View Full Version : Is true that Copts want to convert all the world in Coptic only?

29-09-2008, 02:47 PM
Nofri my friends,

Nefertisis again to the jk-i, anyway I had been fighting in recently post about the Moslam people and their beliefs, as Mr Ibrahim El Coptic showed me in the explanations its finally right.

But there is something coming up to my mind; well as Islam want to take over the world , and make one true religion, Do the Copts want to do the same?????sorrrrrrrrrrrysorrrrrrrrrrry.

I had been hearing this from a long time from different people, and I have one question, that is true, I mean Copts want all the world be same as them too? I know the faith and principles of our religion are strong, but I think sometimes Copts doesn't respect the different beliefs at all.

Another question, what Copts think about Jews? I want to know, they don't like them , or simple for their belief? (that personal I respect).

In fact in recently years we have been seen a lot of the manipulation of the Media, and its surprising how is big the Coptic media, but at the same time I question myself, all of this is for the same cause?

I mean Copts want that Moslam people get rid of their beliefs, because Copts said that the Islam is a devil belief; and if this is right, how about the respect of different beliefs.

Maybe in our Copts minds or from different Copts minds beliefs we can see to certain way of extremist,???? yeah I know the Joker again and Mr. Ibrahim el Coptic will (kill:(kill:(kill:(kill:(kill:, again as usuall, yeah well I had seen many times several people with that belief that if you aren't Copt you aren't nothing....so my mind is a mix of a lot feelings.

I'm not against about my religion and belief but I had seen how the problem between Copts and differents religions has been rising, for example, if a Copt see a Catholic, ( I was seen some people) that they look at them, like a piece of cloth, or something, because they aren't Copts, or how about the Protestant Egyptians Christians, I saw how our Copt people react, its painful and crycry.

Another question, why we should fast to extremist the way that we still doing it, I mean where in the Holy bible our ssssssssss10ssssssssss10, said about the fast that way long, I know that our Lord Jesus only fast 40 days ( day and evening) so why we don't follow this fasting.

From where or what came from the fast that if you count in the year its like more than 142 days ( and I didn't count wednesday & friday of the all year) from where is coming that from??????.

Neither the Jews and the Moslams they make that several fast, so who invented that?

If we see our sisters in our Faith Orthodox ( I'm include all the Middle Eastern Churches) they don't have the several fast that we have.

So can see all over the internet there are a lot sites about Copts and all, so my question, we really want to conquer all the world and make everyone, same as us Coptic?, doesn't matter Jew or Moslam, or Catholic or Protestant.....so we really want to colonize all the world????????????

Please my head spin around and I don't understand , I need help thanks and GOD BLESS.hapbirth:)hapbirth:)ssssssssss10.

I hope no one (kill:(kill: me here for what I wrote.

Ibrahim Al Copti
30-09-2008, 09:00 AM
dear Nefertisis

Is true that Copts want to convert all the world in Coptic only

I mean Copts want all the world be same as them too?

Who said so? when? and where?
prove it please

God bless