View Full Version : Thousands leave laptops, mobiles in cabs

25-01-2005, 04:16 PM
An estimated 11,300 laptop computers, 31,400 handheld computers and 200,000 mobile telephones were left in taxis around the world during the last six months

Taxi drivers in nine cities also said they had found a range of other items left by passengers, including a harp, 37 milk bottles, dentures and artificial limbs. One driver said he even found a baby in his taxi.

Most of the items were returned to their owners, cab drivers said. Four out of five mobile phones and 19 out of every 20 computers found their way back
ana marra da3 menny el mobile fe el taxi, gret nos shar3 makram 3bed wara el taxi le3'ayet magebto, shofto ba2a el masreyeen ged3an ezay,lol

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