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ألمتوحد بن إسحق
20-04-2005, 11:38 AM
I have a muslim friend, and one day we were talking about the love of God, and the Shariaa..He told me that Story; One day a muslim woman came to Mohhamad the islamic prophet and she told him that she had commited an adultry, so Mohammad told her to wait till she become pregnant. seven months later she came back with a full pregnant body, so Mohammad told her to wait till she got the baby. Two monthes later she came with a baby in her hand. Again Mohammad told her to wait till the baby can eat food. at last two years later the mom came to maohammad and finally Mohammad said: Now is a good time, so he took the boy from his mother and asked ..el Sehabba to stone the woman till death
And you know what I told that muslim friend, I told him about Mary the Magdolin, if you want to know her story go to the bible and see how The Lord did deal with people who committe adultry.. Think about the boy who just saw his mother get stoned, and why Mohammed wait till she got pregnant???? What if she did not get pregnant, will she get stoned as well???/ To all Muslims, like it or not.. the Lord Loves you.. this is a ...

20-04-2005, 03:00 PM
That is really horrible

Wow jesus

dude u gotta tell that muslim guy to wake up and smell the roses,

i never heard that story before but ofcourse it is horrible

25-05-2005, 09:45 PM
first i would ad something in u.s.a i hear that some people cut skin of person and remove part of his brain do you read his brain? is that horrible ofcourse that is horrible what do you think

but if you know that these people were doctors and this person was patient has tumor in his brain what do you think?
2.i heared that some people brought some one and hit him and make to him very bad things they put on his head a spikes or thing similar and killed him but he was happy because he made world get rid of their parents wrong it is horrible story do u understand what i mean
3.the prophet mohamed didn't did this action from his mind but it was order of allah
3.the had(الحد) in islam make the person get rid of his wrong and allah willnot punish him in gudjment day
in arabic : كما ان العقاب فى نظركم قاسى فالذنب كان قاسيا الا وهو الزنا سيقول قائل الا يكفى حب الله ليكون رادعا اقول وقت الوقوع فى الذنب لا يفكر الأنسان الا فى اشباع رغبته وكل منا له لحظة ضعف وهذا من خصائص النفس البشرية ولكن عندما يدرك الأنسان خطورة العقاب horrible لن يقدم على هذا الفعل وكان اولى الناس بعدم الخطيئة هو ابونا ادم و امنا حواء ولكنهما اخطا و لكن الله اراد ان يرينا انه غفار للذنوب فتاب عليهما فالله ليس ظالما لكى يخلق فينا الشهوه والرغبة و صفة الخطيئة ثم يعاقبنا لبقية الدهر عن شئ فعله ابئنا و فعلوه لضعف فيهما ليس ضعف ايمان ولكنه الفضول و اغواء الشيطان لهما وهذا الضعف هو من تركيبة البشرية