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13-01-2004, 04:21 PM
I just was talking to my brother the other day a bout mars and the other world. His teacher (JR high teacher) told him that he can buy a land on the moon. Several hours later, i saw a show (economics show in the CNN) it appears that the president Bush will start sell houses or lands on Mars or the moon to rich people or the upper American level. Can u believe that lol? and people who are very rich are starting to invest in that. Brother and sisters, u can live in the moon or mars after 200 years from now lol that what i believe. a week ago we just got the first real pic of Mars with his red land. it is gonna take a while. Bush just started to run out of money so he started to turn his back to the technology and the rich people's money.

i can be ur real estate agent lol


16-01-2004, 08:20 AM
مش لما هو يوصل الأول للمريخ يبقى يشترى ويبيع فيه؟
عموما شوفى كده الفدان بكام قبل ما الأسعار تولع

20-01-2004, 02:25 PM
ya 3am kolo be balash 3alshan 5atrak
bas enta shawer 3ala el ard.
bas awel 7aga tebneha henak el kenysa. lol

21-01-2004, 02:26 PM
الله هو انتى بتقى أفكارى ولا ايه؟
بس بسأل على الأسعار الأول وحكاية أشاور دى صعبة
دى شغلتك انتى بقى
وبعد ما نبنى ناخد البابا فى صاروخ علشان يدشنها
ربنا يديله طول العمر

21-01-2004, 05:49 PM
lol that is funny, if he did not pass away all this years, he will pass a way because of the rocket lol. I think if u got in their u will get a heart attack lol. hey people today i saw president Bush he was in my college but i did not have the chance to get close to him i just took some pics. SOme of my friends back in Egypt told me that they saw me in the CNN lol.

I have send him many emails before so he probably know me looooooooool ana bas mish 3oza aksofoh a2odam el nas beto3oh wala odam meratoh lol

24-01-2004, 10:08 PM
)hayP) )hayP)

ياااااااه يا مرمر......
أنا فعلا شفت واحدة شكلها مصرى جنب بوش
بس أد كده شكلك وحش؟؟؟؟؟


26-01-2004, 11:43 AM
u must saw the president of phoenix college
dude i am not that bad looking lol
de bet5aof el 3yal fe el doher lol
check out with saweres he knows how i look like lol

26-01-2004, 12:53 PM
سؤال يا اخت مريان
هل بالفعل وجدوا مياة علي سطح المريخ؟
ام اثار مياة؟
ام غاز متجمد؟
ام اثار غاز تجمد؟

28-01-2004, 01:26 PM
Despite its cold and arid surface, Mars displays signs of water springs possibly heated by volcanism, bolstering theories that simple life forms could have emerged on the red planet, according to reports.

Looking at images snapped by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, researchers have detected evidence of springs on the surface, USA Today reported Wednesday. The discovery focuses in part on the Valles Marineris region, a colossal canyon that dominates the martian landscape.

Scientists think Mars' surface coursed with water billions of years ago, based on evidence of liquid erosion and signs of ancient channels and seas. But the water all but disappeared as the planet cooled and its atmosphere thinned.

Water is known to exist in the present as ice in the northern ice cap and as vapor in faint clouds. But vast quantities could remain trapped under the surface, according to planetary geologists.

Many theorize that such groundwater remains in a frozen state. But the Surveyor images suggest that recent underground volcanic forces have heated water into a liquid state, according to a colleague of a Mars scientist who made the discovery.

"What was known before, there was evidence of volcanism occurring in the recent past, say tens of millions of years ago," said MIT planetary geologist Maria Zuber.

"This will be better than that," she said, declining to give specifics. The report will be published in the June 29 issue of Science magazine.

Groundwater would likely turn into vapor or ice soon after it reached the surface. But the presence of hot springs could strengthen the theory that life exists, or once existed, on Mars.

