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: May 2005
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: History of Jihad

The conversion of Abu Sufyan was a seminal event, that is not recognized as such by historians.

It was Abu Sufyan, aided by Quraish generals like Khalid-ibn-Walid (before he had lapsed into Islam), who had led the Meccan resistance to Mohammed and his cult of Islam. The Quraish were the ruling aristocracy of pre-Islamic Mecca, and they held Mohammed in contempt as an upstart. They resisted Mohammed till they physically could, and even after their forced conversion, nursed a grudge against Mohammed.

Herein lay the original root of the schism of the Muslims into Sunnis and Shias that was to come after 661 C.E. Abu Sufyan had converted to Islam, as there was no other way for Abu Sufyan to save his life and honor. As he could not beat Mohammed in the battlefield, he decided to outwit him, from within, by embracing Islam.

Here we need to note that thenceforth the followers of Abu Sufyan, expressed their inherent warlike bloodthirsty violent mentality through the medium of Islam, they continued to nurse a personal grievance against Mohammed and bided their time to take their revenge. Mohammed himself died two years later in 632 due to his being poisoned by a Jewish lady of the Banu Quraizya tribe.

The power struggle between the Muslims and Neo-Muslims after Mohammeds death disproves the claim that clan or blood loyalties are secondary to the loyalty of a Muslim to his Deen - Islam

Mohammeds death marked the first power struggle between the original non-Quraish Muslim converts Medina and the neo-Muslim Quraish of Mecca. The Madina Muslims were called Ansars (helpers) by Mohammed, showing their secondary status in his eyes. He always preserved a preference for Quraish, although they had refused to embrace Islam. This speaks volumes to refute the claim that a Muslim is loyal only to Islam and not to blood or clan relation. Mohammed himself did not observe this principle, as he preferred Meccan Quraish to the Medina Muslims who were the first to embrace Islam. Mohammed knew that the people of Medina had become Muslims to oppose the their age old rivals the Meccans, to whom Mohammed belonged and he made his preference for the Meccans clear, by giving the Quraish a status higher than the Ansars in Muslim society.

Idol Worship among the Muslims

As soon as the Meccans embraced Islam, he preserved the status of Mecca as a Holy city, continued with the pre-Muslim practice of Hajj, and above all preserved the idol of the Meccan god the Kaaba, which became the paramount object of Muslim idol worship, in a community that otherwise abhors Idol worship.

Another practice centered around an idol that Mohammed preserved was the pre-Muslim practice of stoning of the pillar that is supposed to be the idol of Satan, which the Muslims continue to do today while performing Hajj or Umrah. The Arab practice of worshiping idols and departed humans is seen even till this day in the way Yasser Arafat is idolized and the Palestinians kiss his photos and even talk to it as if it were a living being. The kissing of the Kabba lies in its origin in pre-Muslim idol worship of the Arabs, a practice that existed before Mohammed, and which he preserved as a token of his clan loyalty to the Quraish of Mecca. After Mohammeds death the Medina Muslims (Ansars) wanted one among them to be the Caliph, their claims were rejected by the Meccans and Abba (or Abu) Bakr (literally Uncle Bakr) who was Mohammeds father-in-law was made the Caliph. Abba Bakr was a consensus candidate, since he was one of Mohammeds first followers who had fled with him to Medina and had never opposed Mohammed, but then he was a Quraish from Mecca, he was not from Medina. He died two years after he became prophet, and again the question of the Caliphate came to the fore. Now again the Meccans ensured that The Caliphate remained with those of Quraish extraction. But Umar too was an original convert, who had fought with Mohammed in the battles with the Meccans. The Meccans ensured that the caliphate did not pass to the Medina Muslims. After Umar began resisting the Quriash, he was murdered, and in his place was chosen Uthman (or Othman), who became the third Caliph. The point to note was that all these three caliphs were from the Quraish, who had followed Mohammed to Medina and had fought against the Meccans, but, after becoming Caliphs, they survived till they did nothing to offend the Quraish. The Quraish remained in control of muslin polity after their conversion to Islam and bided their time, till they could formally take over the caliphate. When their appointees Umar, and Outman began to work against the Quraish aristocracy, they murdered both of them. Thus the Meccans ensured that they remained in control, after they embraced Islam, as they had been before Islam. In doing this, they also kept under control their age-ld rivals the people of Medina, who were among the first Muslim followers of Mohammed. It is against the background of the murder of two caliphs, Umar and Uthman, that Ali who had been waiting in the wings for long to become a prophet, donned the mantle of Khalifa (Caliph).

The Murder of the Murderer Ali

After, Ali became the Caliph, he started efforts to weaken the power of the Quraish aristocracy, by dismissing the governors that they had appointed at various places, like Syria and Egypt. Some of the governors meekly conceded to obeying his orders. But Abu Muawiya ibn Sufyan who was Abu Sufyans son and had been appointed as the Governor of Syria under pressure from Abu Sufyan in the time of Caliph Umar, refused to step down, and defied Ali.

When Ali insisted that he step down and sent a force to enforce his decision to sack Abu Muawiya ibn Sufyan, the Quraish clan decided that this was the time to get rid of Ali, and they murdered him while he was at prayer. Alis death was followed by the murder of his sons, Husain and Hassan. These were his sons begot from his concubine Shahrbanu, the child princes of the last Sassanid king Yazdgard whom the Muslims captured after the battle of Qadsiyyah and the sack of Ctesiphon.

