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This essay was the final project for my English course and I got an A+. Not only that but my professor asked me for permission to publish it on her website so that her students can learn about Islam from it.. I'm so excited.

War on Terror

September 11, 2001 was a very sad day for America and the free world. But it was not sad in many other parts of the world. In my hometown, a relatively small town in the Middle East, the general feeling was happiness and euphoria. Allah is great. Allah is great. The avenger has revenged many Muslims were screaming in Arabic in a death to America rally shortly after 9/11. The rest of Muslims in my hometown celebrated the divine historic victory on America in different ways. Some of them started giving and receiving congratulations from their neighbors and friends, Writers started analyzing why America deserved such a devastating attack, and some made it a national holiday. Only a few wise men were shocked by the bloody massacre, warning that America will certainly respond in a horrific way. Although America and the civilized world usually refuse to negotiate with terrorists, I think it is especially hard to negotiate with Islamic terrorists. I also believe that we will not succeed in convincing the wider Muslim world to denounce the Islamic terrorists.

The reasons behind that are numerous and deep and lie within Islam itself. Islam propagates many very dangerous beliefs, and Jihad holy war on the non-believers is only one of them. In his book Islamic Imperialism: A History, Efraim Karsh mentions that prophet Muhammad said "I was ordered to fight all men until they say `There is no god but Allah` in his farewell address in March 632. Osama Bin Laden, and after almost fourteen centuries, says "I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad." (Karsh 1). Bin Laden only followed the teachings of his prophet Mohammad. He killed because that was what his prophet did. He terrified safe people only following the steps of his master when he terrified many people in his wars to spread Islam (Muhammad). Osama Bin Laden is exactly what Muhammad would be if he lived in the 21st century. From the Islamic point of view, Osama Bin Laden is a true Muslim jihadist. And Jihad, by the way, is the sixth pillar of Islam (Jihad).

But why is America the enemy? wonders Mark Juergensmeyer in his essay from Terror in the Mind of God. In his attempts to answer this hard question, Juergensmeyer argues that one of the reasons of the hatred America gets from Muslims is its support to the dictatorial governments in the Middle East and the American unlimited support to Israel (Juergensmeyer 578). But if we really want to understand the real reasons behind that extreme hatred, we will have to study the Quran and the history of Islam. The anti-Americanism in the Muslim world is not a response to the U.S. foreign policies concludes Efraim Karsh, but as he puts it; as the preeminent world power, America blocks the final realization of this same age-old dream of regaining the lost glory of the Caliphate. (Karsh 239). This clearly tells us one of the strongest reasons why Muslims hate America so much. This Islamic terrorist war is not against America per se, Karsh explains, but is rather an attempt to establish the universal Islamic empire, Ummah. Moreover, the reasons why Muslims hate Israel are not exclusively political, but rather religious. Christians and Jews are the sons of apes and pigs, the Quran says (qtd. in Fitna: The Movie). Therefore, hating America, as a Christian nation, is a divine order and duty on every Muslim regardless of the American foreign policies in the Islamic world.

But what about the so-called moderate Muslims that dont believe in Jihad and dont want to destroy America? Can we negotiate with them as representatives of Islam? Can we use their voices to our advantage in our war on terror? I largely doubt that. Moderate Muslims cant speak on behalf of the Muslim world because they simply lack its support. For most Muslims, moderate Muslim reformers are simply heretic and deserve unmerciful death because they are seen as apostates and betrayers. No wonder why we find many of those moderate Muslims threatened on very long hit lists (Doe). In a very famous interview with her on Aljazeera satellite channel, Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Muslim Syrian-American psychiatrist that lives in Los Angeles and whose name is on the top of many hit lists, argued that the trouble with Islam is deeply rooted in its teachings and that Islam is not only a religion, but also a political ideology that preaches violence and applies its agenda by force. ("Al Etejah Al Moa'akes"). An average Muslim that is non-radical and non-political would simply turn into a murderous beast if Islam or its prophet is attacked or even criticized. The entire world shockingly witnessed how Muslims reacted to the Danish Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad by burning embassies and churches and by killing hundreds of innocent people. Muslims have to realize that they only have two choices, Sultan explains, to change or to be crushed. (Wafa Sultan).

