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05-04-2004, 04:55 PM
I was at the Liberary today, and i was between the books and my eyes just went to that book called Dark object, It is a bout the Shag Harbor crash *UFO crash, and he has documents in that book that is it is really real, after the mysterious 25 years , because the crash was in the 60s and he discovered everything, i even looked in the internet for hours to get his website lol, i just wanted to know what do u guys think of the book??it is says the World's Only Government documented UFO crash,
Also, in the book he said funny sentence, i want u guys to read, i though that author is crazy and if he was in Egypt and he said that about masr, amn el dawla will get him so bad lol, he said "aliens have forced the U.S. government to help them conceal themselves, it might explain what is, after all, an extremely unusual policy on its part, ther eis no rational basis for official secrecy, media debunking, and the rabid denial that forms a basic tent of the modern culture of science, any one of a hundred UFO cases could form the basis for serious investigation, and the Shag Harbor incident, with its detailed evidence of the operation, and possible failure, of technology, would be an excellent place to start"
that is only small part of the introudction
u did not get to the deep investigation yet lol
the web site is www.donledger.com
tell me what do u think u open minded ppl, i am sure there are ppl here heard a bout that in the late 60s

PLZ I need Prayer, Pray for me and have a great holly week