Thus came to an end a long career of murder that Ali had indulged in as one of the first members of the murderous gang of Muslims. Ali was a cruel and hateful man, and he died a well deserved death in the hands of other who had a similarly murderous motivation.

With the murder of the murderer Ali, the Caliphate (leadership of the Arab world) returned to the Quraish clan of Abu Sufyan

But now with Alis murder, Abu Muawiya ibn Sufyan, who was Abu Sufyans son, was proclaimed the caliph, and the leadership of the Arab world that Abu Sufyan had to concede to Mohammed in 630, returned to his clan in 661.

The reasons for the Shiite-Sunni divide in Islam

It was this politics that was at the root of the split of the followers of Abu Sufyan who called themselves Sunnis and those of Mohammed thru Ali, Hassan and Husain who called themselves Shias. (Arab historians deliberately mislead us when they attribute the motherhood of these two sons of Ali to Fatima, another of Alis wives, and the daughter of Mohammed. But the reason for such attribution is to keep the ancestry of Husain and Hasan purely to Arabs and to suppress the Persian element of their ancestry. The historical fact is that Shahrbanu the Persian princess was the mother of Hassan and Hussain.)

Why are many Persians Shias and most Arabs Sunnis?

At the Persian capital Ctesiphon, among the unfortunate children who were left behind, was Shahrbanu a child princess of the Persian King Yazdgard. When the Arabs came to know about Shahrbanu (who was then three years old) they presented her as a gift to the Caliph Umar, who in turn gifted her to Mohammeds son-in-law Ali as maal-e-ganimat (slaves obtained by Muslims after a war).

At that time Ali was thirty two years old and he decided to take the three year old child princess as his concubine! In doing this he was following the illustrious (sic) footsteps of his lecherous father-in-law Mohammed. The lecherous Mohammed had married and consummated his marriage with a seven year old girl named Ayesha in addition to many other unfortunate young and beautiful ladies who had been captured by the Muslim gangsters in the numerous wars at Badr, Uhud, Trench, Autas in the Arabian peninsula.

It was from this "marriage" of Ali to Princess Shahrbanu, that he fathered his two sons Hassan and Husain, who were later murdered in Battle of Karbala in October of AD 680. Ali himself had been murdered in 39 A.H. (661 C.E.). The descendants of Hassan and Hussain were to be the Shiite Imams who founded the Shia sect of Islam that had mixed Persian (royal Sassanid) and Arab ancestry. (Arab historians deliberately attribute the motherhood of these two sons of Ali to Fatima, another of Alis wives, and the daughter of Mohammed.

But the reason for such attribution is to keep the ancestry of Hussain and Hassan purely to Arabs and to suppress the royal Sassanid Persian element of their ancestry.

The historical fact is that Shahrbanu the Persian princess was the mother of Hassan and Hussain. So the descendants of Hussain and Hassan from whom came many of the Shiite Imams had royal Sassanid Persian ancestry. A fact that the Muslim historians try to hide by wrongly claiming that Shaharbanu was a young princess of marriageable age when she had been captured by the Arabs.

We know that the battle of Qadisiyah had been fought in the year 637, and Yazdgard had ascended the throne in the year 634, when his age was 21 - twenty one. So in 637 when he fled his capital leaving behind his daughter he was 24. How could a King aged 24 have a daughter who herself was a teenager or a young lady?

The Muslim historians have us believe that Shahrbanu was honorably married off by Ali to his son Hussain from whom she begot Ali's grandson Ali Zayn al Abidin (the fourth Shia Imam) in 658 CE.

But we know that Shahrbanu was abducted in the year 637, and according to Arab accounts she gave birth to a son in 658. If she was a young lady when she was abducted in 637 then why did she have to wait for 21 years till 658 before she could beget? Especially so considering that the Muslims force their wives to procreate as soon as they can lay their hands on them!? The Arab Muslims and their Iranian Muslim cohorts are practicing their ritual deception taqiya to mislead us and give a veneer of honorability to the abduction and rape of Shahrbanu by Ali when he lustfully took the Persian princess into his harem as his rightful property (maal-e-ganimat) won after a war as per the heinous Muslim custom.

This is the reason why most Persians are Shias. The Persian converts to Islam saw in the Shiite Imams a continuation of their pre-Islamic royal Sassanid lineage as the Shiite Imams were descended from the union of Ali with Shahrbanu (or of Hussain with Shahrbanu in which case too the royal Sassanid Persian element of the ancestry of the Shiite Imams remains). The Zoroastrian converts who yearned for a return to the Sassanid days saw in Ali, Hussain, Hassan and the Shiite Imams, the successors to their Sassanid emperor Yazdgard by virtue of Ali (or by some accounts his son Hussain) being the husband of their princess Shahrbanu.

Today many Muslim historians and their communist ideologues try to trumpet the lie that Hussain and Hassan were sons of Ali by Fatima, Mohammeds daughter. Can these worthies explain why then do Shias claim that the Shia Imams who descended from the progeny of Hussain, spoke Persian (the language of the a subjugated people) apart from Arabic (the language of Islam)? These Imams who were alleged to be the progeny of Ali and Fatima, both of whom were Arabs should never ever choose to speak in a language of a people the Arabs had subjugated and derogatorily referred to as Ajam (retarded). But the Shia Imams did so as they owed a part of their ethnicity to the mother of Hussian and Hassan who was a Persian princess. And their Persian royal lineage attracted many Zoroastrian Persians to Islam.

