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19-11-2004, 07:32 PM
President Vladimir Putin, meeting with Russia's defense officials and military comanders here, that country would soon deploy new nuclear missile systems that would surpass those of any other nuclear power.
Reiterating previous statments, though providing no new details, Putin said Russia would continue to emphasize its nuclear deterrent, despite a new focus on new threats like terrorism, which has roiled the country in recent months with deadly results. they are not only conductiing research and successful testing of the newest nuclear missile systems, the immediate years to come they will be armed with them. these are such developments and such systems that other nuclear states do not have.
inthis remarks, which amounted to abroad overview of military staregy and budgets but with a dash of boosterism, Putin did not elaborat on the new systems he heants. The russian military, however is widely reported to have been trying to perfect land and sea based ballistic missiles with warheads that could elude a missile defense system liek the one being constructed by the Bush administration.
Putin announced in February that Russia has successfullly tested a new nucleartipped missle during an exercise that also included two embarrassing missile misfires. At the time, he said the system would allow deep maneuvering
a day after that test, Col. Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky, who this summer was promoted to the chief of the general staff, said the missile was a hypersonic flying vehicle though neither he nor any othe rofficials have provided further details about the weapon or more importantly, its viability
The missile is reporedly a variant of the Topol, a groundbased intercontinental ballistic missile that is already in Russia's arsenal, but Russia's efforts are shrouded in secrecy

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23-11-2004, 06:22 PM
علي روسيا ان تهتم اولا بتحسين اقتصادها
تطوير الأسلحة النووية لن يسكبها احترام العالم ولكن تحسينها لأقتصادها هو الذي سيكسبها الأحترام