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30-07-2008, 09:22 AM
Dear all,
First of all, it is a pleasure to participate in this forum. My name is Filipe and I am a Portuguese Catholic with a great interest in Eastern Christianity.
I follow the news coming out of Egypt and pray for the christians of Egypt and other countries often.

I am also very interested in sports, and especially the intersection between the two subjects.

I have been wondering, are there any football teams in Egypt which are supported mainly by copts, or that most copts support? Or is the separation between the muslim and christian communities not reflected in the world of sports?

I would appreciate any answers!
Thank you and God bless!

01-08-2008, 01:02 AM
Dear Filip 1904,
Welcome with us in Copts Forum…. It is very pleasing to have another Christian brother with us…It looks like you have a good understanding of Middle East Christian minorities.hapbirth:)

Your topic is very interesting … the mix between Sport & Religion…. It is healthy and good thing for a balance upbringing youth and people.

Unfortunately Copts are minorities and they are hardly have any representation in any sports in Egypt, let alone in football… …

Legally COPTS or Christians can’t form any Football clubs. So the Only choice is to try to join any existing Egyptian clubs. The sad facts we are not welcome in any Football clubs in Egypt…. not because the lack of our sport skills and talents…. but because we are Christians.

Nice to have you with us in the English forum.