Also why did the Abbasiad caliphs who although Sunnis, but Persian converts, shifted the capital of the Caliphate from Damascus (an Arab city) to Ctesiphon the erstwhile capital of the Sassanid Persians. Baghdad is the rebirth of Ctesiphon (or Al Madain meaning the Cities as the Arabs call Ctesiphon). These facts fly in the face of the deliberate smothering of the Persian undercurrents in Shia Islam.

Abu Sufyan's (the chieftain of Makkah) forcible conversion to Islam led to his followers becoming Sunnis

Many historians fail to point out that the reason why many Arabs from the Hejaz are Sunnis today was also rooted in the forced conversion of Abu Sufyan to Islam in 630. Now we continue with the story of Abu Sufyan at Mecca in 630.

Coming back to Abu Sufyan, after his talks for a compromise with Mohammed failed and he was forced to accept Islam, Abu Sufyan, the reluctant new convert returned to Mecca and told the Quraish that it was futile to resist Mohammed. On Abu Sufyans advise, the Meccans realizing their hopeless plight, made a final attempt to ask Mohammed to lift the siege and resume negotiations. A demand scornfully rejected b Mohammed, who set the condition before the Quraish to surrender and accept Islam. The Meccans surrendered and Mohammed triumphantly marched into Mecca. In fact, it was after the surrender of Mecca that Mohammed coined the term Islam as the name for his bloodied creed. The term Islam is derived from Al Silm which is the Arabic word for submission or surrender. Islam certainly does not mean peace, as the Muslims will have you believe. The word for peace is Salam which phonetically resembles the term Islam, but has nothing to do with it philologically!

The surrender of the Quraish of Mecca, was to be followed by the surrender of millions of Islams innocent victims all across the globe who were to be forced to surrender this way to this ruthless and murderous creed, who name itself meant to surrender.

For the Quraish of Mecca the game was over, they decided that if you cannot beat the Muslims, join them and be like them cunning, untrustworthy, ruthless, rapacious and savage (all the negative adjectives in the English language are inadequate to capture the bestiality of the Muslims). Countless others were to be made into beastly Muslims this way as the Islam began its bloodied march across Arabia and then into Persia, Byzantium, North Africa, Central Asia, India, Indonesia, Europe and in our times into America (9/11).

The Horrifying experience of the Meccans under Mohammed

When Mohammed marched into Mecca itself he promptly proceed to demolish all the images of the gods worshipped by the Meccans. Among them were Allat, Alluza, Mannat who were goddesses and were looked upon as daughters of allah along with male gods like Hubal (Baal). He even demolished the image of allah and proclaimed that Allah has no form. This was a clever ruse to ensure that there is no object that his followers would get demoralized at, if the object of their reverence was demolished by a conquering anti-Muslim army. This is why his allah has no form.

But for the demoralized population of Mecca which had lost the cream of its warriors at Badr, Uhud and Trench, the only option was to accept Mohammeds terms. In this he was generous to the Quraish, as he was after all one of them. He decreed that Mecca would continue to be the center of the new creed, the Hajj pilgrimage would continue and all Muslims would perform Hajj (which till then had been limited to the pagan Arabs).

So the Meccans continued to gain economically in the new creed, their city was still the center of the new creed, whose followers were to grow manifold in a few decades. So the Meccans not only accepted Islam, but became its champions. This story was to repeat itself across many continents. As the Muslim Quraish of Mecca (and other Muslims) invaded other parts of Arabia to impose this bloodied creed on the pagan Arabs of Tayaef, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, and later when all the Arabs with this unifying but savage creed attacked Persia, Byzantium and other parts of the globe, making new converts, who in turn attacked their neighbors to spread the murderous creed.

The bloody march of Islam had begun the Jihad was on and on in earnest. A Jihad that has not stopped till today and will not stop, till the last Muslim on this planet lies dead when the non-Muslim world decides to put a complete and permanent end to this bloodied creed of Islam.

The Battle of Autas (near Taif alias Tayef)

After Mecca fell into his hands lie a ripe fruit, Mohammed s appetite for imposing Islam on the rest of the Arabs was not satisfied, in fact, he became more ravenous to devour the rest of Arabia. He set his eyes of the town of Taif, which had scorned him, when he had first sent asked them to convert to Islam in his initial days. Now that he was powerful, Mohammed wanted to take his revenge on the people of Taif. He sent an ultimatum to the tribes of Hawazin and Thaqueef from the town of Taif, inviting them to accept Islam. They rejected the ultimatum and told him that they were not cowards like the Quraish of Mecca.

The two tribes along with their allies mustered in considerable strength at Autas a few miles to the east of Mecca on the way to Taif. With the craftiness that had become the instinct of the Muslims, the Muslim army trapped the defenders at a pass named Hunain with an attack from the rear preventing their retreat in to the fortified town of Taif. With both armies trapped in the narrow pass, to resolve the issue through single combat, a champion Abu Nadhul who was a very tall and well built man stepped forward from the ranks of the army of Taif and challenged the Muslims to a duel.

The duel was to be fought on camel back. But Ali who had accepted the challenge from the Muslim side, bent low from his camel and struck Abu Nadhuls camel. Now this was a foul tactic according to the rules of Bedouin dueling. The rider had to be attacked and not the camel on which he was astride. As Abus camel stumbled from the treacherous Muslim - Alis blow, Abu fell to the ground. Ali jumped down from his camel and was upon Abu and cut off his head. This made the army of Taif lose heart, but they fought on to the taunts from the Muslim army that allah has willed their defeat and hence killed their leader.

