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15-01-2008, 09:50 PM
Wissa Banna
Civilized dialogue - Issue: 2161 - 2008 / 1 / 15

Today , I would like to speak and draw few questions which is the subject of Abu Fana Monastery, I am following events in both written and electronic sites by the Copts Uniting first broadcast of the events during follow Powell wanted to ask some questions to some of the people concerned with the protection and security of the country

Question 1
What is the problem from building a fence for Abu Fana Monastery especially it is located in the desert which means it will not hurt the feelings of any Muslim?

Question 2
Are the Egyptian security men afraid of the bludgers and criminals?

Question 3
Do the Criminals pay to the officers in order to hide them and cover on their crimes?

Question 4
Even if Sergeant Hisham was Afraid of the offender who attacked the monastery, is Chief of Police also afraid?

Question 5
What is the secret behind sectarian incidents in each governorate to become head of security “Mohammad Nour Elddine”!! Is it a coincidence?

Question 6
Will the police officer /security who cover up the aggressor to Abu Fana Monastery be giving a promotion as it happened to El kosheh incidents ?

Question 7
Are Chief of Police and Security awaiting to have another incident in El Menya the same way as it happened to El kosheh incidents?

Question 8
Why criminals dare to attack Copts these days, is that because the Government authority and the police became unable to protect them? or because the state used thugs to protect them? or because this happens blessing of the Government authority and its planning?

Question 9
Now, My questions are to the Egyptian Security Minister,
Do you really like Egypt?
Do you care of Egypt ‘s reputation abroad?
Do you read what is written against you abroad?
Do you really govern Egypt?

I ask those questions that needs honest answers, it might not necessarily to be the facts or conclusions, but I ask you to share my thoughts and my questions and the loss of the country civilizations and also ask EGYPT
Where are you going to? has the day come to get ride of those who maimed your name? Or is the injustice Governors retains, I wish to return someday to Reed you as the cradle of civilizations.
Finally I conclude my writing by a question to God. How long Lord?