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22-07-2008, 05:43 AM

Bishop Tomas Speech in Hudson Institute in USA

I hope you will enjoy Bishop Thomas (The Bishiob of the El-Kossia in Egypt) Speech in Hudson's Center for Religious Freedom


Our Bishop Thomas is speaking about

The history of name Copts for Christian Egyptian

Christian Copts lack of civil rights in Egypt

The Discriminations of using COPTIC languish in the schools

The operation of Christian Copts heritage by the islamisation and arabisation culture in modern Egypt

The definition of persecution in modern Egypt

A recent example for Christian persecution in El-Fayme

The Copts no longer discriminated against but they are persecuted and singled out to destroy the reaming Christian minority in Egypt

The Copts Political dilemma in Egypt … no copts representations in the Egyptian political system

More interesting Questions from audience with
important answers and comments from the Bishop about the Coptic's music and And Coptic heritage

God bless our Bishob Thomas