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Ibrahim Al Copti 07-07-2008 11:31 PM

The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
[B][LEFT][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"][CENTER]The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions! [/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

by [COLOR="Blue"]Babylonian [/COLOR]
Translated and edited by [COLOR="Blue"]Ibrahim Al Copti[/COLOR]

Peace and the blessing of Almighty Jehovah with everyone

[COLOR="Red"][U]Introduction: [/U][/COLOR]

Does Islam condone lying ...?!
It was always true based on the Taquia (divine approval of lying) in all its forms

In Modern times, Muslims benefited from the evolution of scientific and technological techniques, specially when applied to the art of cinema, to promote falsehoods ..!

Despite the illegitimate use of photos and images in all its forms and types in Islam, they produced and directed a movie about the life of Mohammad called [COLOR="Red"]The Message[/COLOR]


The movie was translated into several languages worldwide, mainly to English.

Using the Movie, they brainwashed the minds of millions over the years...

Did the movie deliver deliver a true message about the life of Mohammad?

That what we will try to highlight, putting scenes from this movie in perspective of th legitimate Sunni Islamic books (Sunnis are almost 90% of all Mulsims)..

Our Goal is to expose the great falsehood and sum of lies portrayed in the Movie, and made specifically for the consumption by some Westerners that they might be fooled

[COLOR="Blue"]The detection method would be to link a scene with what is actually written in the most respected Islamic books [/COLOR]

The artistic side of the movie is not of our interest. Also we will not criticize the things that were not mentioned by Muslims about their Prophet, which contradict what is shown in the film. The main idea is to expose what has been displayed in the Movie

One last thing, this Movie was[COLOR="Red"] approved Al-Azhar [/COLOR](the biggest Sunni institute in the world) and the [COLOR="Red"]Shiite Supreme Council[/COLOR]!

At the beginning of the movie it reads:
this movie was broadcasted after approval by the responsible committee in Al-Azhar and The Supreme Islamic Shiite Council in Lebanon


[COLOR="Red"]1) the first scene: Is the Allah everywhere?
minute 27 in part 1 [/COLOR]


Abu Sufyan (one of the Arabic infidels) was mocking one of Mohammed followers Ammar bin Yasser saying:


-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
"You say [as a Muslim] that Allah is everywhere, here in my house in Taif (a small city), in Yathrib (modern Medina), in Yemen, even over the moon!!! (laughter by people of Quraish the infidels) ..!"
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

[COLOR="Red"]Uncover the truth: [/COLOR]

The doctrine of omnipresence of Allah violates the doctrine of Sunni Salafis (the Majority of Sunnis). Sunni Salafis excommunicate (i.e. consider Kafir or unbeliever) whoever says that Allah is everywhere ...!!!

[COLOR="Red"]Allah is only found on his throne in the sky, not everywhere, they say. [/COLOR]

Muslims, due to deficient theology and ignorance, are divided on the subject. They do not agree on the doctrine of omnipresence

Al-Ashaera (a small Sunni subdivision that is almost extinct) and Shiites say: that the Allah is everywhere!!!!

However, The Salafi Sunnis (a majority) say: that [COLOR="Red"]Allah does not exist everywhere[/COLOR], but is "above" his throne watching his creatures from afar[COLOR="Red"] by his omniscience[/COLOR]. It is still a mystery how the limited essence of Allah is all knowing. Some Muslims to answer the puzzle use the human communication analogy: as humans communicate through broadcasts and satellite channels, Allah knows through similar means, they say.

Concerning this subject, each Muslim sect consider the others Kafirs (unbelievers)

Following is an Arabic text showing a fatwa by [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_ibn_al_Uthaymeen"]Ibn Uthaymeen[/URL]

On how it is forbidden to say that Allah is everywhere:



Allah being spatially limited on the throne, [COLOR="Red"]is a proof of how small he is[/COLOR]. So the universe is considered in that sense greater than Allah, and this contradicts the term "[COLOR="Red"]Allahu Akbar[/COLOR]" = literally [COLOR="Red"]Allah is bigger[/COLOR]...

the question remains: How the producers, reviewers and the director of the movie deceive the viewers tampering with the belief of the vast majority of Muslims ?

