View Full Version : Ways to enjoy PPT files on Sharp LCD-40G120A

09-08-2011, 02:37 AM
Sharp LCD-40G120A is a LCD TV unveiled by Sharp. Though it has abundant interfaces, it is unable to directly support PPT files. Thereby, if we need to observe PPT files on this equipment, we’d better first convert PowerPoint to DVD (http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.com/ppt_to_dvd/). Before we look at ways to PPT to DVD, we will briefly review the key functions of this equipment.
G120A series has followed Sharp’s special UV2A light transmission technology, which will precisely control the liquid crystal molecules deflection and also effectively improve the utilization of light and also opening rate of liquid crystal molecules so as to make the white far more clear and bright as well as the black far more darker. The full HIGH-DEFINITION screen and also 1080p/24 technology will definitely bring us cinema experience at home with a 40G120A.
Here, we will look into ways to observe PPT files on this equipment.
Step 1: download a PowerPoint to DVD burner and also install it.
Step 2: start the program and also input the original PowerPoint files. You'll be able to click the buttons beneath the view screen to preview the original PowerPoint files. What's more, the transition time between each slide must not less than 6 seconds.
Step 3: press “Options” and also choose “Create Standard DVD”. Select a folder for the created DVD video.
Step 4: you could possibly press “Menu”, “Music” and also “Logo” to separately set these. You might add background music for the created DVD video or simply add your explanation for the PowerPoint files. Aside from that, you can add Logo or simply watermark for the created DVD video.
Step 5: press “Burn” to start to burn PPT to DVD.