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28-05-2003, 09:19 PM
its been about one thousand years since Europe came to palestine and the arab islamic land in the name of the Cross and God; and destroyed all what they controlled. and they didnt same people all buildings or masajid and even they have killed non muslims who wanted to live peacfuly with islam and muslims.
when they enterd jerusalem they sent a letter to the king of France (the land of freedom)thathe blood of the muslims came up to the nickes of thier horses. and the POPE blessed them and promised them of jenah.. and each city in the 200 years war they did the same
--will be continued soon

29-05-2003, 12:22 AM
Why don't you pretend to be less ignorant and look a bit further back in history??
How do you explain Islamic invasions? Or that was ok since muslims according to their blood-thirsty god are supposed to kill all non-muslims!!
Or may be you're going to tell us that in all those Islamic invasions the muslim vampires were handing flowers to their victims before slaughtering them.
No sir, whole villages were wiped out and razed to the ground.
What Europe did was to try and restore the land that muslims have occupied in the first place, please go back and read history before you come here with these comic stories.

One last word... yours is a lost case, the whole world already knows who are the terrorists and the religion that urges them to kill and hate...