To stop that war that Al Qaeda declared on the West, Osama Bin Laden said, addressing the American people on a televised audio message on Aljazeera satellite channel, I invite you to embrace Islam. (qtd. in Spillius). This offer reminded me with the offers prophet Mohammad made many times in his life. In year 622, for example, Mohammad warned the Jews in the Arabic peninsula; they either become Muslims and be safe, or sell their possessions and leave their land [Saheeh Muslim - 1765 & 1767 and Sunan Abi Dawood - 3003]. Bin Laden, along with most of the Islamic terrorists, are merely following the example set by their prophet. The Quran doesnt criminalize or denounce them; neither does the wider Muslim world. The Jews didnt believe in Muhammad as a prophet which is the reason behind the anti-Semitism in the Quran (Quran 5:51). That is simply the reason why Muslims hate the Jews; not Israel as they claim. Even if Israel is wiped off the map, as millions of Muslims dream, Muslims are still going to hate the Jews until the end of time. At the doomsday, trees will tell Muslims: hey Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him said Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam (Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985).

To understand the ideology of Islamic terrorism and the mentality of terrorists like Bin Laden, we will have to understand the motives behind their actions. Are they trying to negotiate with America or demanding anything? I dont think so. They are just not very happy that the world only true superpower is not a Muslim country. They only wanted to strike terror in the hearts of the innocent safe people in America by committing the 9/11 attacks. The Quran urges Muslims to strike terror, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and your enemies." (Quran qtd. in Fitna: The Movie). Those who disbelieved our signs, Allah warns, We shall roast them on fire (Quran qtd. in Fitna: The Movie). It doesnt stop here, but the Quran contains many clear invitations to kill the non-believers. It urged Muslims, for example, to Seize them and kill them whenever you find them (Quran 4:89). This is how Islam wants its followers to treat the non-Muslims. It would take an entire book to enumerate the terrorist verses that fill the Quran; I only gave few examples. America should not be only fighting Islamic extremists, but it must fight Islam itself and its destructive ideology as well, if it wanted to win this war.

When it comes to Islamic terrorism, the west has to learn the hard way. The dangers Islam poses on our lives and freedoms have been known for decades. The threat of Islam was eminent but for decades Europe simply refused to face it, explains Charles Krauthammer, in his articleEurope's Native-Born Enemy. However, only after Islamic terrorists had struck terror in the depths of America and Europe, the west started to act. At the time when many countries in the Middle East were suffering and bleeding from Islamic terrorism, countries like Britain provided the most dangerous and wanted terrorists in the world with asylum and a safe place to teach others how to become suicide bombers (Robert). It gave terrorists a golden chance to preach violence against the non-Muslims and to inject their poisonous beliefs into the brains of young British Muslims. Terrorist books were readily available in mosques and libraries of Britain, explains Sharon Waxman, in her editorial Radical, Retaliatory and Right There on British Bookshelves. I think the British government mistakenly thought if it allowed Muslims to speak, they would not carry out terrorist attacks in Britain. But they did. They carried out terrorist operations in the heart of London killing many innocent people. I hope the west learn from that lesson.

There is no doubt that Islam is a religion that wants to rule and dominate the world. This is its main goal. Islam did that once and it is trying to do it again with any price; even if it has to kill every non-Muslim. Islam is a religion that is clearly unable to coexist with other religions and beliefs. If we take a look at the main conflicts in the world today, we will notice that Muslims are involved in most of these conflicts. Of the 22 world conflicts around the world, 21 are Muslim (Robinson); In Israel, Kashmir, Nigeria, Serbia, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Iraq, Chechnya, and many others. America will not be able to negotiate with Islamic terrorists because its a war of dominance and America cant let the terrorists dominate the world and take us back to the Stone Age as happened in Afghanistan. If America really wants to win that war, it will have to make hard choices. We need to stop deceiving ourselves, putting our heads in the sand. Many of us know that the problem is in Islam itself; not just in the political Islam. The 9/11 attacks was a golden chance for America to start changing Islam. And it did. Many Muslims in the West are now feeling ashamed of Islam, and they distance themselves from it. Islam has to change if it wants to be accepted. Muslims will not denounce Islamic terrorists or the terror verses in the Quran on their own, but rather, we have to pressure them to change. This will be the most effective way to help stop producing more terrorists in the future.

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