الموضوع: Lynching in Islam
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قديم 11-10-2008
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مشاركة: Lynching in Islam

Hi Ibrahim

Thanks for the post but I really wish you would put a warning or something in the title of your post that tells me that I'm about to see blood and gore. Not that I have a problem with pictures of blood and gore if you're exposing some violent injustice, it's just polite to give a warning dude.

Anyway, I'm going to take you up on two things you said in the post, you highlighted both in red.

The expression on their faces show they are orgasmic. and This level of hate is only possible in Islam

I assume (or just hope) that you meant the first metaphorically, if you're saying that these guys in the picture are actually ejaculating, then you must see a part of these photos that I don't :)

Second, this level of barbarism is not exclusive to islam, or even to religion in general.

There are genocides going on in many parts of the world all the time, and if what you seek is a horrific level of physical violence you only need to go to Africa, the hutus regularly slaughter and play with the organs of the tutsis.

The confrontation between hutus and tutsis is said to be non-religious and more cultural, so for religious (not involving muslims) hatred and violence you'll have to look elsewhere on the continent or in the world, Ireland and India come to mind.

And that's just looking at today. If you want to get into history (recent or ancient) then you can find violence driven by 99% of the religions that have ever existed.
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