View Full Version : Genital Mutilation for Christian women too?

16-06-2008, 04:39 PM
Well Nofri all my friends, I had been reading a lot of websites, and different articles about genital mutilation.

I understand that in the Islamic religion its must a duty to any girl, so I want to know if some Christians still doing that..........or we didn't ?
I'm confuse because I had been seen so many girls and here that they had this kind of mutilation, but my big question is; in Egypt still Coptic girls had this kind of mutilation? I mean, with this, its the Goverment, or the cleric law too?

Sorry to everyone but I'm still a little confuse.........(do:)(do:)(do:) I wish someone can help me to resolve this big question.........I want to apologize for my ignorance in this topic, really I hope someone can help me to understand...

I know I didn't born in Egypt.........but I would like to know the true about my People and my roots, special my Coptic roots...
I need a answer please..............ssssssssss5ssssssssss6ssssssss ss6
Thanks (flowers)(flowers)


16-06-2008, 05:58 PM
actually iam not living in upper egypt so i had no idea about what is going there about genital mutilation
but where i live there is no genital mutilation for coptic girls ,only muslim perform this brutal operation for innocent girls