lobal healthcare system. both books are wake-up calls for the global community and have attracted the attention of policy-makers, public health advocates, and those interested in preserving our health and well-being. in 1980 Garrett joined National public radio (NPR) as a Science correspondent. During her NPR years, Garrett was awarded by the National Press Club (best Consumer Journalism, 982) the San Francisco Media Alliance (meritorious Achievement Award in Radio, 1983), and the world Hunger Alliance (first Prize, Radio, 1987). in 1988, garrett left NPR to join the science writing staff of Newday, where she remains today, her Newsday reporing has earned several awards, including the Newsday Pubisher's award. she win the first place from the society of Silurians (Breast Cancer 1994), and the Bob Considine Award of the Overseas presss club of America

ay 5edma, i got u all her history 3alshan matz3alsh ya zou2 lol. she is not bad,. she is trying to help i guess
wala eyeh??