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06-06-2008, 12:13 AM
Sudanese leaders to face war crimes charges over killings in Darfur

A very good win for the human rights and Citizens of Sudan
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Top Sudanese officials will soon face war crimes charges after the international prosecutor declared the whole state apparatus responsible for a campaign of rape and pillage in Darfur

In a strongly worded speech, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court in the Hague, told the UN Security Council yesterday he would publicly name the alleged perpetrators when he seeks arrest warrants next month.
The evidence shows that the commission of such crimes on such a scale, over a period of five years, and throughout Darfur, has required the sustained mobilisation of the entire Sudanese state apparatus, he said.
The Argentinian-born prosecutor put the world on notice that the people of Darfur face utter destruction if the military campaign by Sudanese forces and Arab Janjaweed militia continued unchecked.

There is no military justification for bombing schools, no legal excuse for raping women. Those crimes have been carefully prepared, and efficiently implemented. Those are not mistakes. Those are not inter-tribal clashes. Those are not cases of collateral damage. Those are, simply, criminal acts against civilians, unarmed civilians.
Citizens of Sudan are being deliberately attacked by Sudanese officials... he said. Their own state is attacking them. If the international community does not protest the Darfuris, they will be eliminated.
In an accompanying written report, he said there was evidence of a criminal plan based on the mobilisation of the whole state apparatus, including the armed forces, the intelligence services, the diplomatic and public information bureaucracies, and the justice system.

The International Criminal Court has already issued arrest warrants for one Sudanese minister and a leader of the Janjaweed militia who have forced some 2.5 million villagers from their homes in Darfur, leaving over 200,000 dead.


Thank God for Justicies. These murders are seeing justice in the world.
One day we can do the same
with The Egyptian Government.