When the demoralized army of Taif, began to give ground, the Muslims overwhelmed them. The beaten army of Taif tried to regroup outside the Pass at Autas, but could not stem the tide of the truculent Muslims, who had taken the battle by deception. The Army of Taif retreated into the fort of Taif and locked the gates. The Muslim army laid siege to the Fort and the siege dragged on. Wanting to resolve the issue again through deception, Mohammed asked Ali to destroy all the oases around Taif, break the idols and forcibly convert the tribals to Islam.

Once the people of Taif saw that their allies were succumbing one after another to the treacherous Muslims, they asked for terms for surrender. The terms were the usual, Islam or war. The hapless Arabs in Taif tried to negotiate with Mohammed and relented by sending a message that they were ready to become Muslims if Mohammed would allow them to continue worshipping their gods for one year. Mohammed flatly rejected their condition, saying all gods are false in Islam, except allah. The Taifians tried to scale down their condition by asking for six months, three months and finally one month. Mohammeds reply reveals his mind. He said in Islam they had to accept all that he had enjoined. There could be no compromise in the matter of his injunctions. This laid bare the intolerant nature of Islam.

Lessons from the battle of Taif - Islamzation of the Arabs and Islamization and Arabization of all conquered non-Arabs.

The Battle of Taif exposes the utterly intolerant nature of Islam. There is no room for any adjustment in Islam, Either you accept the terms or die (the third choice is to live the life under the Muslims that worse than death, so the choice is between Islam and death). Countless countries and people were soon to know this intolerant brainwashing element of Islam. So any counter-offensive against Islam will also have to have this counter-brainwashing at its heart. The defeated Muslims can never be allowed to practice Islam in any way whatsoever. They have to be given a choice between leaving Islam or death. Only this kind of a hard-hearted strategy that is implemented world wide can see Islam to its grave.

With the victory over Taif, all the more important Arab tribes had been converted to Islam. The mopping up operations remained to set the stage for the global jihad, the attack against the non-Arab world to make them Muslims. Till now the issue to be imposed on the pre-Muslim Arabs was only Islam. Now another dimension was added to it as the Jihad moved on to non-Arabs lands, the Islamization of those people was half the story, they also had to be Arabized, with Arabic language and culture displacing the language and culture of the conquered people. The Persians, Byzantines, North Africans were soon to get a taste of this new threat of Islam.

Arabs the first victims of Islam

As you read on, you may get the impression hat this website is anti-Arab. It is not. Arab readers should especially keep in mind that their ancestors were the first ones to be subjugated and terrorized by Islam. Yes the founder of this cult Mohammed, was an Arab. But the pre-islamic Arabs, had no place within the tyranny of Islam.

Yes the pre-islamic Arabs were hardy and extreme in their behavior, but this was caused by the environment. Had the Eskimos lived in the Sahara, they too would have evolved a similar temperament. But Mohammed raised this temperament to a level of a creed, he made tyranny, slaughter, rape of the conquered women, loot of the conquered population as matter of faith. The pre-islamic Arabs were also violent and there were internecine and incessant tribal and clan wars. But the honor of womenfolk was never in danger. There are no records in pre-islamic Arab culture, where a victorious Arab tribe violated the honor of the womenfolk of the defeated tribe. The pre-islamic Arabs also did not practice polygamy. Abu Sufyan had only one wife, but Mohammed had sixteen. The pre-islamic Arab womenfolk never wore the Hijab (gown), Niqab (mask), nor were they confined to a womens chamber (Zenana). All thes perverted practices cam from Mohammed sick mind and became a hallmark of Islam.

Herein lies the vile seed of Islam that sprouted in that evil genius Mohammed. This is how the Arabs themselves were first tyrannized and when they realized that they could not defeat this monstrous creed, they decided to join it and advocate it in the same blood-thirsty manner that Mohammed ordered them to do.

The Struggle of the Arabs against Islam

In the foregoing paragraphs we have tried to capture in brief, the struggle which the Arabs put up against Islam. They tried to correct Mohammed when he was in Mecca, before the hegira (Migration, actually his escape to Medina), when they failed to convince him, they also tried to stop his madness by trying to assassinate him, and they fought innumerable battles with him at Badr, Uhud, Trench, Autas and at many other places. They asked for the King of Persia Kisra (Khushrau Pervez or Chosroes) and the King of Abyssinia to help them to capture Mohammed and end his mad venture.

Incidentally, the King of Abyssinia had invaded Arabia some years before Mohammed started Islam, with a view to bringing order to the lawless Bedouin tribes. This invasion took place in what is called by the Arabs - the Year of the Elephant. But in spite of this enmity, the Quraish called upon the king of Abyssinia to help them to crush Mohammed. He refused to help. While the King of Persia, not realizing the seriousness of the threat, sent in two armed Persian guards in the year 624 to arrest Mohammed!

Thus both the kings failed to realize the threat and did not help the pre-Muslim Arabs to end the career of this maniac whose followers were to destroy both Abyssinia and Persia in a few decades after that.

Mohammeds is a lesson for the world leaders of today to realize the threat to all of them in Islam and to unify in a single solid alliance to defeat and destroy Islam once and forever. Are Presidents Putin, Jiang, Chirac, chancellor Angela Merkel, listening?? They need to strengthen President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, or else France, Germany, Russia will, one by one go down to Islam. This is not a threat, this is a lesson of history which Persia, Byzantine, Visigothic Spain, pre-Islamic North Africa of King Gregory, all tell us. All of these kingdoms went down before Islam one by one. History should not repeat itself if civilization is to survive the mortal threat of Islam.