Will the Sunnis agree?

Or is it Tiquia that they may deceive millions relating their Allah to the Judeo-Christian Jehovah, who is omnipresent ...?!

[COLOR="Red"][U]2) The second scene: Are people in Islam equal in status like the teeth of a comb ..?!
minute: 27 of Part I[/U][/COLOR]

A Muslim answers a question about whether slaves equal with Gentlemen,

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
"Yes. The Messenger of God says: All men are equal like the teeth of a comb!"
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

this is another lie
according to the Islamic studies of Hadith (to examine if any saying of Mohammed is really attributed to him), this is a false one

There were never any valid ways to link this saying to Mohammed...

It is a very bogus and false Hadith ..!!

The Hadith was recorded by the Ibn Uday in his book Al Doafaa (i.e. the non-trusted narrators of Hadith) as a [COLOR="Red"]false [/COLOR]Hadith (4 / 225)
And recorded by Iben Kayam AL- Jawzea in his book Al Mawdoaat (i.e. non-authentic Hadith as [COLOR="Red"]false[/COLOR]... [3 / 273]

[URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Nasiruddin_al-Albani"]Sheikh Al-Albani[/URL] said the same [Al Albani Selselat Al Doafaa Hadith # 3158 ]

also other Muslim scholars agree to the same conclusion

Narrated by Anas Bin Malik that Mohammed said [COLOR="Red"]people like the teeth of a comb- and no one is preferred on another except by the fear of Allah[/COLOR]
Status of Hadith: [COLOR="Red"]denied [/COLOR] [Abu Hatem Al-Razi- Elels (Bad Hadiths) 3 / 118]

also the Hadith was narrated through Soliman ibn Amr ([COLOR="Red"]a liar[/COLOR]) [Ibn Qaysrani Zakherat Al Hofaz 5 / 2538 ]

the Hadith was reported as [COLOR="Red"]fabricated [/COLOR]by [Al seghani - Darr Multakat Hadith # 21]

narrated through Soliman ibn Amr ([COLOR="Red"]a liar[/COLOR]) [Al Zahabi Tartib Al Mawdoat Hadith # 244, Al Zahabi- Mizan Al Eetedal 2 / 217]

narrated by Abu Hazim status: [COLOR="Red"]very denied[/COLOR] [Ibn Hajar Al Ashkelani- Lesan Al Mizan 2 / 330 ]

Narrated by Sahl bin Saad status narrated through Bakkar which is[COLOR="Red"] not trusted[/COLOR] [Al Suyooti Al Dor Al Manthor 2 / 290 ]

[COLOR="Red"]All Islamic scholars denied the authenticity of this Hadith, and that it can be attributed to Mohammed[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]How was it OK for Al Azhar and the Shiite Council to allow such a lie in the Movie?
Or is it the deceit?[/COLOR]

Also the claim that people are equal like the teeth of a comb in Islam is contradictory to other Islamic doctrines

For Example Islam prohibits [COLOR="Red"]greeting Jews and Christians when meeting them first[/COLOR]
Sahih Muslim Book 026, Number 5389:
Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: [COLOR="Red"]Do not greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you[/COLOR] and when you meet any one of them on the roads [COLOR="Red"]force him to go to the narrowest part of it[/COLOR].


Also Islam requires the submission of Dhemmis (Christians and Jews) when paying the Tribute to Muslims

Quran: 009.029
YUSUFALI: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with [COLOR="Red"]willing submission[/COLOR], and feel themselves subdued.
PICKTHAL: Fight against such of those who have been given the ******ure as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, [COLOR="Red"]being brought low[/COLOR].
SHAKIR: Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a [COLOR="Red"]state of subjection[/COLOR].


The subject of Islam disparaging and insulting other non-Muslim human beings is out of question. Muslims consider themselves as masters of the world as taught by their religion. So, the doctrine of equality is a myth

to be continued ...


