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10-01-2005, 01:55 PM
Please read this article in AlAhram alarabi of last sunday
This writer "Atef huzien" in "Noqtut Hebr,drop of ink" is attacking Pope Shenouda and questioning his senserity and his legacy through the years.
This writer's article Titled "Misr Y niafet Albaba" need not be left unanswered.
I call on Michael Meunier and others to publish an official response in the name of UScopts
and on this digest to challege him.
To Mr Huzien, enough with bandaiding the coptic issues that are lingering through the years. The road to a healthy and strong Egypt is through dealing effectivley and openly with the chronic coptis problems that are lingering through the years and for decades.
Egypt is need of an emergency and drastic surgery to eradicate a malignant growth called fanaticism. That may take years.
Egypt's copts silence through the years did not bring them remedy but neglect from society and all layers of government. The events of the last few weeks, Copts showed the world that they have voice loud enough for the world to hear and an effective leadership to say ENOUGH.
1-Christianity is not a second class religion that superseeded by islam in the land of egypt.
2-Churches and copts rights to worship in them with dignity certainly is not a threat to and in need the approval of national security establishment.
3-The coptic clergy with its leadership are not a cheap target to the likes of you to attack and to expect false smiles for for you to publish in your orchestrated newspapers.
To you and the likes of you I say drop that pen , stop your cheap attacks on our Pope,
His Holiness legacy is a pyramid in the egypt skyline that your stones will not touch.