Mohammed organized a people made bitter by the environment, by institutionalizing this bitterness into the theology of Islam

He encouraged people to worship him, his hair (Hazratbal mosque at Kashmir in India, his spitum, the water gargled by him, his urine, ad nausem) Thus Islam was his own personality cult, and his was a murderous personality.

He understood the psychology of warriors and so he lulled them in to a fiersome hypnotic loyalty by creating an insatiable desire to win sensual and carnal pleasures on earth if they lived to victimized the vanquished adversary; and in heaven if they died they had the 72 houris and pearl eyed boys. This way he made his followers into paranoid warriors, who disregarded danger and were numb to pain and this brought victory. His no alcohol policy also helped immensely to get a tactical advantage like never before.

Not Alexander not Julius Caesar, not Hannibal in fact no one before Mohammed s mulish armies had this paranoid motivation where temporal was mixed with fantasy (spiritual) to motivate an army to victory.

Every foul tactic was fair for allahs war. No moral scruples existed for any ghoulish act. Thus only an army with a greater determination and paranoia and absence of morals than the Muslims, can defeat Islam. And we Americans will have to become so, if we are to defeat the Islamic Jihad.

The Muslims were organized as an army, with a command that was inviolable, so only another army with a better and more disciplined command can succeed in defeating them. The Persians were no match, nor were the Byzantines; but the Franks under Charles Martel were, as also were the Mongols under Hulagu Khan. And we Americans will have to become so like the ruthless Franks and Mongols if we are to defeat the Jihad.

Giving Offence (not Pre-emption), a Quranic Principle

The point to be emphasized here is that out of the 28 battles, Mohammad fought 27 were offensive. They cannot even be called pre-emptive, since none of his adversaries had made plans to attack Mohammed. The Quraish had left him in peace after he fled to Medina. The Koran uses the principle of making a Hudna (pretence of making peace) when the enemy is strong, and using that period to making oneself stronger than the enemy.

And after the enemy is weak, then to attack the enemy by giving offense and provoking the enemy. Hitler too did this when he attacked Poland in World War 2, by saying that the Poles has attacked Germany and that the Nazis were defending Germany. Hitlers strategy bears an uncanny resemblance to the Quranic pre******ion.

The Quran advocates this policy of giving offense to an adversary and in fact sanctifies such abominable behavior to a holy(sic) duty for all Muslims by declaring the faith (Deen) to them and giving them an option of embracing Islam or being prepared for an attack by Muslims. (It is following this Muslim custom, that Zawahiri has the temerity to ask President George Bush to seek refuge in Islam.)

We need to note that the first battle of Mohammed, the battle of Badr was not defensive as most Muslims would have you believe. Mohammed initiated the fight by waylaying the Quraish caravans. Thus the beginning of the Islamic Jihad was in Mohammeds banditry.

Today if America wants to outdo the Jihadis at their own game it would do well, to emulate this Quranic principle of giving offense to the adversary (todays Jihadis), and then going in to crush them utterly. America needs to realize that the only way of defeating the Jihad is by subjugating one Muslim country after another by taking out a few cities using nukes and neutrons and then giving them an ultimatum of leaving Islam or facing destruction.

This is what Mohammed did to the Quraish, to the people of Taif, and this is also what the Muslims did to the Sassanian Persians, Byzantines, Visigoths in Al Andalus (Spain), and many others. And this is what the Iranian Mullahs plan to do once they have the bomb! It is high time to pay the Muslims with their own coin, and this is the only way to defeat them.

Did any allah help the Muslims in warfare?

For too long, the Muslims have boasted that an allah helped them in the victories which they notched up one after other in the Jihad. For a person for whom there is a god, this reasoning may appeal and be frightening too, since if some god that is presumed to exist, is helping the Muslims, then no one else has any chance against the Muslims. This was a clever psychological ploy of the Muslims and a deadly psychology weakness that they planted in the minds of their victims from other religions.

If some kind of a god himself or herself favored the beastly Muslims, then there was no point in fighting the Muslims whose victory was anyway assured is what poor religious yokels will believe. But we the aggressive atheists, will see Islam into its grave, from where the corpse of Islam will never ever turn, even in its grave where we WILL send it soon

Atheism apart, for any practical person, although he or she may be religious, for whom, all results of warfare are result of the use of human brain and brawn, this argument is useless. And even if there is at all a god, then that god is an equalizer, for the Muslims and their victims. And the result of a battle with the Muslims (or any other battle) is a result of brain and brawn.

The much flaunted austerity and simplicity of Islam

Muslims boast that their religion appealed to new converts since it was austere and simple. This is touted as a plus point with Islam. But Islam's austerity lies in its origins in the barren environs of the Arabian desert. In a place where not a blade of grass could grow, how could humans who lived in that environment be expected to be ostentatious?

They had to be simple and austere as dictated by the environment. People from such an environment were hardy and ready to face hardship and when they had the fortune of being organized, into a military force, and who had nothing much to lose if they died in warfare, they could easily throw themselves into the battlefield wanting to die, since they had nothing much to live for. Herein lies the Arab and later the Muslim psyche of fighting to death and seeking death and loving and romanticizing death and martyrdom, since they had nothing to live for anyway in their barren lifeless and featureless desert.

