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29-12-2004, 12:07 AM
Using a computer doing 360 trillion calculations a second, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Lab will simulate the explosion of an ageing nuclear bomb in three dimensions. The short, highly detailed video produced by the world's fastest computer will attempt to illustrate how missiles dating back to the Nixon administration would perform today.
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30-12-2004, 02:04 PM
no body has a comment ?!!!
the number of visitor is 9 bas !! da ana law ba2ol taba2 el youm a3taked en aktar men keda haye2ro
fe eh ya shbab, howa el 3'alat feya walla fe el mawdou3 nafso ?
men weghet nazary el sha7'seya ana shayef en da engaz mozhel!!!
fenkoum ya bashar ,
fenak ya netman
fenak ya mina ya hot
fenak ya fanous
fenak ya shady
fenek ya mariam, ya miss nasa mesh da 7'abar mohem bardo?!
3la el 3moum ana asef, mesh hcaryet mwadee3 men el nou3 da tany
* hcaryet ( from create ) sorry 3la el terminology

02-01-2005, 07:15 PM
hey jo

i am really sorry i have been kinda of busy , but i am back now

ur topic is great i am reading it and finding it so useful, but u know

they want to see how the old ages bomb will perform today,
with the computers with thousands multi tasking and highly programs

but this is was in the past
and today, we have more more more bigger hydrogen bombs, and more effective nuclear missles that could bomb not a town or a country but the whole Northern America countries

i posted before about Russia wants to develop nuclear missles

hwa bas 3ayzen ye7mo nafshoum, mish aktar, but they could not bomb anycountries because of the treaties

ana beta3t sha7m we tayarat, we ana 7omara fe el kemya bas ostazet physics, ,,
we tayrat we sofn fada2

but i encourge u to keep writing believe me i have topics the vistors did not exceed to 20, so it is k

just do not care about how many saw the topic, care about how valuable is the info

and we have a coptic engineers group in yahoo, if u r into all that stuff, we post a coptic engineers magazine,

i did not post it for a while, if want to join the group and take care of the coptic engineers magazine, i t will be my pleasure

God bless you

keep up the great job

02-01-2005, 07:18 PM

03-01-2005, 02:44 PM
Oh thanks Mariam for your concern and your retort!
Actually, I would like to thank you again for raising my spirit by your sweet quote
" just do not care about how many saw the topic, care about how valuable is the info "
It's obvious that you like philosophy

I've a lil' questions for you ba2a, as long as tele3ty beta3et sha7m we tayarat, we sofn fada2,
But I prefer to spread them in an independent threads,

Ah by the way you said "we have a Coptic engineers group in yahoo", and then you continued "if want to join the group and take care of the Coptic engineers magazine, i t will be my pleasure"
Y3ny eh y3ny? enty betna7aseny ?
)aAA:) cr::
What is the address of this group?
Shall I search for it? Shall I surf the internet to find it?
Thanks for the third time Mariam,
God bless you too
Nice to be acquainted with you,

04-01-2005, 12:59 AM
Dear Jo

looks like u r a chicago guy bayana awie

holla back lol

Thanks for ur sweet reply

spread the words as much as u like, iwill try to answer if i know, i am still young in Aerospace, a young student

about the group, it is under construction and i messed up some stuff because i am using netscape so it converting the arabic to something else lol from other planet, the alience took over netscape lol

so i posted some arabic messages and it is really horrible, lots of ppl left the group, because of horrible messages, and no body could read them and no body tellsm e that is not shown in internet el 3ady or aol

any ways to make the story short, we have a great engineering collection


God bless you and plz keep up the good work,,,

looking forward to holla back at yo al' in copticengineers

peace yo lol