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24-12-2008, 10:43 AM
I can't believe how Americans are so stupid when it comes to Izlam.
They don't seem to have learnt anything from September 11.

My American boss, and she is a young white girl that is currently sleeping with a Muslim guy from Afganistan by the way, told me today that she wants to be a Muslim.

I said what? lady, why?

Guess what she said.

She said that she is going to be a Muslim because Islam is the religion of Peace, and that it gives Women their stolen rights.

IZlam is the religion of peace? What a lie..

I spent an hour telling her about the Quran and Islam and what Islam really meant.. but it's too late, since she is in love with that guy, and she doesn't care about religion anyways. She will do it for him.

It's well-known that people convert to Islam for three reasons
1- Sex, like this girl.
2- Money, like many others.
and 3- Fear of death. Like many people in the Middle East..

When are Americans going to wake up?.. I hope it will not be too late

Right, Islam is the religion of Peace


12-03-2009, 08:19 PM
If we are so stupid, why aren't we being educated by the people who know about such things? Americans are a trusting people. In my opinion, to trusting!!!

12-03-2009, 10:17 PM
Dear Aphex

You should not talk much from the religious point of view, as she is obviously an agnostic atheist….but from the women civile rights and cultural points...

There is no equality between man & woman – she should expected to be beaten or even live with some of his ...other wifes on the same time . .. and she is not allowed to do the same and marry 3 men ], and he have will also have a total authority over all her movement as per the islamic teaching, and she doesn’t have any freedom as this will be taken away … under the her new culture !!! or Islamic laws.

The Afghani guy will Simply take her for a visit to his family in Afghanistan ....and she will never be back to USA or... even kidnap their (future kids) to be raised under a good islamic teaching in Afganistan ...as it is the case with many mixed married true stories

You might need to send the below speech to your boss.... so she could be ready for some beating in order to have a Successful Islamic Marriage...and she will need cover her “meat “ as per the

The link to
" A Successful Islamic Marriage "


The Keys To A Successful Islamic Marriage

This is the name of Islamic lecture by an Islamic imam "Samir Abu Hamza" to a group of people in Australia
The cleric in “Australia” gives a lecture to moslim youth about beating their wife’s if they refuse to have sex. The cleric, Samir Abu Hamza, reportedly questioned how rape can exist within marriage, and encouraged "light beating" of disobedient women.

BBC News 22nd of Jan 09

A Muslim cleric in Australia who said men have a right to force their wives to have sex has been told to apologies by Prime
Minister Kevin Rudd.
Good Luck (sml3) & let us know the outcome...

If we are so stupid, why aren't we being educated by the people who know about such things? Americans are a trusting people. In my opinion, to trusting!!!

Yes I atotally agree, and we will keep trying to do our best (timo:)