This psychology remained, even after the environment changed with the Arab Muslim conquering richer and well endowed lands of Persia and Byzantine. So even after they conquered the rich empires of the Sassanids and the Byzantines, with their brute force, the Arab Muslims still were seeking death in warfare, that made them desperate and deadly enemies who could win in battles against the refined Persians and Byzantines. Only the hardy Franks under Charles Martel could outmatch the death-seeking paranoia of the beastly Muslims and defeat them at Poitiers (Tours) in Central France.. This death-seeking psychology is at work upto our times, in the sick minds of the suicide (genocide) bombers that we saw on 9/11, 3/11, 7/7 and at many other places like Jerusalem, Bali, Beslan, Amman, Baghdad, Ramadi, etc.

The fiction of there being moderate Muslims and that an allah helps them in war

As the war on Terror progresses, there is an increasing clamor that we need to link up with the moderates among the Muslims and thus isolate the lunatic fringe of terrorists who indulge in beheadings, genocide bombings, terror attacks et al. But then all these acts have been sanctioned in the Quran itself, which calls for the slaying of Idolaters (Kafirs), asks Muslim to let the Kafirs find harshness in you, and forbids Muslims from taking Kafirs as friends. All Muslims believe in the Quran, be he/she an unlettered peasant, or a highly educated and qualified doctor, surgeon, software pro, judge, littrateur, or any other accomplished professional.

A Muslim howsoever polished and sophisticated remains a beast at heart, as long as he follows the Quran.

Every Muslim is a beast at heart

Ask any educated Muslim anywhere in the world, whether he upholds the UN Charter, the Constitution of the USA, UK, France, where he and his family has settled for generations, or he upholds the Quran with all its blood-thirsty injunctions and listen to his answer. He will say, before the Quran everything is null and void. We saw this during the Cartoon vandalism all over Europe, Asia, and Africa

Nothing that is contrary to the Quran's blood-thirsty injunctions is acceptable for him, so we can conclude that a Muslim can never in his heart of hearts be a member of a civilized society. He may pretend to be one, as Mohammed Atta pretended to be before he flew the airplanes into the Twin Towers, but within him the beast shall always be alive, waiting for the right chance to reveal himself.

For a Muslim every personal friendship with non-Muslims, oath of citizenship, loyalty to the armed forces, is all transitory and subservient to the Quran. And he would cast off all oaths, promises in favor of the Quran whenever he is in a position of power to do so.

We caution you that a Muslim is always a Muslim first and last. Never take Muslims for your friends, never ever trust them, never make peace with them, and always strive for their destruction. A Muslim would always remain a beast inside his external polished demeanor and appearance. Given a chance he will slice your throat, if you do not accept Islam. Any Muslim who refuses to do this would be deemed a traitor, a Murtad (Apostate) by other Muslims and be done to death. So no Muslim will dare to step out of line.

Yes there could be many Muslims who think in their heart of hearts that Islam is savage. But they will never say that openly. We would deem such Muslims as ex-Muslims. There are Muslims, ex-Muslims and non-Muslims. There are no moderate Muslims. A Moderate Muslim is like a lady being partially pregnant! This is fiction, either you are pregnant or you are not. So you are either a Muslim (and a follower of that barbaric Quran) or you are an ex- Muslim. You cannot be both a Muslim and civilized, you cannot be a Muslim and moderate. This is a contradiction in terms. You are either civilized moderate or you are a Muslim. Make your choice.

Islam, Fanatic Islam and Islamic Terrorism

Today many the world over are innocent of how Islam was founded, how it grew and what Islam implies for the future of Humankind. So there are endless debates that Islam is a religion of peace, that all Muslims are not fanatical, and that we need to differentiate between, Muslims and terrorists.

The reading of the story of Islam so far should be enough to dispel the notion that Islam differs from Islamic fanaticism, or that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion. No it is not. It is Islam which gave birth to Terrorism, which started from the evil mind of its founder Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated) and has filtered down to the last follower (Muslim) today. Islam is Fanaticism, it is high time we woke up to this chilling reality.

How Islam prevents Muslims from leaving Islam Murder any Muslim leaving Islam

Mohammed (yimach shmo) was a shrewd man who knew that there was always a danger of Muslims deserting Islam and reverting to some other less blood-thirsty religion, so he made it an offense punishable with death for anyone leaving Islam, having once accepted it. According to the Shariah, a Murtad (Muslim Apostate) has to be killed, and it is the duty of a Muslim to kill any other Muslim who leaves Islam.

The murderous Quran is the inviolable word of god

There can also never ever be any discussion on the murderous commands of the Quran, since they are supposed to be the word of god, or so Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated) told his followers.

Assemble five times a day to swear your loyalty to Islam

To be doubly sure that his flock remains together in to its murderous ken (prison), he decreed that it was compulsory for all Muslims to come together and pray five times during the day. So there wasnt any chance for his followers to leave Islam and emancipate themselves.

Why Muslim women have to wear the veil to hide their faces and bodies?

Islam sanctioned the taking of the ladies of a defeated enemy as concubines or slaves. The womenfolk of the defeated people were held in the harems of the victorious Muslims as sex-slaves. This lecherous practice let open the doors of lecherousness and lust wide open among the Muslims and to prevent them from casting lustful eyes on each other wives (other Muslim women), Mohamed decreed that all Muslim women should wear the hijab to hide their faces and bodies from men Muslim or non-Muslim.