Some unusual forms of microscopic life flourish near hot springs in the recesses of the Earth. Similar springs on Mars might harbor life as well, some scientists speculate.

"This is incredibly exciting. What this means is that we have a chance to find ... extant life," Mars Society president Robert Zubrin said.

NASA officials would not comment on the report, but the agency plans to make a major science announcement the day Science publishes the Mars paper.

Liquid water may have recently flowed through deep craters and canyons on Mars, like this one in the Noachis Terra area
Michael Carr, an expert on martian hydrology, co-authored the report with fellow U.S. Geological Survey scientist Baerbel Lucchita, who has researched Antarctic ice flows and mapped the Valles Marineris, said NASA Watch, quoting unnamed NASA sources.

NASA Watch, an independent Web site that monitors the space agency, first reported news of the Mars discovery earlier this week.

The diverse terrain of the Valles Marineris displays many types of landforms as it snakes across Mars for more than 3,700 miles (6,000 km): volcanic deposits, ancient sea sediment and windblown rock avalanches.

The canyon descends well below the usual surface level of Mars. And scientists have searched the low recesses of Mars in the past for signs of water.

The Surveyor took other photos of deep craters thought to show evidence of past water seepage. One 1997 image of the southern Noachis Terra region reveals crater wall depressions possibly left by leaking groundwater, according to Malin Space Sciences, which operates the Surveyor camera.

Liquid water on Mars would make colonization of the planet much easier. Colonists could convert water into hydrogen and oxygen, using both as rocket fuel and the second for breathing gas.

28-01-2004, 01:27 PM
ay 5edma (do:)

28-01-2004, 08:02 PM
Mars is an attractive planet to search for extraterrestrial life because its surface contains clear evidence that water flowed across it. There are large channels and valley networks, both of which seem to require large amounts of flowing water.

علامات وجود قنوات مائية على سطح المريخ

يلا يامرمر إحجزى لى كام فدان جنب الترعة اللى على الشمال
وأنا ح أعمل نفسى وكأنى ما شفتكيش جنب بوش

30-01-2004, 12:38 PM
ya lahwy
enta keda ha tetafsh el 3ersan meny we ba3deen ana a23od fe beet aboya 3ala tol lol

3arees ya boy to5oh bas matmouthoush ya boy loooooool do u know that movie lol

keda welad el forum think i am ugly cr::

(&tkou): )Aa:)

jacky fahmy
31-01-2004, 01:26 PM
hey kid
go post ur messages in other website

i do not understand a word of what u r saying.

looks like u r a loser and u came here to make your self feel better

close your computer and study some thing can get u out of high school allright??

yala go

01-02-2004, 10:51 PM
مين جاكى فهمى دى؟
انتى مين؟ وقصدك ايه؟
وازاى تدى نفسك الحق ان أول كلماتك فى المنتدى تكون فى اهانة أخت عزيزة أو أخ عزيز
بلاش تسببوا الاحراج لنفسكم

02-02-2004, 01:35 AM
أنا أرجح إن مرمر وجاكى أصحاب..
أصبر شوية يا ساويرس لحد ما نعرف

02-02-2004, 11:26 AM
oh my God
why u did that?
first do i know you?

Second may the lord be with your soul

Third i am not a high school have million of proves that i am a college student
I send u a welcome private message when i found ur name is English, is that bad??

Do u want me to send u in ur email my High school diploma? or the college cetificate or my scholarship cetficate, or any thing or even a copy of my passport

yala god bless you

do not be mad plz, And do not let urself mad for a second
rbna ma3aky and i hope we could be friends

i am ur little sis

jacky fahmy
02-02-2004, 03:43 PM
انا مش عارفة ايه ده

02-02-2004, 07:02 PM
believe me sis, i read Arabic, It just hard for me to type, plz if u r mad at me for something Although i do not know you, and i do not go to chat to blame my self for talking to you. so tell me why are u mad at me?