Ibrahim Al Copti 09-07-2008 04:41 PM

: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
[B][LEFT]Let us now test the claim of equality of the [COLOR="Red"]slave [/COLOR]to their masters in Islam...
According to Islamic law, it is a [COLOR="Red"]BIG LIE[/COLOR]!

3) As in the subsequent minutes after the first 27 minute of the movie, we see [COLOR="Red"]a scenery about the equality of slaves to their masters ...


Quote: slaves are equal to their masters!

This is an ugly lie!

Islam has in fact established different social hierarchies including a complete system of slavery and concubines trade..

Even Mohammed had many slaves and concubines..
While the movie shows the opposite of truth, and portrays Mohammed as modest and a slave liberator blah blah blah
the truth is contrary to these claim

The movie did not mention, for example, that Mohammed had one slave just dedicated to take care of his shoes

Let us browse through the Islamic books to reveal the facts:

from the book (Zad Al Maad (Part1) by [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Qayyim"]Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya[/URL] )

[COLOR="Red"]Chapter on the salves of [the prophet] peace be upon him[/COLOR]

including: Zaid bin Harith Ibn Shraahil, who loved [Mohammed the messenger of] Allah peace be upon him, so he freed him and gave him a salve woman - Umm Ayman - as a wife, which delivered for him a child named Osama.
Also [Mohammed owned] Aslam, Abu Rafie, Thoban, Abo Kabsha Saleim, Shaqran (named also Saleh), Rabah the Nubian, Yasar the Nubian (killed in Aernyen battle), Mudam, and Karkera the Nubian who carried the belongings of [Mohammed] peace be upon him and was holding his camel in the battle of Khyber.

.. Including also Angacha alhadi and Safina ben Farokh (also named Mehran, he was called Safina by the Prophet of God pbuh because he carried their belongings during the travel..

Also including Anasa (nicknamed Aba Morshreh), Aflah, Ebeid, Tohman (named also Kisan), Zakwan, Mehran, Marwan
Also Hanin, Sander, Fadala the Yamani, Mabur the eunuch, Waqed, Abu Waqed, Qassam, Abu Asib, Abu Muehebah.
Of women: Salama Om Rafie, Maimona daughter of Saad, Khadra, Radwa, Razina, Umm Damira, Maimona daughter of Abu Asib, Maria and Rihana.

[COLOR="Red"]Chapter on his servants pbuh[/COLOR]

Including Anas Bin Malik was taking care of Mohammed needs
Abdullah bin Masood responsible for his shoes and Soake (woods for teeth cleaing)
Oquba bin Amer, responsible for his mule in travels
Aslaa Ben Sharek responsible for his camel
Bilal Ben Rabah, the muezzin (caller for prayer)
Saad the slave of Abi Bakr
Abu Dharr Al Ghaffari
Ayman bin Obeid and his mother Umm Ayman, responsible for Mohammed washing and toilet.

All of them were slaves and servants for Mohammed to the extend that one was responsible for his shoes and Soake
One for his mule
One for his toilet

Why Mohammed kept all these salves if he is a salve liberator

Is it just a myth of equality between the slave and their masters in Islam..?
We believe so.


Even in Islamic Law and low of retribution (e.g. eye for an eye), slaves were at different status compared to others
It is the "value" of the salve -not being human- that makes the difference!!

[URL="http://www.fatwaislam.com/fis/index.cfm?scn=fd&ID=802"]Ibn Qudaamah[/URL] says (Book Al Moghni [Sufficiency in Creed], Ch the wounds) :

(..in the words of most scholars, including Omar bin Abdul Aziz, Salem, Al Nakhei, Al Shoabei, Al Zoharei, Qutaadah, Al Thawri, Malik, Shafei, Abu Hanifa and narrated of Ahmad (ibn Hanbal) that one condition is required for the retribution [among slaves], which is the equal value [of salves], so if their values are not equal, a killer [of higher value] cannot be punished if the value of the killed is less. If [the killer] of less value it can be punished. While Ibn Abbas said: capital punishment is not among slaves, because they [COLOR="Red"]are just funds or property[/COLOR])

So, retribution requires slaves of equal value !
Indeed, as Ibn Abbas said, they are only property and funds...!!!