Mohammed was shrewd enough to see that after once having opened the gates of lecherous instincts, the Muslims would covet each others wives too, and this would lead to internecine warfare amongst the Muslims. To prevent this, he decreed that all Muslim women were to be covered from head to toe. And so the Muslims today look upon any woman no so covered to be fair game for being ravished and raped.

The innumerable wives of Mohammed

With his innumerable wives, some of whom were under-aged, Mohammed himself set and example of lecherous behavior for other Muslims to emulate. His marriage to Khadija, the rich widow with whom he lived for 20 years, was the only normal marriage, as it had taken place before he started using his ecliptic fits to declare himself as a prophet of some allah, using which he started his murder and rape cult Islam.

After this first normal marriage with Khadija, he started his spree of marriages with his marriage of Aisha who was the daughter of his follower Abu Bakr. Aisha was just seven years old when Mohammed married her and she was only nine years old when he conjugated this marriage! This is the inspiration for the Arabs of today to pick up child brides!

Mohammed did not stop at this marriage, after marrying his second wife the child Aisha, his third wife was Hapsha, the widowed daughter of Omar, who was another of his gangsters. His fourth wife was Zinab. His fifth wife was another widow. His sixth wife was Zainab (not to be confused with the earlier wife Zinab). Now Zainab was the wife of his adopted son Zaid. So Mohammed could cast his lecherous and lustful eyes on a girl who was his daughter-in-law and he told Zaid that he had received a commandment from allah, that Zainab was meant for him. He asked Zaid to divorce his wife and himself married her! His seventh wife was Ziora, eight was Habiba and the ninth was Saphia.

Mohammed had many other wives whose names are not recorded in history. Such was the lecherous prophet of Islam. No wonder Muslims are lecherous as a rule and look upon any liberated woman who is not covered up as fair game for being raped, while they keep their women under a tent-like cloak.

Getting into Islam was a one way street.

Islam was a dead end, where you could enter, (in fact you were forced to enter at the pain of death) , but could never leave, since you would be killed. In fact such was the indoctrination and mass hysteria that Mohammed (yimach shmo) started, that in a generation or so, the new converts forgot that their forefathers were not Muslims, and in fact in North Africa, they even forgot that they were not Arabs. They forgot that their forefathers were made to submit to Islam at the pain of death.

This sealed the fate of all those who were forced to embrace Islam from ever becoming decent thinking humans ever again.

Only the total destruction of non-Muslim heritage and wholesale slaughter of non-Muslims has got the Muslims Victory

With every Muslim military victory, there was not just a change of ruler, but a wholesale slaughter of those who refused to convert or pay Jaziya. There was also a total destruction of the pre-Islamic culture, educational institution, libraries, etc. The planned and deliberately implemented slaughter of the non-Muslim priestly and warrior class was done to enfeeble the conquered populace so much that they would forget who they were their national and cultural identity be subsumed under a newly imposed Arabized Muslim identity.

This kind of tyranny was never known to the human race, with any other conqueror, like Alexander, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, or even those who came after the Muslims like the British Colonialists, or the Spanish Conquistadors. Yes the Spanish Conquistadors were ruthless, but in spite of all they did to he native Americans, the nave Americans still have preserved their memory of they being a people different from the Spanish Conquistadors, not so with the Egyptians, North Africans, Berbers, et al.

Ask any Egyptian who he is, he will say he is an Arab, were the Pharaohs Arabs? Were the builders of the Pyramids, Arab? Ask any Libyan, Sudanese, Algerian, Tunisian, Somalian, who he is he will say he is an Arab. These are people, whom the conquering Muslim Arab, so Arabized that they have forgotten who they are, their national identities have completely been submerged into the Arab Muslim Ummah.

This has not happened with the native Americans or the Maoris or the Africans, in spite of the fact that apartheid was practiced in South Africa. The Arabs as conquerors totally brainwashed at the point of the sword all the conquered people, Arabized and Islamized them at the pain of death.

Knowing all this is relevant today for those who seek to defeat Islam. To do so we have to first understand the depth of depravity in Islam. If the Muslims have to be saved from Islam, then it is not sufficient to conquer the Muslim countries and try to being democracy to them, we have to de-Islamize these people, if they are to be emancipated into civilized beings.

Islam has brutalized them and made them robotic followers and into robotic killers, narrow-minded individuals, despotic rulers, and cruel sadists by following the injunctions of the Instruction Manual of Terrorism (the Quran). This is proven by the bloodied Shiite-Sunni murders that have started in Iraq despite elections, and elections by people who support a murderous creed throw up murders as their legislators as in the case of Hamas and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Islam is a perverted mentality, a mental sickness based on intimidation to convert all non-Muslims to Islam, and to murder if you refuse to convert. And if you manage to save your head, then you have to live under their dehumanizing tyranny and live as non-Muslims (Dhimmis or Zimmis).

The Retrograde Negative Spirit of Islam pervades all across that Islamic civilization(sic). Although to call it civilization is a contradiction in terms

The very first verse uttered by that lecherous mass-murderer, the accursed Mohammed-ibn-abdallah (Mohammed son of Abdallah. Abd-allah literally means slave of allah) was La Ilah Il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah which translated literally would read No god but god, Mohammed is prophet of god. In Arabic La connotes No. So what can one expect from a mentality whose very first of its five principles is based on negativism?

Negativism permeates all through Islam, its attitudes towards all non-Muslims, its use of dishonesty to portray itself as a victim, its murderous intent towards all those who refuse to convert to Islam, its use of any level of cruelty to Islamize entire humankind.