i will pray for u
u do the sam allright??
god bless you )Aa:)

03-02-2004, 08:44 AM
شفت يا KK أنا كنت على حق
ناس بتخش تشتم الناس اللى فى المنتدى بدون وجه حق
انتى غيرتى التوقيع يا مريم لـ " اسمع يا اسرائيل الرب الهنا رب واحد " بالعبرى ، انتى تعرفى عبرى؟ اتعلمتيه فين؟ عندك كتب له؟
بالنسبة ليكى يا جاكى ملكيش عندى غير .. ربنا يرحم الكيبورد بتاعتك (noo:))
ربنا معاكم

03-02-2004, 11:34 AM
yah i am learning it. i think thought that i am jewish after she read the signture, ma3lesh sou2 tafahom. I am learning hebrew but 7aba 7aba, a friend of mine is teaching me. I am gonna buy some books in the summer to learn it more. if i have hebrew key board i would write the signture in hebrew. if u want saweres i could look for books to learn online if u want too??

yala rbna ma3ak
we matz3laesh ya jacky
pray for me

04-02-2004, 08:13 AM
يا ريت يا مريم
تبقى عملتى فىّ معروف
ولو ينفع تلاقيلى سريانى كمان علشان احتمال أغير طايفة
هبقى سريانى hi:)
صلوات العدرا ورؤساء الملائكة والملائكة والشهداء والقديسين تكونى معاكى وتحميكى من كل شر ( ومن الأقباط )
ربنا معاكى

06-02-2004, 04:54 PM
كاتب الرسالة الأصلية : mariam_nasa_Coptic
if i have hebrew key board i would write the signture in hebrew. if u want saweres i could look for books to learn online if u want too??


You can use MS Word to type Hebrew
Click on Insert and choose Symbols then scroll down to find Hebrew letters

ازاى اقرا عبرى؟؟


04-03-2004, 05:46 PM
Signs of Water, Conditions for Life on Mars


11-05-2004, 08:08 PM

11-05-2004, 11:18 PM
ya 3am kolo be balash

bas awel 7aga tebneha henak el kenysa. lol

حيث كده أحلفك بالغالى يامرمر تسألي قبل ماتبنى الكنيسة اذا كان الخط الهبالونى أقصد الهمايونى بيطبقوه هناك ولا لأ- لحسن بعد ماتطلع الكنيسة تلاقى خازوق طلع جنبها - يالهو بالى
بس أنا مطمن أن الدخول ممنوع للأرهابيين - تعرفى ليه -
مكتوب يافطة على الباب " لا جنس - أذا كنت حاضر للبحث عن الجنس والحور العور أذهب للمدخل الآخر - باب جهنم تجد ما أنت قادم خصيصا له"
ويالهو بالهم

12-05-2004, 12:48 PM
lol ya lahw balhom, enta shaklak min sheben el kom, wala min zefta lol, anyhow, Egypt will never get to space unless if it passed at least 20 years on the discovery, u know how i got that lol,
do u know when America started to use the computers in their work?
Do u know when Masr started to use the computers in their work? probably u will say 2006 because very little of the government places in Egypt use the computer. it is really became odd how Egypt is really back in line in technology.

ya 3am rbak yesahelha 3alena e7na fe America kaman

god bless you

حيث كده أحلفك بالغالى يامرمر تسألي قبل ماتبنى الكنيسة اذا كان الخط الهبالونى أقصد الهمايونى بيطبقوه هناك ولا لأ- لحسن بعد ماتطلع الكنيسة تلاقى خازوق طلع جنبها - يالهو بالى
بس أنا مطمن أن الدخول ممنوع للأرهابيين - تعرفى ليه -
مكتوب يافطة على الباب " لا جنس - أذا كنت حاضر للبحث عن الجنس والحور العور أذهب للمدخل الآخر - باب جهنم تجد ما أنت قادم خصيصا له"
ويالهو بالهم