[CENTER]Children for sale and slavery by Muslims ..![/CENTER]

Slavery in Islam is a long and interesting subject.

Will you Dear Muslims and non-Muslims still believe the lie that the people in Islam are equal like the teeth of a comb as the movie shows..!?

To be continued ssssssssss10


AleXawy 09-07-2008 10:21 PM

: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
[B][LEFT][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"]God Bless You Dear [COLOR="DarkGreen"][SIZE="6"]Hima[/SIZE][/COLOR] ssssssssss11

And Thanks To Our Bro. [COLOR="DarkGreen"][SIZE="6"]Babylonian[/SIZE][/COLOR] ssssssssss11[/COLOR][/SIZE][/LEFT][/B]

Nefertisis 10-07-2008 04:18 PM

Re: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
jk-i hi everyone again................

why we still punish the Moslams and Islamic people this .............and that...............

I believe if SUPPOSE TO BE we are ssssssssss11ssssssssss11, we should not critize any action of any religion.

Can you show me anyone in the Holy bible when our Jesus say something against Islam or Jews?

I'm really getting tired that all time the worst garbage of the world repose in Islamic people, That Mohammed this............that the Sura this.........I'm getting so exhosted, let them alone, why we as Copts still (bob:)(bob:)more and more often? really no one here think that a Moslam people are human beings too?

I mean can someone explain me what kind of ethics we Copts we have? I mean we know how Moslam people they are, but in all religions are bad and good, because is our nature, our human being nature.

I felt cry pain for all our people suffering in Egypt.....but all of you wants to do the same some Islamic people does? like burn churches and this stuff, so let me invite all of you if you are enough to do the same to a Mosque?????????????, no right.

LET THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when us Copts will be understand that ALL WE ARE SAME: WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please.

Isn't the matter fact that if I'm Moslam or Not, I'm ssssssssss10 like all of you here, but please in the name of ALLAH=PANTOCREATOR, stop the hate and go over and over again, about them, really....

All of you thinking that our LORd is happy to see such of division and hate? I don't think so.....let this people alone, please, better let's pray for them and that GOD MERCIFUL can help them same as us too.

I hope someone can really
understand.......if you really think that you are ssssssssss10 show it, prove it, don't difame more the Islam , please, let them alone...



The Joker 13-07-2008 06:18 AM

: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
For me
The joker

u're an Obama syndrome
a Muslim Trojan

[QUOTE]Isn't the matter fact that if I'm Moslam or Not[/QUOTE]

it is obvious, isn't it ?

[QUOTE]should not critize any action of any religion[/QUOTE]

why not?

[QUOTE]LET THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

I smell a Muslim's fear



Nefertisis 14-07-2008 03:05 PM

Re: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!

Let me explain you, if I'm Obama wherever you say....I don't really care....and by the way, I'm Christian like you too.....so what is the problem to live in peace with the another human beings?

Can I ask you?

are you trulyssssssssss10, please let me know, you only show hate and racism.

One more thing.....when the movie "The Passion Of Christ" by Mel Gibson....was playing .......half of the world thought that he was[ro} , and was a lot controversy....

And I ask you, Mr. Perfect....there was any Moslam or single Jew (well we exclude the people like Rabbi, or from Synagogues) that complain that such of thing fot that movie, no right, because was the true...

I don't say the movie isn't the true too....but why we could not respect the religion and way of life of another people.
Isn't to bad....that Christians, Moslams, and Jews....we can be in peace all of them....that's so bad, to respect...Ramadan, as Rosh-Hashanah (sml5)(Jewish New Year) Same as our Christmas....?hapbirth:)

I know maybe you think I'm Moslam, but no, I'm not I'm same as you ssssssssss10, (and please don't think because I didn't born in Egypt ,I'm less than you...or more...you Egyptian, I'm Egyptian too...

