View Full Version : Al Qaida lies to lure young recruits to Iraq

Ibrahim Al Copti
25-04-2008, 08:39 PM
How do you recruit a young man ready to kill himself for Islam?

Well, the first step is to promise him everything — and deliver nothing.

Al Qaida foreign volunteers captured in Iraq have told the U.S. military of a web of lies weaved by the Islamic insurgency. The fighters were recruited in Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and other countries on the promise of money, combat and heaven.

Instead, the volunteers were taken to Iraq and often imprisoned for months at a time in a tiny room as they waited for their mission. Their mission, often not told to them, was to blow themselves up near Iraqi civilians. They had been told that they would fight the U.S. military.

"Again and again, we heard this reality bothered the recruits, this disconnect between the stories they were told as they were recruited and indoctrinated and the reality of a war against innocent civilians was deeply disturbing," U.S. military spokesman Rear Adm. Greg Smith said. "They had not come here to kill Iraqi civilians."

A Pentagon study collected evidence from 48 captured foreign Al Qaida fighters in Iraq. The stories were similar: exploitation by recruiters in their home countries, severe pressure to travel to Iraq and then trapped. In mid-2007, the flow of foreign volunteers in Iraq peaked at 120 per month.

One of the biggest lies told by Al Qaida was that Iraqis wanted jihad. Instead, many of the recruits learned that Al Qaida was considered nothing more than killers and extortionists. Most of the time, the recruits were forced to be on the run as Iraqis reported their presence to authorities.

The profile of the Al Qaida fighter was that of a poor single male around 22 and with few prospects in life. Sometimes, the recruit was deformed and shunned by society. The suicide volunteers wanted to go out with a bang, but did not want their parents to know they were in Iraq.

The treatment of the volunteers suggested that they were brainwashed. Still, when they learned the truth of Al Qaida in Iraq, many wanted to leave.

It was too late. Their passports and money were with Al Qaida. Their handlers told them to face their death.

"They were told, 'This is your duty. This is what you can do for the jihad. You will be a martyr. This is what we need you to do,'" Smith said.

"Ironically they were relieved having been captured by the very Americans their recruiters said they would kill in Iraq."

Source: geostrategy-direct.com