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20-01-2004, 05:40 PM
News of the the weird and wireless
An islamic court in Malaysia ruled that it is legal, if not exactly chivalrous, for a man to divorce his wife via text message. Islamic "shariah" law permits a man to end his marriage by saying" i divorce you" three times, and the court decided that sending the announcement to a cell phone screen meets the requirement. " we hope, ofcourse, that instead of sending messages, you should look at the beautiful wife that you are going to divorce" said prime minister Mahathir Mohamad " may be she would cry a bit and you would change your mind."

" A panhandler outside a Mosque in Yemen was exposed as not so needy when his cell phone rang while he was begging for change. Only five in 100 Yemenis can afford any type of phone.

we el bakya ta2tey lol

it just so funny when i read that in the mMode magazine today lol