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Have you ever faced a particularly difficult decision?

Pray, pray and pray. As you spend time with the Lord, God will give you a clear vision of what He expected next from you. .
As Christians, we expect the Holy Spirit to direct our thoughts through prayer and ******ure. But sometimes God may choose to intervene more directly in a person's life, as he did with Dr. Stanley that day.
God has been visiting people since the beginning, when He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden. The way He reveals Himself is different in each instance. Exodus three reveals Moses saw a burning bush representing God. Whereas, Samuel heard a voice at night. Yet, each was clearly a divine encounter.

When the Lord visits someone, He comes for a purpose. Joshua received specific and unusual instructions for defeating Jericho. Saul of Tarsus was called into ministry. Others were warned of danger through dreams.

God's personal calls are rare and unexpected. He simply makes His presence known in a believer's life when He chooses. So be prepared with an open heart and willing spirit if He visits you


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God's Visitations - Exodus 3:1-6
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