View Full Version : Why we...sadly still living the eternal war between Copts & Moslams?

04-04-2008, 05:17 PM

Is really sadness from the bottom of my heart ...........how religion against our religion.

Big question for Moslams, why they hate us?

Big question for Us Copts, why we still hated them?

Is something that in my poor opinion, never will ended, why we don't live in peace?Why this ...............big pain on our hearts?cry

Really im thinking................all we are human being, creater by ONLY ONE TRULY GOD, independent how we call, i think we must to respect and please, we copts ask respect in our Egypt................please, really.

"]Will be the crusades coming back? well-now we hit almost there.......
is very sad, i bet alot yours that if GOD appear, he in least at a minute will be star over again the world[/FONT].

If we Copts we respect, why some Moslams doesn't , well i mean (i dont' know very well the Quran, but i think GOD NEVER WANTS THAT ANYONE OF HIS CHILD< (DOESN"T MATTER THE RELIGION, BEEN DYING FOR SOMETHING CALL: "PURIFICATION".Really i need some answers, really..............unfortunable, for my person i couldn't born in my dear Egypt...cry , because i was born in the fake world call "western world", BUT I'M PROUDLY EGYPTIAN COPTIC.

Please really Can be Copts & Moslams, really live together in peace , one day.............respecting our values and the another religious values?

It is possible that Moslams can respect our Holidays and we do the same?
I think will be great if one day.......we share our Holidays ............with them in peace...............same them ...........toward us.

People will)tik:} now for what i will say ,

but would be nice if we share in our Eastern got:)( a nice cup of wine with the Moslams in peace, without hurting anyone of the both sides?

It is possible? And they can do the same in Ramadan?

Can someone help me to understand please?

I don't denied i'm christian, i'm proudly but, i think we must pray with effort, that really Egypt and all people , there can live in HOLY PEACE, TOGETHER DOESN'T MATTER THE RELIGION, JUST RESPECTING SOME FROM ANOTHERS.............


05-04-2008, 02:44 AM
diverse country
thats the soultions to many questions u r asking

America or Canda for example a countries that are diverse
means it did not contain a special religion or language when it was discovered

ofcourse there was problem in the beginning but with civil rights all about 90 percent of it all solved

example : is the greatest of all speach by martin luther king "i have a dream"
to tell u the truth copts also have a dream
dream to work like any other
a dream for a woman to walk in the streets of egypt with respect and diginity and not be raped or abducted because she is wearing a cross
lots of dreams but who can figure out to make them true

the crusaders came to jersulem to save the holly place from being misused by muslims ,, did not u ask yourself as a christian , why mohamed chose the dom to be in jersulam,, why not jordon or iran or iraq which was in mohamd time source of trade or even greece which was the source of knowledge but chose this and only this

for copts and muslims to live together means lot of work and civil rights
they have to accept we are religion not atheists as they believe
at least we believe that quaran was from the bible with major changes

thats why america or canda did not specify a state of religion
but they encourage the state of mind

we still in the start of the road to publish civil rights

but does not mean the road is short
that does not mean also that the road is long

thank you ,, hope you get my point my fellow copt