View Full Version : A Way of Ripping Blu ray to MKV

06-05-2012, 10:19 PM
For meet the need for consumer which wants high-definition content, the video's resolutions are getting higher and higher. File producers provides more and more Blu-ray copies of new released or classical movies. Follow post will take you step-by-step through to split the Blu-ray dvd content material off to MKV formats for play on computer anytime.
First, the most important piece of the conversion is that you have a Blu-ray drive hooked to your computer. Generally speaking, a BTO option for a computer, so you have to get one by yourself.
Step1- Assuming you have downloaded Blu ray to MKV Converter (http://www.mkvconvertersoft.com/how-to-copy-blu-ray-disc-movies-with-lossless-audio-video-effect/). The first step is to load your Blu-Ray dvd along with fire up the ripper. Click on Add button to load dvd content. Please make sure you have insert Blu-ray dvd in drive. Load BD/DVD ROM, after seconds, all data in disc will be listed in the program.
Step 2- You'll then be presented with a list of sections and titles that the software found on the disc. Choose entire disc, then the Edit icon will light up, click it. Then "Edit Disc" panel will pop out. Any changes will apply to whole disc content. Click the down menu of "Format", choose "Lossless" for output. Click OK to return to main interface.
Step 3-Set a folder on your computer as targeted folder. Afterwards, click to start ripping Blu-ray to MKV (http://www.mkvconvertersoft.com/bluray-to-mkv-converter/) lossless. The program will put your Blu-ray film into MKV container with all data within disc, all audio tracks, subtitles and video tracking will be package into MKV without any quality loss. Once the conversion is finished, open up targeted folder to get released files.