View Full Version : Obama, Queen Elizabeth & Saudi King Abdullah

02-05-2009, 07:19 PM

Why didn`t you bow to me as you bowed to Saudi Arabia King ?

First: Because you are a woman and also an infidel

Second: Muslim males bow to females only under 7 conditions

- When having sexual intercourse with them if they were adults.
(Mohamed' wives)

- When sexually molesting them if they were little girls

- When sitting on their thighs to prove to us that we are messengers from Allah.

- When bending to reach their graveyards and have sexual intercourse with them if they were dead.
(Om Ali)

- When spying on them while they are in the privacy of their tents if they were sexy and chunky females who turn men’ hearts upside-down.

- When bending to tie their legs and arms between 2 camels to kill them if they had written an insulting poem against Islam or Muslims.
(Om Quirfa)

- We also bend to avoid a slap if they rejected a Muslim saying to him: A free woman will not give herself to the mob and criminals.