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01-03-2004, 02:44 PM
يقول أخواتنا البعدا (النساء ناقصات عقل)
وبما أن العقل هو أحد أجزاء الجهاز العصبي فأنا أتمني من أي صديق لدية معلومات طبية عن الnervous systemأن يؤكد لنا أنة ليس هناك أي هناك أختلافات فيnervous system بين الرجل والمرأة حتي يمكننا الرد بطريقة علمية علي هؤلاء

علي فكرة أنا أخترت منتدي العلوم والتكنولوجيا لأنة يشتمل أيضا العلوم والطب

01-03-2004, 02:56 PM
shalom cherchil
i do not have that strong back ground in medical stuff but i took human parts before as required for my filed of study as electives, the woman's brain is the same as the man's brain, it just that women, freak out when they have so much responsiblity, remember when God created eve from Adam, he created the same brain also, it just women are emotionals zayada 3an el lezom, but when women has so much responsiblity they freak out or after they work hard on something and the spcial men come to destroy all this with his dirty shoes or something lol, so she becomes nervous, see it is the same as u work hard in ur engineering design or something and some of ur mates spil the tea on it, how are u going to react??

i hope i could helped
by the way, i get nervous too, when i get too much responsiblity and somebody come to joke with me during that time

it just women's theory