First go read the bible....(if you truly believe) and after come to me and discuss....but your comment that you made for me is like if you (kill:(kill:, to me, so I hope you can understand....

So if you are anti-semitic, let me know.....really...
I thougth you are a really COPT....but as usuall happend, just only a fake cover....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope ssssssssss10ssssssssss10 he can makes you understand.....if you really are a COPT....IF....

Ibrahim Al Copti 15-07-2008 12:32 AM

: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
[COLOR="Blue"]God Bless Alex, and the Joker[/COLOR] +++
Of course some would not agree about our uncovering of the Muslim lies

However, we should clarify that we dont have anything against Muslims as human beings, but our objection is to the demonic lies of the Islamic religion itself.

Back to our subject
To continue our quest to expose the Islamic movie: the MessageMessage

[COLOR="Red"][U]4) the Movie uses another inauthentic Hadith, to portray the courage of Muhammad!

in the minute 35 of Part I


Abu Talib (Mohammeds Uncle) tells the story when Mohammed refused the offers of Quraish leaders:

"Uncle, Swear by Allah, if they put the sun in my right and the moon in the left to quit this matter (his mission), I wont quit till Allah proclaims it or I get killed trying"

Mohammed looks here like a devout believer

Unfortunately, this saying of Mohammed is not authentic

the Hadith is narrated by Yaaquob (James) Ben Otba Ben Al Moghera
Status: weak (fake)- in Al selsela Al Daefa of Al Albani # 909
Also, same status was attributed to the Hadith in Fequeh Al Sira by Al Albani # 109.

They put fake inauthentic Hadiths in the Movie to deceive the people and portray Mohammed as a devout and faithful believer
Some kind of mind washing!

Do not forget that the movie was officially approved by Al-Azhar


[U][COLOR="Red"]5) Another scene: [/COLOR][/U]

In minute 44 of Part I


in the movie, Hind Bint Otba says (in a surprise) to her husband, Abu Sufian:

"Who can say that Hamza the alcoholic and the lion hunter would follow Mohammed's religion!"

the impression is that whoever followed Mohammeds religion was able to quit liquor

[COLOR="Red"] Let us examine this claim[/COLOR]

Hamza was one of Muhammads Uncles, and was an alcoholic

It is known from the Sira (Mohammeds life) that He insulted Mohammed while drunk!

It is also a fact that the wine was not forbidden in the religion of Mohammed except only in the last year of Mohammed's life, just before his death..

This was mentioned in Sura 5 (Al Maeda) in the Quran , which is the last to be written by Mohammed

[COLOR="Blue"]Wine remained consumed by Mohammed and his followers(Al Sahaba) for twenty [/COLOR]years ...!

This contrary to what is suggested in this scene that whoever converted quit drinking!

The irony is that Hamza in particular - a main character in the movie - was in fact an alcoholic.

if we go back to the Badr battle (after 15 years of Mohammed mission, or after 14 years of the beginning of Islam, we could see this drunk Hamzah (Lion of Allah as he was called) insulting Mohammed and his followers (while drunk)..!!!!


at that incident, Hamza was drunk and listening to female slave singer

To read:

Sahih Al-Bukhari - Volume 5, Book 59, Number 340:
Narrated 'Ali:

I had a she-camel which I got in my share from the booty of the battle of Badr, and the Prophet had given me another she camel from the Khumus (the fifth of booty assigned to Mohammed and his family) which Allah had bestowed on him that day. And when I intended to celebrate my marriage to Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet, I made an arrangement with a goldsmith from Bani Qainuqa 'that he should go with me to bring Idhkhir (i.e. a kind of grass used by gold-smiths) which I intended to sell to gold-smiths in order to spend its price on the marriage banquet. While I was collecting ropes and sacks of pack saddles for my two she-camels which were kneeling down beside an Ansari's dwelling and after collecting what I needed, I suddenly found that the humps of the two she-camels had been cut off and their flanks had been cut open and portions of their livers had been taken out. On seeing that, I could not help weeping. I asked, "Who has done that?" They (i.e. the people) said, "Hamza bin 'Abdul Muttalib has done it. [COLOR="Red"]He is present in this house with some Ansari drinkers, a girl singer, and his friends[/COLOR]. The singer said in her song, "O Hamza, get at the fat she-camels!" On hearing this, Hamza rushed to his sword and cut of the camels' humps and cut their flanks open and took out portions from their livers." Then I came to the Prophet, with whom Zaid bin Haritha was present. The Prophet noticed my state and asked, "What is the matter?" I said, "O Allah's Apostle, I have never experienced such a day as today! [COLOR="Red"]Hamza attacked my two she-camels, cut off their humps and cut their flanks open[/COLOR], and he is still present in a house along some drinkers." The Prophet asked for his cloak, put it on, and proceeded, followed by Zaid bin Haritha and myself, till he reached the house where Hamza was. He asked the permission to enter, and he was permitted. The Prophet started blaming Hamza for what he had done. Hamza was drunk and his eyes were red. He looked at the Prophet then raised his eyes to look at his knees and raised his eves more to look at his face and then said, "[COLOR="Red"]You are not but my father's slaves.[/COLOR]" When the Prophet understood that Hamza was drunk, he retreated, walking backwards went out and we left with him.


Fath al Bari commented on this authentic Hadith:

this Hadith before the alcohol was forbidden ..
it was permissible to get drunk in Islam, a fair response to whoever claimed the opposite

[COLOR="Red"]So indeed drunkenness was permissible in Islam till the final year [/COLOR]

Hamza (Mohammed's Uncle) was a heavy drinker, even after he converted to Islam.

While the movie portrays Hamza as a noble hero, who quits liquor, the truth is the opposite ..!!

This is how the scenario was cooked and later approved by Al Azhar

To Be continued ssssssssss10

Nefertisis 22-07-2008 04:03 PM

Re: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
Nofri Mr. Ibrahim al Coptic:
sorry sorrrrrrrrrrry to bother you, really, but....
Please Sir can you be kind to explain me why you say that:


"[B][COLOR="Blue"] But our objection is to the demonic lies of the Islamic religion itself" [/COLOR][/B].

Well I understand if I hurt anyone before about what I wrote; I'm apologize, but in fact you believe Mr, that all the Islamic people are demonic and the religion too?

Please I'm going confuse and[ro}[ro}[ro} about this matter, please if you can answer me in a very decent way and polite. thanks

Ougai ssssssssss11ssssssssss11ssssssssss10ssssssssss10


The Joker 22-07-2008 06:03 PM

: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
[CENTER][SIZE="5"][FONT="Tahoma"]Nefertisis the Trojan
If I would u
I will work on my language a little more

It is barely understandable
[QUOTE]are you truly ssssssssss10, please let me know, you only show hate and racism[/QUOTE]

And again, If I were u, I would answer people questions first

So, if u 're not a Muslim, what do u think about Muslims burning churches in Egypt


Nefertisis 24-07-2008 04:55 PM

Re: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!


NUMBER TWO: ssssssssss12

WHY YOU STILL BOTHER ME? (kill:(kill:(sml16)

I know isn't right that a MOSLAM people burn our churches in Egypt, I understand, that, and I really feeljk-i about it.

But why you still bother me


I'M TIRED OF YOU..................EVERY TIME YOU RIGHT SOMETHING LIKE THIS YOU (kill:(kill:(kill:(kill:(kill:, EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REALLY IF YOU ARE A ssssssssss10ssssssssss10 RESPECT ME PLEASE.



SO PLEASE LET ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

AND FOR IBRAHIM-EL-COPTIC CAN YOU TELL HIM TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????


Faith-Hope_Love 24-07-2008 10:58 PM

: The Movie: The message (Al Resala).. a Lie believed by millions!
.God bless you Copti
Good work
keep it up.


. 12:33 AM.

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