We can save ourselves from this Malignant Madness of Islam, only if we see it through to its grave. The other option is landing in the grave ourselves along with liberty, progress and free-thinking, freedom of speech and scientific advancement, all of which will be become slaves to that Instruction Manual of Hate and Terror the Quran.

Why is a threat of death the only way to defeat Islam?

Islam was spread with the use of death threats. The defeated non-Muslims were given the choice of Islam or Death. After having been forced to accept Islam through such terminal coercion, the converted people had no way of renouncing Islam. If they did so, they were targeted as Murtads (apostates) and were killed. It is mandatory in Islam for Muslims to kill anyone who leaves the cult. So the converts were forced to remain Muslims. And as this was their fate, then the best bet for them was to imbibe the murderous attitude themselves and impose it on others.

Today although "Islam or Death" is not possible openly, unless you live in Muslim ruled countries of the Islamic crescent like Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan or in areas contiguous to Muslim majority areas like Malaku in Indonesia, Southern Sudan, Kashmir, North Nigeria.

Muslim converts today are convicts or psychological wrecks like Jose Padilla and Richard Reid

But the Muslims have devised ingenious methods to reach those best suited for Islam, so they evangelize in Prisons, where they can appeal to the dregs of society, or those come from broken families, those who have gone through divorces, or those who have had some heart-breaking personal experience.

It is on the emotions of such unfortunate wrecks and irredeemable convicts that these Muslim missionaries prey like vultures and hyenas to make them join the murderous ranks of Islam. Richard Reid, the Shoe bomber, Jose Padilla are specimen of those who become Muslim today.

The cardinal fact is that across the fourteen centuries of Islams existence, it has been its death threat that made people Muslim and it was the same death threat that kept them Muslim. The same death threats are used today to intimidate Ayan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie and many others like them to keep them from speaking the truth about Islam.

He who was born by the sword shall die by the sword

Modifying the age-old adage He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. We can say that Islam which was born by the sword shall die by the sword As it was a death threat that made people into Muslims and kept them as Muslims, the only way these scum can be shaken out of their adherence to the savagery called Islam is a death threat. Not individual death threats as the Muslims hurl today at Hirsi and Salman, but a death threat of extermination through a nuclear holocaust of the entire Muslim population across the globe!

Only when the beastlike Muslims see the determination of a world to do them in, upto their last man and woman, can the Ummah of Islam be smashed.

When the Muslims see that there is no option other than death, if they persist in remaining Muslim, will the fort of Islam be breached and once the first trickle of Muslims who renounce Islam starts, the trickle will turn into a flood and an avalanche that will wipe out Islam.

Yes there will certainly be many Muslims who will try to kill those who renounce Islam, but when these murderers are themselves hunted down with equal ferocity, will the lay Muslims believe that it is safe for them to give up Islam. Then and only then, shall we see Muslims coming over in droves to give up Islam. But this can happen only after we seriously hurl and start executing a death threat of mass killing of all Muslims across the globe. There are no soft options here.

Do we have it in us to do that?

The answer decides whether civilization wins or Islam wins!

The Paradox of the death seeking psychology of Islam

This very death seeking psychology of Islam is also the behind their wanting to become suicide (genocide) bombers today. Any power that wants to defeat this death-seeking psychology, will have to be a death-giving one. Since Muslims want martyrdom, so only those who can give them this martyrdom fast and on a mass scale can overcome this delinquent psychology of the Muslims. The roots of Islam are psychological, and only one who understand this psychology, can overcome it.

Islam is a psychology of perpetual war. A psychology that had existed among the pre-Islamic Bedouin Arabs. But then, before Islam, this psychology was not a global problem, since the Arabs fought amongst themselves. With Islam this psychology was inbuilt into religion and infused with a zeal to impose this psychology on all those who were weak enough to fall before Muslim swords. As long as Islam has other religions on this globe, the war Jihad, will go on till the whole world is Islamized. But in the unlikely event of the entire world being Islamized, will this violence stop? No Never. Then in that global Dar-ul-Islam, Muslims would fight amongst themselves Shias against Sunnis, Iranians against Iraqis, Arabs against non-Arabs and so on. Herein lies the paradox of Islam. As long as Islam is surrounded by other religions, there will be violence, but even after, and if at all, Islam is alone on this globe, there will still be endless violence, till Islam is put to an end.

Islam has a senseless and unmanageable agenda, with other religions, while they are not sensible, at least they are manageable. Other religions also bear animosity against each other, but they can be sobered down and made to co-exist with each other, as do Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Animism, etc.

But Islam defies, being civilized, and being made manageable. And it will defy till its violent end. Before Islam burst upon the world, all other religions had made the world non-sensible, but it is Islam that has made religion unmanageable, Had Islam not been around, it would not have been necessary to think in terms of the demise of religion itself. It is Islam that is forcing and will continue to force humankind away from religion. While non-Islamic religions made man into a delinquent, who kept muttering to himself, Islam has made man into a delinquent who has gone violently berserk, The delinquent has now to be shot a tranquilizer and then given a strong sedative to sober him up, so that mankind can bury the delinquent behavior of religion which Islam has made criminal, and after which humankind can continue its march of knowledge and science to plant the banner of humanity across the universe, and not waste its energies in fighting against itself in the narrow confines of planet earth.

Source: http://www.historyofjihad.org/
( 8: 32)