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The art of Jihad in Islam…. Australia

Terrorism-related charges – to 12 men in Melbourne, Australia.

A GROUP that was exclusively Muslim and male was set up in Melbourne to carry out a violent jihad, a Victorian court has been told.
"The organisation was exclusively male and exclusively Muslim," Mr Maidment told the court.
"Benbrika was its director and the leader of that group."

Mr Maidment said Benbrika had suggested during taped telephone calls with another man that a bombing attack where the maximum loss of life could be inflicted, such as at football ground, was a suitable suggestion.

Benbrika taught the group that it was "permissible to kill women, children and the aged"
Abdul Nacer Benbrika ( Arabic : عبد الناصر بن بريكة) (born about 1960 ), Australian Muslim activist, also known as Abu Bakr (Arabic: أبو بكر
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04-02-2009, 03:05 AM
[2 B]The art of Jihad in Islam….Australia
Benbrika jailed for 15 years [/B]


The leader of a Melbourne-based terrorist cell has "been sentenced to 15 years' jail after failing to renounce violent jihad, a court has heard.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 48, of Dallas, was today sentenced to a non-parole period of 12 years in the Supreme Court. He has already served 1184 days in custody.

Justice Bernard Bongiorno said Benbrika and six of his followers had shown no remorse for their involvement in a terrorist group that had been bent on destroying "kuffar''- Arabic for "unbelievers'' - in Australia.

The Supreme Court heard Benbrika, a former aviation engineer, had shown no contrition after becoming the first Australian to be convicted of leading a terrorist group last September, following the country's biggest-ever terrorism trial that lasted seven months and cost tens of millions of dollars.

"It can only be hoped that the length of the sentences themselves will have the effect of deterring him from persisting in espousing the cause of violent jihad, thus itself effecting his rehabilitation and also protecting the public,'' Justice Bongiorno said.

The father-of-seven faced a maximum 25 years' prison for directing the terrorist group that the jury heard had discussed attacking Melbourne's Crown Casino and bombing the MCG.

Benbrika was also convicted of possessing a compact disc connected to the preparation of a terrorist act.

Justice Bongiorno said although the word jihad had many meanings in Islam, Benbrika used the term only to mean a violent attack by his group to advance the Islamic cause.

He said Benbrika had admired Osama Bin Laden and believed that killing people and destroying buildings was justified as it would pressure the Australian Government to withdraw troops from Iraq and pull out of the American alliance.

The court heard Benbrika had told one of his followers, Abdullah Merhi, not just to kill a few people but to ``do a big thing''.

Merhi had responded "like Spain,'' in reference to the 2004 terrorist train bombings in Madrid,

The seven men were convicted last September after a seven-month trial involving more than 482 conversations secretly taped by police. Another four men were acquitted and the jury could not reach a verdict about a 12th man, Shane Kent, 33, of Meadow Heights. A 13th man, Izzydeen Atik, pleaded guilty before the trial began and gave evidence against the others. He alleged Benbrika had told him of possible terrorist targets including Crown Casino in Melbourne on the weekend of the Australian formula one grand prix and the MCG during the AFL grand final in 2005.

The Seven Men were car thieves.... to fund their religious classe

Several of the men were involved in stripping stolen cars and selling the parts to raise money for the group. The men's activities, which included religious classes in which terrorists were lionised as martyrs, were monitored in a police operation between July 2004 and November 2005, when most of them were arrested ....jk-i(bob:)) CRZ:)

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The art of Jihad in Islam …. America

The below 2 links are videos about the radical Islamic Organizations in USA and it's war on Western Civlizations and USA.

Credit to Our Pharo Of Egypt

فديوهين يوضحا الأرهاب الأسلامى
شئ شيطانى



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The art of Jihad .... Australia Part II
Four arrests in terror raids
.The Australian news.... August 04, 2009

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JOINT counter terrorism raids, the result of a seven-month surveillance operation, has led to four arrests, Australian Federal Police acting Chief Commissioner Tony Negus said today.
Terrorists were planning a suicide mission involving semi-automatic weapons on an Australian miliary base, he said.
The four people arrested, all Australian citizens, are being interviewed and several others are assisting with inquiries.
Police are currently interviewing a 26-year-old Carlton man, a 25-year-old Preston man, a 25-year-old man from Glenroy and a 22-year-old man from Meadow Heights..
The raids involved the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Victoria Police, NSW Police, the NSW Crime Commission and Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).
Despite the operation, Mr Negus said national security levels remained at medium.
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland said search warrants issued across Melbourne and at Colac in the state's south-west may take 24 hours to complete.
Mr Overland stressed the overwhelming number of Islamic people in Australia and Melbourne were valued members of the community, not terrorists.
He said he was disappointed by leaks that lead to reporting of the raids in The Australian newspaper.
Copies of the newspaper were publicly available at 1.30am (AEST) in Melbourne, well ahead of the raids, he said.
Mr Overland said police acted after it "got to a point where we decided it was appropriate to act".
Mr Negus said there could be further arrests, other than four people in custody.
He confirmed the Holsworthy Base in Sydney was an alleged target, as well as "suspicious activity around other bases".
Mr Negus said the allegations related specifically to an attack with firearms, not bombs.
"We believe these men were affiliated with a group called al-Shabaab in Somalia," he said.
On the raids, Mr Negus said: "We were satisfied the timing was right - obviously the primary concern is public safety."
He stressed the police information at this stage was only a series of allegations that needed to be tested in court.
Mr Negus said, however, if the alleged plot had been carried out, it would have been the most serious terrorist act ever on Australian soil.
About 400 police were used to execute 19 search warrants about 4.30am (AEST) on Tuesday.
Homes in the northern Melbourne suburbs of Glenroy, Meadow Heights, Roxburgh Park,
Broadmeadows, Westmeadows, Preston and Epping were raided by police, as well as at Carlton in inner Melbourne and Colac in south-western Victoria.