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27-07-2008, 02:02 AM
Kingdom Citizenship -- Matthew 25:31-46
Today, most Americans are celebrating our country's independence. Flags are flying, families are gathering, and fireworks will fill the night sky. We do this to show appreciation for our American citizenship and to honor those who sacrificed to provide our freedoms.
You may be celebrating Independence Day. Or perhaps you're a citizen of one of the other great nations of the world. No matter where you live, if you believe in Christ, then we're fellow citizens. You see, we share a citizenship in the kingdom of God.
The word kingdom simply means "rule." So kingdom of God refers to the Lord's complete rule and authority. He certainly reigns in the hearts of His devoted followers.
Today, we understand this in a spiritual sense. But Matthew 25:46 proclaims that the Enemy will be defeated in the future and the enemies of God will be removed from the world forever. At that point, Christ will establish His physical kingdom in the new heaven and the new earth. And, as kingdom citizens, all believers will reside there together.
Nations and nationalities are important. But they are not eternal. To be an effective citizen of God's kingdom, you must look beyond your country's borders and view the world through the eyes of God. Then, you'll see your brothers and sisters, friends, and countrymen in the new kingdom, the realm where we'll all celebrate together

Adapted from Daily Devotions.