View Full Version : Mighty in Spirit - Ephesians 3:14-16

28-07-2008, 07:19 AM
To become physically fit, we need to exercise our muscles vigorously and regularly. If our goal is to be stable in soul, then we must apply our minds to learning to be self-controlled.
However, to become mighty in spirit requires something more than self-effort. You see, none of us were born with a spiritual connection to God. Because of Adam's rebellion, we were all dead in our sins and separated from the Lord.
No amount of personal effort can bring an individual to life spiritually. We're unable to change this condition for ourselves, but nothing is impossible for God. By accepting Jesus' sacrificial death as payment for our sins, we're forgiven. We're reconciled to Him. We're made alive in our spirit.
This is the beginning step of the Christian life. Once we're born again, the indwelling Holy Spirit teaches us how to view life as Jesus did. The Holy Spirit embraces His values and priorities. The Holy Spirit helps us follow Jesus' example. The more we yield to the Spirit's control, the sooner we'll be transformed into Christ's image. This change will equip you to carry out the Lord's will and strengthen our inner spirit to serve Him.
God desires followers who'll dedicate themselves to His plan. He wants followers to serve as ambassadors for Christ to a lost and hurting world. He doesn't expect we'll train ourselves for this task. He's given His Holy Spirit to prepare us for the work ahead. Have you answered His call to service?