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21-06-2004, 09:12 PM
Is the Internet Bad for your Mental Health?
The evidence from the study seems clear enought: The more time interview subjects spent on the internet, the less time they spent with familoy and friends. The study, conducted by researchers at stanford University, examined the impact of internet use on the way families spend their time. What's far from clear is the deeper question: Is this healthy?
According to an early study of the impact of the internet on mental health, it may be very unhealthy. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University were surprised to find that people who spent even a few hours a week on the internet experienced higher levels of depression and loneliness than those who did not. These people interacted with other internet users online, but this interaction seems to have been much shallower than the time formerly spent with friends and family. the result? According to these researchers, internet use leads to unhealthy social isolation and deadened, mechanized experienced that is lacking in human emotion. Still, there are conflictiing studies-and one of them suggests entirely opposite conculsion. In a study of millions of adults, researchers at the pew internet and American life project found that frequent internet users visited family members more often, had more supportive social networks, and reported fewere feelings of social isolation than non-internet users. What is going on then???? The answer may lie in the way the studies were conducted, Carnegie Mellon researchers gave computers and internet connections to the families they studied, and these families had never used the internet before. Internet users often say that, during the first few months of internet use, they spent far too much time online, after a while, they figured out that although the internet is great, it isnt that grat, and reduced the amount of their usage. in contrast, the Pew study interviewed experienced internet users who had successfully integrated internet use into their lives. Mail ability keeps family in touch with each others. For some internet users, theres a more serious danger than social isolation: ADDICTION. According to a study examined nearly a dozen men and woman who spent up to 30 hours per week online during non-working hour. Serveral were flunking out of school, others were carrying on affairs that would lead to family break-ups, and still others were on the v erge of losing their jobs. Another study indicated that nearly 200,000 U.S. internet users are addicted to internet porn sites and x-rated chat rooms.
According to psychologists who are increasingly concerned with this phenomenon, internet addicts lie to their illegal activities, such as searching for online pornography at work. As many as six to seven percent of all internt users may be experiencing some form of addiction. Treatment involves counseling, time management training, and attention to the underlying problem from which the addict is trying to escape, phychologists say.

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