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07-03-2005, 07:21 PM
The Coptic Community Went Through Shock Waves After The Gruesome
Discovery Of A Peaceful And Law Abiding Coptic Family Been Killed By The Hand Of Two Heartless Ex-convicts And Cold Blooded Killers As Alleged By The Case Prosecutor. Right After The Discovery Of Their Bodies And Seeing The Bright Smiley Faces Of The Slain Children, We As A Community Were Outraged By What We Saw. We Went Looking For Answers, Racing The Time And Offering Clues From All Directions.
Some Of These Voiced Clues Came Out Of What Is Inside Us Individually.
Of Our Stored Angers, Fears Resulted From The Unjust And Cruel World That Copts Has Endured Through The Ages In Their Motherland.
Some Of These Clues I Believed Has Delayed Catching The Right Killers.
We Have All Ignored The Very Obvious, That Was Under Our Nose All A Long That An Ex-convict With A Long List Of Crimes And Prison Term(s)was Living In That House Even After The Discovery Of The Slain Family Members.
What Is Next? That These Two So Called Human Were Arrested For This Horrible Crime.
Let Us At All Time Not Forget The Faces Of The Two Young Ladies, Sylvia And Monica That Has Been Engraved In Our Mind With Their Bright Smiles To A World That Failed To Smile Back At Them.
Let Us Not Forget A Hard Working Father That Came Home Late Looking For An Exciting Tomorrow With A Birthday Party For His Daughter Only To Be Faced With A Cold Blooded Killers In His Own Home And In A Viscous Control Of His Family.
Let Us Not Forget Hard Working Mother That These Criminals Overcame Her Motherly Instinct Of Offering Protection Even Life For Her Own Dearest Daughters.
Let Us Not Forget That This Family Had Hopes And Inspirations For A Bright Future That Had An Abrupt End.
Let Us Keep Their Memory Alive In Our Heart And Mind.
Let Us As A Community Work All Together To Establish Some Sort Of A Memorial Fund(s) In Each Family Member Name That Keep The Slain Family Legacy Alive. Their Lives Should Not Be Forgotten And Their Memory Should Always Shine.
Also Let Us Not Forget That There Are The Garas And Armanious Families That Survived This Great Loss And Have To Live The Rest Of Their Life Day By Day Only With The Memory Of Their Lost Loved Ones.
Let Us Offers Them Our Prayers And Support. Let Us Show Them And Make Them Feel That We The Coptic Community Is An Extention Of And Part Of Thier Family. Let Us Not Walk Away And Dissipate Leaving Them Alone.
Let Us As Community Offer Our Thanks And Great Appreciation To The Law Enforcement Agencies That Solved This Nighttmare.
Let Us Personally Thank Mr. Defazio For His Professionalism And Patience.
Without Naming Names Let Us All Thank All The Sane Logic Voices Of Reason Out There That Did Not Rush To Judgment Through This Nightmare That Overwhelmed Our Community And Waited For An Official Outcome. Also Without Naming Names Let Us Thank All The Coptic Organizations And Individuals Through Out The Whole World That Offered Prayers, Vigils, Platform And Press Coverage To Keep This Crime As Front Page News.
Again Let Us Not Walk Away, We Still As A Community Members Has Alot To Do, Let Us Continue Our Effective Presence As Community To Make Sure That These Criminals That Committed This Horrible Crime That Ended Bright And Decent Human Lives Should Also End Theirs. Let Us Be There, And Show Our Effective Presence In Every Occasion, Court Hearing Through The Trial And Sentencing Hearings To Make Sure That These Criminals Get Their Well Earned And Deserved Society Judgment, The Death Penalty.
Let Us All Pray For Our Sanity In This Crazy And Dangerous World,
Let Us Ask God To House Monica, Sylvia, Amal, And Hossam In His Everlasting Paradise With All Their Beloved Saints, Where There Is No More Fear, Pain, Or Agony But Everlasting Peace.