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Set up and spread

The concept of the word " Coptic "
Egyptian Coptic word means, followed by Coptic means Egyptian. It is taken from the Greek word [Ciptos] has been misrepresented in the English language to the [Copts]. The altered in the Arabic language to the [applied]. Thus, each of the sons of Egyptian Pharaohs called "applied" even before entering the land of Christian Egypt.

On the private it Mean :
Since the beginning of the Islamic conquest of Egypt invited the word Coptic Christian Egyptian and not at all Egyptians, in order to discriminate between Egyptian Christians, and between the invaders who entered Egypt, whose name became "Muslim". This is due to tell the prophet of Islam "Egypt became Bakbt good," and he meant no Bakbt Egypt Christians of Egypt's population. Hence the name of Egyptian Christians is applied. When we say "Church" mean "Egyptian church" Christianity.

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Founding Coptic Orthodox Church

Consider the statement in sanitation nineteenth of the Prophet Isaiah travel starting point for our conversation

To the founding of this church and the advent of the Lord Jesus glory to Egypt and altar-building in Egypt

The bases of the Coptic Orthodox Church?

Founded the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt at the hands of St. Mark, Mar great and the Biblical prophet. A writer of the Gospel second four Gospels in the New Testament [Gospel known name], a messenger from the first century AD.

Fkinistna is since the first century AD, which was being announced Mar St. Mark the Apostle who was one of the 70 messenger, who spoke to them in the Gospel of Luke Bashir Luke (1:10). <br> <br> The Apostle Mark, a Jewish family living in Libya in northern Africa, and his family was going to Jerusalem in the holidays. On one occasion, Young met with Mark Christ, and heard the sermons, and the view of miracle, and believed in him. Then he toured bode teachings in Libya and Egypt. There are traces of Mar Mark remained until now in Libya, to the extent that the Ministry of Culture has issued a newly Jamahiriya book officially Mar Mark Libyan. The book speaks about the history of St. Mark, in Libya, and the effects of the church built by St. Mark, in the mountains of Libya.

Offerings Coptic Orthodox Church

Remember the history books that St. Mark had gone to Egypt for becoming in the mid-first century AD, about a year 50 55 m since toured promising between Egypt and Libya In 68 m cited in Egypt, was established church Between 50 55 m

Having toured with Mark, the Apostle Paul and Barnabas Apostles promising in Asia Minor and Cyprus, came to Egypt to preach the gospel of the Bible, so the land of Egypt Bakurat countries that have accepted the Faith in Christ Jesus.

Where is the Coptic Orthodox Church Founded ?
Coptic Orthodox Church was founded in the land of Egypt's Pharaonic any that Copts are descendants of the Pharaohs.

Egypt to the land of the Copts and ancient civilizations there Mar Mark, God sent the prophet to that spot fertile religious Vkdme Egyptians were essentially religious nature, but they got idols and oxen .... The lack of knowledge of God right, for this God sent them to St. Mark, known to true religion and the Lord Jesus Christ Redeemer and sincere.