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05-08-2005, 04:57 PM
Tony Blair anti-terror measures

Here are the main points of the plans

New grounds for deporting and excluding people from the UK - including fostering hatred or, advocating and justifying violence to further beliefs. The powers will cover statements already on record. Consultation on the plans will finish this month

Agreements with other countries, such as Jordan, to ensure people can be deported to their nations of origin without being tortured or ill-treated

Amend human rights laws, if necessary, to prevent legal obstacles to new deportation rules

Home secretary automatically to consider deporting any foreigner involved in listed extremist bookshops, centres, organisations and websites

Make justifying or glorifying terrorism anywhere an offence

Automatically refuse asylum to anyone with anything to do with terrorism anywhere

Consult on setting a maximum time limit for extraditions to other countries - Mr Blair said it was unacceptable that Rashid Ramda, wanted for the Paris Metro bombing 10 years ago, was still in the UK

Examine calls for police to be able to hold terror suspects for longer before pressing charges

Use more control orders against British terror suspects, who cannot be deported

Increase the number of special judges hearing terror cases

Ban the Hizb ut Tahrir and the successor organisation of Al-Muhajiroun - and look at whether the grounds for banning such groups need to be widened

Review the threshold for gaining British citizenship and establish, with the Muslim community, a commission to advise how to better integrate parts of the community "presently inadequately integrated"

Create a list of foreign preachers who will be kept out of the UK and consult on creating new powers to close places of worship used to foment extremism

Use biometric visas for those from designated countries and compiling a database so people whose views or activities pose a threat to UK security can be kept out of the country. They could only appeal against the decision from overseas.

22-09-2005, 10:27 AM
Finally, the British are getting it. If you open the doors to moslem fanatics, you can only blame yourself when they try to destroy the moral basis of your society. They are simply animals