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08-05-2008, 01:06 PM
برنامج هو MobiMB Mobile Media Browser
برنامج وسيط لادراج صور او موسيقى او اغاني للموبايل والجمال في هذه النسخة انها لا تحتاج الى تثبيت او تسجيل لانه كامل واليكم نبذة مبسطة عنه :
وهو يدعم 172 هاتف

172 phone types supported

Any listed support for non-Nokia models is unofficial at the present time. If you have one of these models, let us know! Model File Manager Java MIDLets Colour Logos Poly. Tones
Nokia 2112
Nokia 2300/2300B
Nokia 2650/2651
Nokia 3100/3100B/3105/3108
Nokia 3120/3120B/3125
Nokia 3200/3200B/3205/3205i
Nokia 3220/3220B
Nokia 3230
Nokia 3300/3300B
Nokia 3510
Nokia 3510i/3520/3530/3560
Nokia 3570/3585/3585i
Nokia 3586/3586i/3587i
Nokia 3588i/3589i
Nokia 3590
Nokia 3595
Nokia 5100/5100A/5140/5140b
Nokia 6010/6011i/6012/6015
Nokia 6015i/6016i/6019i/6020
Nokia 6020B/6021/6030/6030B
Nokia 6100/6101/6101B/6102
Nokia 6102B/6108/6170/6170B
Nokia 6200/6220/6225/6225i
Nokia 6230/6230B/6230i/6235
Nokia 6235i/6255/6255i/6256
Model File Manager Java MIDLets Colour Logos Poly. Tones
Nokia 6256i
Nokia 6260/6260B
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6560/6585/6585i
Nokia 6610/6610i
Nokia 6620/6630
Nokia 6650/6651
Nokia 6670/6670b/6680/6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 6800/6800A/6810/6820
Nokia 6820B/6820i/6822/6822B
Nokia 7200/7200B/7210/7250
Nokia 7250i/7260/7270/7270B
Nokia 7280/7280B
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7610/7610B
Nokia 7710
Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9300
Nokia 9500
Nokia N70
Nokia N90/N91
Sony Ericsson D750i
Sony Ericsson F500
Sony Ericsson J300a/J300c/J300i
Model File Manager Java MIDLets Colour Logos Poly. Tones
Sony Ericsson K300a/K300c/K300i
Sony Ericsson K500c/K500i/K506c/K508c
Sony Ericsson K508i
Sony Ericsson K600/K608i
Sony Ericsson K700c/K700i/K750c/K750i
Sony Ericsson S700/S710a
Sony Ericsson T610/T616/T618/T628
Sony Ericsson T630/T637
Sony Ericsson V600i
Sony Ericsson V800
Sony Ericsson W600
Sony Ericsson W800c/W800i
Sony Ericsson Z500/Z520a/Z520c/Z520i
Sony Ericsson Z600/Z608
Sony Ericsson Z800
Sony Ericsson Z1010
Samsung D500
Samsung E400
Samsung E530
Samsung E600
Samsung E700/E710/E720
Samsung E800/E810/E820
Samsung Z107

رابط التحميل : باسم الصليب (http://www.fileflyer.com/view/TvnTTAj)