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24-04-2012, 10:23 PM
Whether you have downloaded movies, or are trying to capture video from an external source, converting movies to burn on a Blu-Ray disc is a great way to bring your home movie collection into the current generation of home entertainment. Blu-ray disc can hold several times more information than regular DVD disc. It is perfect for backing up information from your computer or hard drive. As it holds so much data and is easily portable, it is a convenient way to archive and transmit information.
Step-by-Step guide: How to convert video to Blu ray
Step1. Add videos to the Blu ray maker (http://www.bdconverter.com/how-to-convert-video-to-blu-ray/)
Click the "Add" button to import videos to the program; you can preview it on the built-in player by double clicking it.

Step2. Edit video files (Optional )
You can edit the video files by clicking on "Edit". There are four options for you to edit the videos.
"Trim"¡§Cset video "Start Time" and "End Time". "Crop"¡§C to remove black margins or crop it in an appropriate size. "Effect"¡§Cto set output video Brightness, Contrast, Vividness and Volume. "Watermark" add image or text watermark over the video to make it unique to you.

Step3. Output menu customization
Click on the "Burn to DVD & Blu-ray" key to go to the panel where you can choose menu templates and do customization. For your preference, there are multiple menu templates available: Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Others. When you unfold each menu template, you will get sub templates for options. If you want to customize menu, you can click "Customize Menu".
Step4. Further settings of the output
Click on "Next" button and then it will turn to the panel in the following:
In "Volume Label", type in a personalized label. In "Burn to", choose to burn video to ISO File, DVD Folder as well as Blu-ray Folder. In "Options", you can choose to create image file or delete temporary files once the task completed. Select a folder on your PC to save the output file. And difficult disk information is accessible here. In "Video Settings", choose TV Standard according to your location. The following chart will help you make a selection.
Step5. Start burning MKV to Blu ray (http://www.bdconverter.com/blu-ray-creator/)
Just click on this "Start" button to get started on switching MKV to Blu ray.