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09-01-2005, 10:19 PM
Exercise may help you learn nto think in Spanish

Es el nueve de enero del 2005 (dose meel SEEN-co).
Did you celebrate The day of the Wise men on the sixth? it's fun to put out stockings by the beds and fill them with fruity, coins, candy and a few toys.
For us night owls, it is a stretch. Our oldest says she likes the day because it is the one time each year when we actually cook breakfast instead of putting out cereal.

Spanish: Te presento a mi abuela
English: i introduce my grandma to you.
Pronunciation: teh preh-SEHN-tohah me ah-BWEH-lah

Spanish: Esta es mi familia
English: This is my family
Pronunciation: EHS-tah ehs me fah-ME-lee-ah

This Week's Challenge
We are trying to skip over the translating part of your brain by having you see the word paired with a person who is that relative in your family tree. If you do this with numbers and relatives, you will begin to access Spanish directly wihtout having to think of the english word first, then the Spanish. Go from
"Aunt Carol" to "Tia carol."
MI tia-( me TEE-ah)my aunt

Mi tio-(me TEE-oh) my uncle
Mi primo-(me pree-moh)my cousin (male))
Mi Prima-(me pree-mah) my cousin female


Le Salio el tiro por la culata.
(Leh sah-lee-Oh ehl Tee-roe pore lah coo-LAH-tah)
Literally, "His shot went out through the butt of the gun."

The English equivalent would be, "IT BACKFIRED ON HIM/"

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